Microsoft brings Kinectimals to Android

Android users can now download the first game ever developed by Microsoft for Google’s operating system users.

The Kinectimals, which has been available for iOS and Windows 7 users for quite some time, is now available for Android.

For those who haven’t heard about Kinectimals, it is a game that allows users to raise their own cub, on an island called Lemuria.

Kinectimals’ players can play mini games with other players or go on challenges that award points and coins that you can use to buy items online. These items can be seen in your inventory and can either be care products, food and others.

If you’re an Android user and it’s your first time to play Kinectimals, you might as well buy a standalone mode app for Android. While, if you have been playing Kinectimals before and have an Xbox 360, you can opt to buy the companion mode.

Kinectimals 1.0 can be downloaded from Google Play and it costs $2.99. It is highly recommended for animal lovers, children and those who cannot own a pet, due to concerns in space in their homes.

Current rating for the app is 4.7 out of 55 stars from 77 reviewers.

Is this good news for Android users?



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