Are all Verizon’s iPhone 5 unlocked?

Verizon provides iPhone 5 unlocked

Want to own an unlocked version of the iPhone 5? Look no further, as Jeff Benjamin of iDownloadBlog found out that his new iPhone 5 which comes under contract with Verizon is unlocked.

He tried this by removing his Verizon SIM and replaced it with a cut down version of this AT&T Micro SIM. He was surprised to find out that his new iPhone 5, which he thought was Verizon locked, worked well with his AT&T SIM card.

Usually, smartphones that come with a contract from a telecommunication network are locked with that network. So, a Verizon locked smartphone wouldn’t work with an AT&T SIM and vice versa.

Last April, a Verizon representative called the iPhone 5 as a “Global Device”.

Taking a hint, this might not be a mistake for the company. Having an iPhone 5 that is contracted with their company that is unlocked might be their new way to entice businessmen who visit international countries frequently to use a Verizon iPhone 5, since they can easily swap in their SIM card of choice when they are in other countries.

iPhone 5’s predecessor, the iPhone 4S was released to have dual antennas so that it can be used in both American and European networks.

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