Apple iPhone 5 data leak plugged with a carrier update

White and Black iPhone 5It would seem that Apple has no shortage of problems recently. It looks like their new iOS 6 was buggier than they had initially thought. When the update came to compatible devices, there were numerous issues regarding the Wi-Fi connection. Either it was not connecting, or even though it connected, it had issues with the connection, preventing it from actually being useful.

Then there was the Apple iOS 6 Maps fiasco that Tim Cook had to publicly apologize for. It was simply one of the worst product launches they made, pitching an incomplete and buggy app as a “main feature” of the new OS. It was so bad; they had to actually point their users to download 3rd party mapping solutions.

Apple also had problems with user complaints with the new iPhone 5 black edition, which was found to be very easy to scratch despite its durable aluminum frame. The complaint was met with a rather lackluster reply from Apple, indicating it as a normal phenomenon for aluminum devices.

Now, the company faces another issue, which could impact people’s wallet more than the rest: excessive cellular data.

It would seem that the new iOS 6 had a data leak problem, where even if an iPhone was connected to a Wi-Fi network, the iPhone would still use the cellular data to connect to the internet. The issue seems to be localized to Verizon wireless iPhone 5, but some users of the iPhone 4 and 4S seem to be having data issues as well.

The issue has been linked to the beta feature called “Wi-Fi + Cellular” which was present during the beta stages of iOS 6. This feature never made it to the final product, but its ghosts seem to haunt Verizon iPhone owners.

In theory, it would seem that the feature was not completely removed from the operating system and was left on by default. The way the feature works is, if the Wi-Fi connection is deemed to be weak or unusable, the device would instead use the cellular network for internet related services. Since the update apparently messed up the Wi-Fi driver of the iPhone, the feature detects the Wi-Fi connection, as unfit to for the task, and silently feeds on cellular data instead.

It would seem as if the feature was kept on by default, but since it was removed from the interface, there is no way to manually turn it off. If left alone, this could cause unexpected high data charges in customer’s bills at the end of the billing period. While Verizon’s version of the iPhone is the only confirmed carrier to have this issue, a minor amount of AT&T users claim to have the same issue on iOS 6.

Apple has elected to resolve the issue for Verizon by launching a “Carrier Settings” update. The update is expected to turn off whatever protocol is urging the phone to use cellular data even though the device is connected to a known working Wi-Fi network. This still does not address the current Wi-Fi instability that users are complaining about, but it is a quick fix to avoid huge bills for customers.

Even though the update is pushed over the air, you are not likely to get the update, unless you know how to activate it. To get the update, you need to go to your settings app, then to the general settings, then go to the “about” page. Wait a while and the update should pop up. Choose OK to install it. Once installed, the user needs to restart the phone to apply the effect.

To restart, simply push and hold the “sleep” button and swipe the option that says “turn off”. Just turn it back on to see if the update is applied. To check the update, simply go back to the “about” page and look for the carrier version. It should read “Verizon 13.1”.

It looks like releasing the phone “unlocked” has inadvertently unlocked the plug for cellular data usage. Thankfully, this update puts a cork to that gaping hole. Users of other versions of the iPhone are encouraged to monitor their data consumption and report immediately if any irregularities are found.

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Pack your iPhone with more power with the iExpander

Ever wished your iPhone 4S or new iPhone 5 could have more features like more memory and battery life? If you’re an avid movie buff and love to save movies on your iPhone, chances are that your iPhone’s built in memory would not suit your preference, although the 32GB is enough for some, but it still is not for others.

Well, the iExpander might be the gadget that is right for you.

The iExpander is a gadget that will add more power to your iPhone. It adds extra battery life to your iPhone so you don’t need to worry about those long days and at the same time, it has a microSD card slot that is compatible up to 64GB.

It also improves your iPhone’s built in camera. The iExpander has a LED flash that can make your videos and photos look more bright perfect for those low light situations.

Unfortunately, the iExpander will make your phone bigger. But that may not be an issue, since it will boost your battery life and your phones features per se.

That’s the only catch here. That it makes your phone much bigger.

The iExpander is compatible with the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and the new iPhone 5. Are you considering buying it?

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iPhone 5 jailbroken hours after release?

An American man is claiming to have jailbroken an Apple iPhone 5, just hours after the device went up on sale at Apple Stores.

According to AllThingD, Grant Paul of San Francisco was able to bypass the restrictions of the iPhone 5 and jailbreak it.

Paul said to AllThingsD that, “I started working on it the day before the iPhone 5 was released, and I had my iPhone 4S jailbroken on iOS 6 in a few hours.”

“Then, once I got an iPhone 5, it was even easier; it took just about half an hour from first turning it on to a jailbroken iPhone 5,” he added.

Jailbreaking enables an individual to bypass many restrictions initially placed there by the manufacturer or in this case, Apple. iPhone jailbreak allows owners to download apps that are not available in the App Store and it also enables them to customize the device more than an un-jailbroken iPhone.

Paul added also said, “I want to stress that the biggest impact of this is to allow other jailbreak creators to start working no their own jailbreaks. In the past, this same set of methods to get into the device has helped other gain enough access to create and test a jailbreak that does end up being released to the public.”

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Apple set to open their doors to the iPhone 4/S in their Buyback program

Apple is offering their clients that want to trade in their old iPhone 4 units in order for them to upgrade to the company’s latest iPhone 5.

Apple has an iDevice buyback program and they have included the iPhone 4 in the lineup. This program allows Apple users to trade in their functional iPhone units for Apple Store gift cards.

To sell your old iPhone 4 device you have to answer question regarding the unit you’re trading in,  such as your phone booting up, scratch marks, dents, water damage and others.

A working iPhone 4S that is in perfect condition will get $280 in return for their old device.

Apple is not only the only company offering to buy old Apple device.

Macworld said that Verizon and Sprint, two of the telecom companies carrying the iPhone 4, are also offering trade-ins for the latter for in-store credit.

Apple’s recycling program wants to recycle old electronics such as their iPhone. This is their way of helping to protect the environment and reducing wastes.

It is good to note that tons and tons of electronic devices are being thrown out due to the fast turnovers of such technology.

Are you interested to trade your old iPhone then for iPhone 5?

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Samsung offers you to trade in your old phones for a price


Samsung is heavily investing in their smartphone lines that the company is offering a rebate of up to $300 for your to trade in your old smartphone for one of theirs.

Samsung announced their latest project through their Facebook Page and their The company is assuring individuals that they will be refunding those individuals who will trade their phones in and buy one Samsung unit.

An iPhone 4S 64Gb in good condition can possibly get you a rebate of $300. A 32 GB model of the same device will fetch you $230 and the 16GB version can get you as much as $215. Prices will be subject to the conditions of your smartphone.

A Samsung Galaxy S III costs about $199 with a new contract and a Galaxy Note at $249 under a new contract.

Samsung and Apple are currently under a heated battle regarding copyright infringements.

Both of these companies have something up their sleeve, as they are planning to surprise everybody with different events set this month for Samsung and next month for Apple.

Apple’s events are rumored to be the roll out of the latest iPhone or its iPad mini.

Are you willing to trade in your old smartphones for a new Samsung device?

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iPhone 4S price reduced. A prelude to the iPhone 5 release?

Is this another sign that a new model of iPhone is set to be unveiled anytime soon?

According to reports, American Telecom giant Sprint is slashing the price of its iPhone 4S down to $149 from the initial price of $199.

This looks like a prelude to the eventual release of the iPhone 5, which people believe could recapture the lost audience that Apple once had before Samsung released its flagship Galaxy S III.

According to AllThingsD, Sprint is the first carrier to slash the price of their iPhone 4S. AT&T and Verizon still lists their iPhone 4S at $199.

They added that Sprint has Apple’s permission to cut the price of their iPhone 4S.

CNET added that a spokesperson from Sprint told them that this price slash is a back to school promo and not because of an impending iPhone 5 release.

Apple is set to conduct a major event this September, but the company is mum as to what the event is all about. Speculations are plenty that this could be an announcement of the iPhone 5.

Whatever it is, Apple surely knows how to tweak people’s imaginations and if it truly is going to be a release of the iPhone 5, then this could score big for the Cupertino based company.

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Apple and the latest iPhone rumours

The next iPhone is yet to be released, although there are rumors for it all over the technology world. Apple normally releases a new iPhone after every twelve months, except for the iPhone 4S which was unveiled after about 16 months. If the trend is kept then we should expect the iPhone around the month of October.

Many people all over the world love an Apple product and that’s why every rumor is received with a lot of excitement and expectations.

Besides that, the company has another tradition of releasing products after some specific time; they are so secretive that no one really knows what they are going to do next. Their secrecy is legendary. It was introduced and cultivated by Steve Jobs, while he was the CEO of Apple. In fact, even the workers will not even reveal the slightest of hints about the new products. That’s why when they introduce a new product it is received with a lot of excitement.

The rumors and leaks about the next iPhone just serve to increase the hype and when it eventually comes out people will mill around the Apple shops to get hold of it.

Some of the rumors claim the upcoming iPhone will be longer and thinner than the previous model, retaining the iPhone 4S design. The display is rumored that will be increased to 4 inches and the resolution will be of 1136 by 640. These are some of the most sensible improvements that Apple is working on. However, some rumors are just way off the mark. Some of these are a 3D camera, a teardrop design and inductive charging. Though these might be possible in the future, it is too early to expect them to be on the iPhone 5!

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SeatGuru app not a hit among users

People don’t always enjoy flying. While some individuals relish the experience, a handful suffers from the annoying conditions that some flights have. From long queues of the check in counter to rude seatmates, the list goes on and on.

Little perks here and there are a good thing and an excellent way to lighten up the burden.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the mobile app of SeatGuru.

The much beloved service that informs you which seats on planes are good and vice versa is now available on your mobile device.

It’s simple, you just input the airline and flight number into the app and the app presents you with a detailed map of the seats on the jet.

Unfortunately, the app also has lows. This doesn’t give you a rundown of your preferences and doesn’t inform you of seat availability or let you reserve a seat. The map was also designed back in 2007.

The app has other features. It has a TripAdvisor search engine, though it’s just basic.

There is also a flight tracker. But be aware that when you check for a flight, it will automatically give you a selection of flights not during the day but later on the month.

New Zealand shops prepare for latest iPad launch

Tech shops and retail outlets in New Zealand are preparing for the rush of Apple enthusiasts as the popular iPad will be made available in their country this week.

Selected JB-Hi Fi stores will be opening its doors an hour earlier than the usual to accommodate the throng of individuals who are expected to be flooding their gates to purchase the new tablet.

The Warehouse had made 100 iPads available online last Tuesday. These tablets were bought in the US and were quickly purchased by New Zealanders.

The device has been available in select countries internationally since last week with Apple selling about 3 million units on its first week of release.

The latest iPad which boasts of 4G capability and a 64 GB memory is the most expensive iteration of the device.

Apple is expecting that this device will safeguard their tablet business in the advent of tablet technology and companies pouring on their money in this business.

The 4G technology is 10 times faster than the 3G technology. Analysts expect that the latest iPad will have a more improved video quality.

The new iPad has a battery which has a battery 70% bigger than the previous versions is expected to lord over the rest of the field.

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Merchants paid people to queue for iPad

How far would you go just for you to get your hands on the latest gadget that is taking the world by storm?

Well, in London, individuals went an extra mile by paying individuals to stand in line for them just so that they could have a piece of Apple’s latest tablet.

People desperate enough to pay their way to owning one hired persons to queue for them in their bid to circumvent Apple’s rule on iPad purchases which states that no 1 individual can buy two iPads at once.

This didn’t come as a deterrent to individuals who can afford the extra headcount.

Some believe that these individuals are going to sell the extra device on the black market for a hefty amount. This is because the iPads are only available to 10 countries as of its release.

According to one individual who hired persons to help him buy the iPad, “I hope to get around 70 iPads today. I will be sending them on to India. The guys who are queuing get 10 pounds or 20 pounds for a day’s work. This is not illegal.”

But not all those who waited in line were business minded individuals. A lot of them are genuine Apple fanatics who wanted to own the latest version of the tablet.

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