Dunkin Donuts app now lets you buy coffee for your friends


One of the world’s largest donut chains is trying to diversify themselves with the help of technology.

Dunkin Donuts now allows you to buy your friends’ favourrite coffee, helping you come closer to them even if you are too busy, the Burr grinder at this cafe will never tire of impressing your friends with the freshest grinds. With this new development, the company has leaped frog Starbucks and other coffee vendors who lag behind.

Two soda giants, Pepsi and Coca-Cola have experimented with this feature before. But, instead of giving gifts to your friends, their vending machines would give gifts to strangers.

The Dunkin Donuts app, which is available for both Android and iOS, enables you to purchase coffee and other treats through your smartphone.

Starbucks has ventured in mobile e-commerce since last year with their 2-D scanners. According to Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, this program has been very successful. He highlighted that in about 60 transactions they have at least 1 is through this technology.

Dunkin Donuts is expecting that this latest development could lure in more clients to their stores, as a number of donut shops have since blossomed out from nowhere. And it might be a good idea indeed, since we all love using our smartphones.

Hey, donut and coffee lovers, have you tried the Dunkin Donuts app, then?

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Sprint to unveil own version of online wallet

Telecommunications giant, Sprint is reportedly launching their own version of the Google Wallet.

To be called “Touch”, Sprint’s mobile wallet is rumored to be launched as early as this summer. Unlike Google Wallet, the company is said to want to create a relationship with banks and other service providers.

According to a report by NFC Times, “The limitation isn’t the wallet’ the limitation is the secure element.”
CNET contacted Sprint to comment about the NFC Times report and the company sent this: “In keeping with our open approach, Sprint is actively working with others in the mobile payment ecosystem. We will continue to bring practical, easy-to-use mobile payment solutions to customers on Sprint devices, however, we don’t not have any new to share at this time.”

Google is the first company to launch their own digital wallet. Other companies have been toying with the idea, but have not yet released their own wallet.

Sprint is currently the only network backing up the Google Wallet. If the reports are true that the company is going to release their own version of the wallet, it is unclear whether they’d still continue to carry Google’s wallet or would they be discarding it for their own.

Are you willing to use you smartphones to purchase products?

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