iPhone SE 2 Release Date, Leaks and Pricing

Here’s what you need to know about Apple’s iPhone SE 2.

The first iPhone SE came out in March 2016, and surprisingly, we have not seen a predecessor yet. Could this year be finally it?

First off, the release date.

Some rumours have pegged it to be 2018. Analyst Karl Ackerman suggests that it could be May or June, coinciding with other rumours of a mid-year release. Ming-Chi Kuo, another analyst, however, thinks Apple won’t be able to.

“With three new models in the pipeline for the second half of 2018, we believe Apple may have used up its development resources”, he explains.

So how much is this compact phone going to be?

With Apple charging a premium for their iPhone X, people are expecting the iPhone SE 2 to be lighter in the pocket at around $450. The first iPhone SE started at $399 for 16GB and has since been discontinued while the 32GB version is now at $349. We wont be surprised if its predecessor will be somewhere along that lines too.


What will the iPhone SE 2 look like?

Quite a lot of “leaks” on the phone’s design have been surfacing over the months. A video on the Chinese social networking site shows a block-type shape. One notable difference is the full-screen display on the front with a notch similar to the iPhone X.

Although a closer look at the video makes it more apparent that its display is not as good as Apple, the design does coincide with a sketch sent to BGR by a “reliable” source showing the phone’s full-screen display.

(Credit: BGR)

With the possible launch of the iPhone 9 and bigger iPhone X, there’s lesser attention on the iPhone SE 2. However, people who prefer smaller phones and cheaper alternative, this is still something to look out for.

iPhone Prices Skyrocketing in India Due to Import Tax Hike

Increasing prices for goods and stuffs is a big no-no for consumers. But in India, iPhone prices are skyrocketing with only iPhone SE as an exemption.

iPhone Prices Increase

The government of India raised taxes last week on imported phones to boost domestic manufacturing. Because of this, Apple increased the prices of their phones by 3.5%. That is a slightly big increase to be honest.

Only the iPhone SE was saved from this price increase because it is locally assembled in the country. Apple’s contract manufacturer assembles the iPhone SE in Southern India. Apple also has plans to expand local manufacturing in the country but wants a range of incentives and tax breaks from the government which is yet to agree to.

The new prices for some iPhones, effective from December 18, are:

iPhone 6 32 GB: Rs 30780

iPhone 6s  32 GB: Rs 41,550

iPhone 6s 128 GB: Rs 50,660

iPhone 6s Plus  32 GB: Rs 50,740

iPhone 6s Plus 128 GB: Rs 59,860

iPhone 7 32 GB: Rs 50,810

iPhone 7 128 GB: Rs 59,910

Given the price increase, the question comes about the iPhones and are they worth buying at new prices or not.

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