Apple and Palm: Bickering dates back two years ago

Wow, it seems like Apple’s making a lot of news in our site today, this is the third time they’ve made it to our news list.  🙂

Anyway, Apple and Palm’s apparently started bickering two years ago – August of 2007 to be exact.

According to Bloomberg News, Ed Colligan – Palm’s CEO at that time – rejected a proposal from Apple chief Steve Jobs to refrain from recruiting and hiring each other’s employees.

Apparently, Jobs was worried that he’d lose his key employees to Palm and said “we must do whatever we can to stop this.” This proposal, according to Colligan, was ill-considered.

“Your proposal that we agree that neither company will hire the other’s employees, regardless of the individual’s desires, is not only wrong, it is likely illegal,” Colligan told Jobs, according to the communications reviewed by Bloomberg.

When you look at Palm today, you’ll see that a few number come from Apple. Two months before that unspecified “communications” between the two companies’ executives, Palm had announced that Fred Anderson (former Apple CFO) would be joining its board of directors and Jon Rubenstein (retired iPod division head) would join as executive chairman of the board.

Rubenstein is now Palm’s CEO, replacing Colligan in June of this year.

Hmmmn, I wonder why all these have anything to do with the two companies most recent issue where Apple refuses to allow Palm’s Pre to have access to their iTunes. 😉


Patch for critical iPhone bug released

An iPhone software patch is now available to fix the critical bug that makes your device susceptible to secret attacks by hackers.

On July 30 in the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, researchers Charlie Miller and Collin Mulliner showed the audience how to break into iPhones by sending computer code via the phone’s SMS system. They said that the phone’s users cannot detect that it is receiving the malicious code. They had already warned Apple about it on July 18.

Miller and Mulliner found the flaw while they were looking for vulnerabilities in the SMS communications system. They said they wanted to go public because they wanted to warn iPhone users of the risk, as well as pressure the iPhone maker to fix the flaw.

Users of iPhone can now download the patch onto the computer using iTunes and install it on their devices by connecting it to their computer.

“There’s a real urgency for people to update their iPhones because of this wave of publicity. The race is on between those fixing the vulnerability and attackers seeking to exploit the issue,” Joris Evers, a spokesman for No. 2 security software maker McAfee Inc.  said.


From Apple: Cocktail anyone?

If you’re tired with receiving those PDFs you get from iTunes when you download a song, or you think CD labels are so yesterday, you’re in for a big treat.

The Financial Times reports today that Apple and major record labels are teaming up to create bundles of interactive features which users get with their downloads. The project is code-named Cocktail.

Apple is known for making iPod and iTunes-related announcements at September events, so it’ll probably be launched on September too. The FT says their info comes from several sources who are “in-the-know” of the situation.

Through Apple’s collaboration with some of the big guys from the music scene including EMI, Sony Music, Warner Music and Universal Music Group, they hope to have customers buy digital albums (which obviously brings in more money) instead of just downloading single tracks.

Customers will be receiving the interactive book which includes material such as liner notes, lyric sheets and photos. According to the FT, it would also let users play songs without having to return to the iTunes software.

As cited by the Financial Times, an executive from Apple said: “”It’s all about re-creating the heyday” of the album when you would sit around with your friends looking at the artwork, while you listened to the music.

Hmmmn, makes you wonder what people today would digitize next. J


Palm fights back: iTunes back on Pre

If Apple thought that they could easily get rid of Palm and their “unauthorized” synching with iTunes, they thought wrong.

You might remember my post over a week ago about Apple releasing iTunes version 8.2.1 which disabled the feature enjoyed by Palm Pre users.

Now Palm just made a bold move by releasing WebOS 1.1 for the Pre which, among other things, allows media synching with even the latest version of iTunes. The news of the release was posted in Palm’s blog which so nonchalantly added at the end of the piece:

Oh, and one more thing: Palm webOS 1.1 re-enables Palm media sync. That’s right–you once again can have seamless access to your music, photos and videos from the current version of iTunes (8.2.1).

Well, well, well. I guess Palm’s really serious in making iTunes accessible for their consumers even if it means stirring up a possible dispute (?) with Apple. 🙂

And on the not so controversial side, the WebOS 1.1 also includes more additions to Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync support which now offers remote, PIN/password requirements, inactivity timeout, improved certificate handling and more, CNet report. Users can now also use emoticons with text, multimedia, and instant messages as well as set “personal reminders” in the Contacts app.

But still, I’m excited to see how Apple responds to Palm’s move. Are you?


iTunes says goodbye to Palm Pre

“Apple is aware that some third parties claim that their digital media players are able to sync with Apple software. However, Apple does not provide support for, or test for compatibility with, non-Apple digital media players and, because software changes over time, newer versions of Apple’s iTunes software may no longer provide syncing functionality with non-Apple digital media players.”

This was the content of the article which appeared on Apple’s support site last Tuesday. It wasn’t directed to any particular company, unless they mean “non-Apple digital media players” to be Palm Pre which Palm has manipulated the smartphone to sync with Apple’s music software. 😉

And lo and behold! An upgraded version from iTunes (iTunes 8.2.1)  is now available with a release note that states: “iTunes 8.2.1 provides a number of important bug fixes and addresses an issue with verification of Apple devices.” Apparently, addressing the issue meant disallowing Palm Pre to sync with iTunes.

Writers from CNET confirmed this by testing the software with their Pre. When they selected the Media Sync option, it did not launch iTunes automatically. “Instead, it was only recognized as a mass storage device, and manually launching iTunes did not surface the Pre either(*tears*), Bonnie Cha of CNET news says.

Well, what can I say? It was too good while it lasted. 😉


Happy Birthday App Store!

Another event to celebrate for all those Apple fans out there!

The App Store which was launched on July 11, 2008 will be nearing its first birthday and Apple is making sure it gets the celebration it deserves.

First off, to celebrate this milestone, Apple has dedicated an entire section on the iTunes store where it lists some of the company’s favorite apps for iPhones and iPod Touch. It also lists new apps as well as titles of the top paid apps.

Apple also recently celebrated its one billionth download on the App Store, giving that downloader some pretty cool gifts.

Since its launching, the App store has boasted more than 50,000 applications on its virtual shelves and still counting. Among the applications include crowd favorites such as IM utility BeeJive, ebook reader Stanza, and games such as The Sims 3 and Flight Control.

Pretty awesome for something barely a year old, huh? J