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Our Kickstarter project is now live! We’re excited to show you what we’ve been up to and what our plans for the future are, so listen in and be sure to support us! Thank YOU for making all this possible!

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#22 The Predator Thronos Gaming Chair

This episode was recorded LIVE on Mixer! If you want to be part of the live show and to hang out and play video games with us in the post show, you’re missing out.

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The Predator Thronos Gaming Chair Is Absolutely Insane — And We’ve Tried It

The main feature of the Predator Thronos an overhead arc that spans over your head to suspend up to three 27-inch panoramic monitors right in front of your face. It also has a motor that allows you to incline the chair up to 140 degrees, a foot rest, space to integrate a gaming PC, and rumbling motors that are synchronized with the games you play so you can feel the action.

The FTC is investigating a crowdfunding campaign that disappeared with more than $700K

The Federal Trade Commission might have a renewed interest in justice for crowdfunding backers. Emails seen by The Verge show that the agency is investigating at least one crowdfunding campaign gone bad — the iBackPack — which raised more than $700,000 across both Indiegogo and Kickstarter.

Zens aluminum wireless charger offers a potential cheaper alternative to AirPower

The latest report suggests that Apple may finally be launching its long-delayed AirPower wireless charger next month.What isn’t yet known is the cost, rumors so far pointing to somewhere in the $160-190 range. If that turns out to be rather more than you might want to pay, Zens has a new product that may make a suitable alternative …


Free PS4 PlayStation Plus Games For September 2018 Confirmed; One Is Out Now

Currently, the big one is Destiny 2 as they prepare for the Forsaken expansion due September 4th. The other PS4 game free to PS Plus members in September is God of War III Remastered, a souped-up version of the PS3 classic. September’s PS3 games (also playable on PS4) are Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition and Q.U.B.E. Director’s Cut. The PS Vita games (again, playable on PS4) are Sparkle 2 and Foul Play.

Fortnite’s mysterious, giant cube continues to do weird things

Fortnite, for all its pop culture success, remains a deeply strange game. Take, for instance, the giant cube that has been rolling over the map and now resides on a small hill and is currently making players glow when they’re near it. Here’s the latest update and rumors…

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This Star Trek Kickstarter will amaze you

Are you one of those people who love fan-made fiction? I know I do. Not only are the best fan fiction stories done well, they also enhance the overall story.

The first fan fiction movie I saw was “The Hunt for Gollum“, which was very well done. I was amazed to hear they ran it on a shoestring budget and how it made the Lord of the Rings Trilogy look even better. Shortly after it went viral, the producers announced they would be making another one. Called “Born of Hope“, it went into the history of one of the main LOTR characters.

That being said, I eagerly anticipate the movie from producers who tease you with amazing trailers like these:

Not only does this trailer look awesome, but they also pulled some major strings to bring in actors from Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek: Enterprise!

Star Trek: Axanar is the story of Garth and his crew during the Four Years War, the war with the Klingon Empire that almost tore the Federation apart, and whose resolution solidified the Federation and allowed it to become the entity we know in Kirk’s time. You can read more about their Kickstarter campaign and support them if you so choose.

I, for one, can’t wait to see the finished movie!

Stream videos from your iPad to a TV with Airbridge

Kickstarter has been a source of great and fabulous ideas lately. Though big companies are clearly dominating the tech market, this kickstart companies have injected a new life in this blossoming trade.

A Kickstarter company is trying to develop a new way of viewing your iPad videos or photos. Imagine being able to see what you see on your iPad in a TV? That would be a great way to surf and share your videos and photos, right?

Airbridge is a hardware that you can add-on to your Apple devices that enables you to stream whatever it is on your Apple device. You only need to plug the doggle to your iPad or iPhone and snap the base to your television set and the two devices will connect to each other automatically.

According to the Kickstarter’s start up page, “We want technology to play effortlessly well with other technology. We want it to act like a silent servant – reliable, durable and making lives easier and in a way that’s not frustrating, unnecessarily difficult or complicated to use.”

Airbrdige might be an excellent way to stream videos online. Instead of watching it on your iPad, here is a tool that will allow you view what you just downloaded on a television set without WiFi or cables.

Stream your videos easily then from now on!

Image Source: kickstarter.com

Turn your iPad into a MacBook with the CruxSkunk


Everybody wants to get their hands-on a MacBook. Unfortunately, not everybody can afford to own one. With its magnificent design and features, people drool over this sexy laptop.

To cash-strapped Apple fanatics, instead of buying a MacBook, an iPad will do for the meantime.

Now, you can turn your iPad into a MacBook (though clearly not its specs).

CruxCase has developed a product that turns your beloved iPad into a MacBook. The CruxCase CruxSkunk is an iPad gadget that fits perfectly to your tablet.

The CruxSkunk is made up of aircraft-grade aluminum, anodized and sandblasted to perfectly resemble the finish of your iPad tablet. It has a keyboard that you can use so it would be easier for you to type. The keyboard connects via Bluetooth and it is being powered by a rechargeable battery.

The CruxCase CruxSkunk is currently on Kickstarter. To own a CruxSkunk with a leather sleeve, a donor has to pledge %155.

The CruxSkunk not only protects your iPad from the hazards of the environment and your clumsiness, but it also boosts your iPad’s aesthetics. With its built in keyboard, it will certainly help you with your typing projects.

Care to try on CruxCase’s CruxSkunk?

Image Source: appaddict.net


Play iOS games on your TV with the iOS GameDock

Another Kickstarter is trying to change the way individuals play on their smartphones.

Though there are already ways to bring the game you are playing in your smartphone to a TV, AirPlay mirroring for iOS 5 users, still the results aren’t that crisp and great. What lacks is a dedicated device that lets you play your favorite iPhone game and stream them in your TV in ways more practical and better than the latter.

Well, Andi Greisel and Chris Jorgensen had an idea and want to make this idea real with GameDock. The two are developers, who by the way created iOS games such as Cavorite and Zombie Karts, and would love to make a device that is basically intended to let you play games in your TV using your iPhone without all those hassles. All you need to do is plug your iOS device into the console and voila!

That’s why theyreated the iOS GameDock. This device turns your iOS device into a TV based console powered by USB controllers and an HDMI output.

The two developers are trying to start a Kickstarter fund for the iOS GameDock.

If you’re a heavy gamer on your iOS device, then GameDock could be a good addition to your gadgets as this could practically make that gaming experience even better.

Image Source: iphonehacks.com

Spike combines physical QWERTY keyboard with your iPhone case

What would it look like if you combine BlackBerry’s QWERTY keypad with Apple’s iPhone?

Well, a company found a way to bring BlackBerry’s QWERTY keyboard to the iPhone to make messaging easier for individuals.

Kickstarter, which is popular to individuals with bright ideas that need financial help, brings us a new development, as a team has developed a case for your iPhone that comes with a physical QWERTY keyboard.

The keyboard of the Spike case can easily be stowed away if you don’t like to use the QWERTY keyboard and would want to revert to your iPhone keyboard.

There are two versions of the Spike keyboard. The first version has a case that is divided in two, where the bottom part can be pulled out and rotated to reveal the keyboard. The second version is a deluxe version which features a side hinge so that the keyboard can be stowed away at the back if you don’t need to use it.

According to the developers of the Spike case, they use a “TypeSmart” technology for their keyboards.

The cases will sell for $25 for the ordinary version and $50 dollars for the deluxe version. They come in white and black colors to blend in with your iPhone.

Would you consider buying the Spike case?

Image Source:theverge.com

iPhone case with built in polarizing filter

Apple’s new iPhone takes great shots. For a smartphone, the quality of the photos it takes is, leaps and bounds, far ahead of their competition.

Portland-based company, Trygger, is trying to improve the iPhone’s photo quality by introducing filters like the ones being used by pros in their DSLR cameras.

The company has developed an iPhone Camera Case with a polarizing filter attached at the back to improve the quality of the photographs taken by your iPhone.

According to the company’s Kickstarter page, “The Camera Case has a built in polarizing filter to cut out glare and unwanted reflections and actually makes your colors more vibrant and your contrast sharper. It makes the world through your phone look more like the world you see through your eyes.”

The Camera Case for your iPhone is adjustable so you can choose how much light enters your smartphones lens. This enables iPhone users to gain more control of their shots.

Kickstarter supporters who pledge $35 or more will receive this iPhone case once its fully developed. It is retailed at $49.95.

Is this going to be a great product for your iPhone or would this be another case that would fail to live up to its expectations?

Image Source: cultofmac.com

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