Microsoft to delve into news business with MSN News

MSN News to go live this October

Months after cutting ties with NBC, Microsoft sets its sights back to the news world, after the company announced that they are going to have their very own MSN News.

According to general manager for product management at MSN as told to Mashable, “We still have a relationship with MSNBC, but we’re going to have our own news product called MSN News.”

The company is also set to unveil their revamped during the launch of Windows 8 this coming October.

Microsoft staff will be responsible for news gathering and reporting 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This 300-500 word articles will also be supported by articles coming from Associated Press and Reuters.

Microsoft and NBC had a 16 year partnership which ended a few months ago. Together, they were able to launch

It was a successful partnership having NBC expertise in news and Microsoft’s technological savvy. According to ComScore, the partnership had about 50 million unique visitors per month.

The break up earned Microsoft $300 million for their 50% share. is reportedly operating in 46 international markets and in 27 different languages.

Will Microsoft’s decision to separate itself from NBC be a good one for the company?

We will soon find out!

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Google tops list of most visited sites for 2011

This year was another banner year for search engine giant Google. And according to the market research giant Nielsen, Google came out on top of all the websites as the top internet destinations this year.

According to the report, Google had 153.4 million unique visitors per month on the average. While Facebook, who by the way came in second, only had 137.6 million.

With 130.1 million unique visitors monthly, Yahoo came in at 3rd. Microsoft’s WindowsLive/Bing/MSN and YouTube completed the top 5.

Here is a complete breakdown of the top 10 with their corresponding average monthly unique visitors:

  1. Google 153,441,000

  2. Facebook 137,644,000

  3. Yahoo! 130,121,000

  4. MSN/WindowsLive/Bing 115,890,000

  5. YouTube 106,692,000

  6. Microsoft 83,691,000

  7. AOL Media Network 74,633,000

  8. Wikipedia 62,097,000

  9. Apple 61,608,000

  10. Ask Search Network 60,552,000

Nielsen also added that Facebook is the most preferred social networking site by the Americans having about 137,6444,000 unique monthly visitors per month. While Blogger was the most preferred blog site in the U.S.. Twitter followed Facebook and WordPress came in second after Blogger.

There was no surprise when Nielsen revealed that YouTube lorded over its rivals. The video sharing website topped the list with 111,152,000 average unique video viewers per month. It was followed by VEVO who lagged behind YouTube with 34,580,000.

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