Xbox 720 with better Kinect 2, according to leaked report

Rumors are abound regarding Microsoft and their development of their new Xbox console. The latest one was reported by The Verge, stating that the latest console by Microsoft could be retailed at $299 and that it comes with Kinect 2 to be released sometime in 2013.

The developmental stages for the so-called Xbox 720 were reportedly started way back in 2010 and had features such as Metro Dashboard, Xbox TV apps and a SmartGlass.

The Verge said, “Microsoft rounds off the document with a promised price point of $299 with its Kinect 2 hardware and a prediction of a 10-year lifecycle with more than 100 million units sold.”

Other features for the Xbox 720 include concurrent apps, additional sensor and peripheral support, native 3d output and glasses and a Blu-ray support.

According to the report, the best improvement to come with the Xbox 720 is its Kinect gaming accessory. The report included higher accuracy, stereo imaging, improved voice recognition, improved RGB camera, dedicated hardware processing and support for our-player tracking.

The Verge said, “The Kinect accessories idea appears to be one that is not designed to replace controllers, but will allow devices to interact with the sensor. Microsoft’s plans for four-player Kinect gaming reference carnival, darts, and basketball games as a broad way to use the new tracking.”

Are you anticipating for Kinect 2 and Xbox 720?

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Better Skype integration in Windows Phone 8?


Microsoft revealed that their internet communication tool Skype will be more integrated with their upcoming operating system, Windows Phone 8,  to be released in a few months.

Microsoft said this during their Windows Phone 8 summit. The company’s Skype team revealed last month that they are working hard on Skype for Windows 8.

Skype was acquired by Microsoft last year, it currently has about 200 million users and is considered as one of the premiere internet communication programs around.

The Skype app for Windows Phone 8 will boost Nokia devices VOIP or voice-over-IP support. This will enable users to make Skype calls much like making a traditional voice call.

After hearing the news, Xbox fanatics posed a question as to when Skype will be made available to Xbox units.

Being the owner of Skype, Microsoft has the ability to place this technology to all their devices including the Xbox and the rumored Xbox 720.

Rumors have persisted that Skype will be integrated to the Xbox 720 but it still hasn’t been confirmed by Microsoft.

Skype has long been popular to individuals the world over. If rumors are true, that Skype will be made available to the Xbox, then this could make the game console’s hold on the top firmer.

Do you believe that the Xbox 720 will be integrated with Skype?

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Powerful Xbox 720 to be released in 2013

Sources have said that a new Xbox console will be released just in time for the holidays next year.

According to TechRadar which cites VG247 as their source, the new console will be named Xbox 720 and will be more powerful than previous versions of the device.

Sources of VG247 have confirmed that the Xbox 720 is like two PCs rolled into one with graphic cards said to be equivalent of AMD’s 7000 series GPUs.

This next generation Xbox will have a built in Kinect and will also be connected to the Web. The latter is thought to be an anti-privacy measure for the games.

If Sony’s latest console is dubbed as the Orbis, Xbox’s will be called Durango. This is due to the Durango summit in London for developers last February 2012.

Microsoft is not expected to release a statement regarding the leak or anything about the Xbox 720 anytime this year. Sources have even stipulated that the company is not going to unveil their latest contraption in any gaming expo.

We should also expect that the latest console will carry a Blu-ray drive for those games that has multiple DVDs.

If only Microsoft fixes the bug that was reported yesterday in this website.

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Apple unlikely to surpass Microsoft in TV arena

The late Apple founder Steve Jobs was once quoted as saying that, “It’s not a problem of technology; it’s not a problem of vision; it’s a fundamental go-to-market problem.”

Steve Jobs was too blunt on saying this not to annoy Apple-watchers. But tech guys just never took the problem of televisions future or an entertainment showcase just to seriously. Apple developers aren’t excused from this mistake even if they are trying to solve the problem with their fully integrated big-screen Apple television.

Microsoft’s approach to the entertainment future is commendable and the path they have taken is quite remarkable. It differs completely to that of their rivals in the entertainment arena. What sets Microsoft apart from their counterparts is their Xbox franchise. They clearly dominate and constantly upgrade their features.

We can’t single out one feature of the Xbox. But what we can do is to look at the constant upgrades it has over its short stay as a market giant. In the U.S. alone, Xbox consoles sold 960,000 units. Their Kinect sensors sold 750,000 units. These are both standalone and bundled Kinects with the Xbox package.

What does this mean? This implies that people don’t buy Xbox’s because of the Kinect. Though majority of those who purchased the gaming console bought it with the Kinect package, but still 200,000 individuals chose to purchase the Xbox without the Kinect. This shows that there are still thousands of individuals out there who are willing to purchase the Xbox as a standalone unit.

We can also take a look at the games selection out there for the Xbox. The titles have improved and have been on the forefront of the Xbox rampage to the top.

As for Apple’s plan for the future, we don’t have any idea. Apple is shrouded with mystery. According to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, he thinks that he knows what Apple will do telling his audience at the Ignition conference that they should wait to buy a new TV set when Apple releases it very own next year.

Many people doubt Apple’s entry on the television market. If Apple decides to release their TV, it would be a TV set that costs much higher than other HDTV sets out there in the market today. It’s not going to be a step forward but backward.

Major Xbox upgrade brings more content

As reported yesterday, Xbox has something new to bring to their patrons.

A few days after Microsoft and Verizon announced that FiOS channels are coming to Xbox 360, the software magnate is going to release more applications for Xbox owners to view TV online with the use of the 360.

December 6 marks the start of the ability for Xbox owners to stream their favorite channels via Xbox Live. Xbox Live subscribers in the U.S. can now view EPIX, ESPN, Hulu Plus and the Today Show on MSNBC.

Different contents will be available to users based on their location. For instance, Germany-based fans can now watch Sky Go while Japanese subscribers will get Hulu. UK patrons will have LOVEFiL and those from Italy can watch Premium Play. Xbox users from Spain will get Telefonica Espana and Netflix, will also be available in Canada apart from their U.S. counterparts.

Sources have said that apart from this pioneering channels, a lot more will debut later this month. This includes iHeartRadio, Sony Pictures’ Crackle, more programs from MSNBC and Vudu movie rental service. Youtube will also be available and is accessible in 24 countries.

Don Mattrick, President of the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft said that, “a new era in entertainment begins where all your entertainment is together in one place: your games, movies, TV shows, music and sports.”

“With this update, Xbox 360 system owners will experience Kinect voice control integrated with Bing search, making your TV and entertainment experiences more social and personal than ever,” he adds.

More reasons to shift from one console to another I guess. What do you think?

Major Xbox update coming soon

Microsoft is jumping in the bandwagon and is bringing more diversity and flexibility into their Xbox consoles.

The update is said to transform the console into an entertainment hub, rather than just a gaming tool.

Forty media firms have already signed up with Microsoft to provide both live and on-demand news and TV services to its users.

The update also brings a new look and interface to the Xbox which will now sport the Metro look. This look is based on “tiles” which are lumped together based on their content and placed under different headings.

Another feature brought about by the update will let users control their TVs by talking into the Kinect motion-spotting gadgets. James McQuivey from Forrester Research says this feature will help Microsoft differentiate the Xbox from rivals such as cable TV, Google and Apple .

Bing, the company’s search engine, will now also be available on the Xbox and will allow users to search content available in the tiles.

The major update for Microsoft’s Xbox is expected to roll out on December 6, Tuesday, around the world.

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