Apple iPhone 5 data leak plugged with a carrier update

White and Black iPhone 5It would seem that Apple has no shortage of problems recently. It looks like their new iOS 6 was buggier than they had initially thought. When the update came to compatible devices, there were numerous issues regarding the Wi-Fi connection. Either it was not connecting, or even though it connected, it had issues with the connection, preventing it from actually being useful.

Then there was the Apple iOS 6 Maps fiasco that Tim Cook had to publicly apologize for. It was simply one of the worst product launches they made, pitching an incomplete and buggy app as a “main feature” of the new OS. It was so bad; they had to actually point their users to download 3rd party mapping solutions.

Apple also had problems with user complaints with the new iPhone 5 black edition, which was found to be very easy to scratch despite its durable aluminum frame. The complaint was met with a rather lackluster reply from Apple, indicating it as a normal phenomenon for aluminum devices.

Now, the company faces another issue, which could impact people’s wallet more than the rest: excessive cellular data.

It would seem that the new iOS 6 had a data leak problem, where even if an iPhone was connected to a Wi-Fi network, the iPhone would still use the cellular data to connect to the internet. The issue seems to be localized to Verizon wireless iPhone 5, but some users of the iPhone 4 and 4S seem to be having data issues as well.

The issue has been linked to the beta feature called “Wi-Fi + Cellular” which was present during the beta stages of iOS 6. This feature never made it to the final product, but its ghosts seem to haunt Verizon iPhone owners.

In theory, it would seem that the feature was not completely removed from the operating system and was left on by default. The way the feature works is, if the Wi-Fi connection is deemed to be weak or unusable, the device would instead use the cellular network for internet related services. Since the update apparently messed up the Wi-Fi driver of the iPhone, the feature detects the Wi-Fi connection, as unfit to for the task, and silently feeds on cellular data instead.

It would seem as if the feature was kept on by default, but since it was removed from the interface, there is no way to manually turn it off. If left alone, this could cause unexpected high data charges in customer’s bills at the end of the billing period. While Verizon’s version of the iPhone is the only confirmed carrier to have this issue, a minor amount of AT&T users claim to have the same issue on iOS 6.

Apple has elected to resolve the issue for Verizon by launching a “Carrier Settings” update. The update is expected to turn off whatever protocol is urging the phone to use cellular data even though the device is connected to a known working Wi-Fi network. This still does not address the current Wi-Fi instability that users are complaining about, but it is a quick fix to avoid huge bills for customers.

Even though the update is pushed over the air, you are not likely to get the update, unless you know how to activate it. To get the update, you need to go to your settings app, then to the general settings, then go to the “about” page. Wait a while and the update should pop up. Choose OK to install it. Once installed, the user needs to restart the phone to apply the effect.

To restart, simply push and hold the “sleep” button and swipe the option that says “turn off”. Just turn it back on to see if the update is applied. To check the update, simply go back to the “about” page and look for the carrier version. It should read “Verizon 13.1”.

It looks like releasing the phone “unlocked” has inadvertently unlocked the plug for cellular data usage. Thankfully, this update puts a cork to that gaping hole. Users of other versions of the iPhone are encouraged to monitor their data consumption and report immediately if any irregularities are found.

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iPhone 5 sets pre-order sales record

As the day died down and the smoke cleared, Apple was stocked with pre-orders for their new iPhone 5.

Greatly exceeding their initial forecast, Apple had about 2 million iPhone 5 pre-bookings in just 24 hours after it was unveiled.

The Cupertino based company’s shares rose to $700 per share gaining about 22% in just 3 and ½ months.

The company said that pre-orders greatly exceeded the current supply but quickly informed those who ordered that some would be receiving their orders as planned but some would be receiving theirs next month.

The previous record for pre-order sales of an iPhone is the 1 million booking of the iPhone 4S.

This is a great sign for Apple as the year is closing and the Holiday season is looming. This could be a huge quarter for company and could set records.

Barclays analysts Ben Reitzes said, “The pace of this iPhone 5 roll-out is the fastest in the iPhone’s history and points to a big December quarter.”

AT&T has also said that the iPhone 5 is the fastest selling iPhone they have ever offered to their subscribers.

Verizon and Sprint on the other hand are also having difficulty in delivering their iPhone preorders, as the two companies are also going to have delays in delivering the new device to their owners.

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Apple set to open their doors to the iPhone 4/S in their Buyback program

Apple is offering their clients that want to trade in their old iPhone 4 units in order for them to upgrade to the company’s latest iPhone 5.

Apple has an iDevice buyback program and they have included the iPhone 4 in the lineup. This program allows Apple users to trade in their functional iPhone units for Apple Store gift cards.

To sell your old iPhone 4 device you have to answer question regarding the unit you’re trading in,  such as your phone booting up, scratch marks, dents, water damage and others.

A working iPhone 4S that is in perfect condition will get $280 in return for their old device.

Apple is not only the only company offering to buy old Apple device.

Macworld said that Verizon and Sprint, two of the telecom companies carrying the iPhone 4, are also offering trade-ins for the latter for in-store credit.

Apple’s recycling program wants to recycle old electronics such as their iPhone. This is their way of helping to protect the environment and reducing wastes.

It is good to note that tons and tons of electronic devices are being thrown out due to the fast turnovers of such technology.

Are you interested to trade your old iPhone then for iPhone 5?

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Apple iPhone 5 rumors heating up

As the Septemer 12 Apple announcement nears, speculations abou the impending latest iPhone device have been heating up.

Reports and images of the so-called iPhone 5 have been reported and leaked. While some retailers have said that they have already received spare parts for the iPhone 5.

Leaked images show a 4 inch screen iPhone variant for the iPhone 5. Thoguh the design is similar to the iPhone 4, the rumored iPhone 5 packs meaner features. Pixel density on the other hand is rumored to be the same with its predecessor.

The iPhone 5 is much anticipated by consumers. Some even hold on to their old smartphones in their desire to purchase the latest iPhone device by Apple.

This writer even received reports regarding spare parts for the iPhone 5 arriving in one retail shops in Singapore. The spare parts is said to have come together with a manual and an illustration of the iPhone 5 and its controls.

September 12 is the day that Apple answers all these speculations and rumors. If reports are catual, then expect to have a major shake-up in the smartphone market.

While the Samsung Galaxy S III sales have been rather strong, we might see a downward trend after Apple releases their iPhone 5.

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Sales in Apple’s iPhones double in Q1

The iPhone is taking over the world one user at a time. While they are wrecking havoc in the smartphone market, Apple’ executives are grinning from ear to ear as this only maximizes profit for the company.

Apple said last Tuesday that they were able to sell 37 million units of iPhones in the past 3 months of 2011. This feat by the iPhone exceeded the estimates of some analysts and it propelled Apple to hit record quarterly sales.

The 37 million units account to 53 percent of Apple’s revenue during that quarter. Other Apple products such as the iPad and MacBooks can’t keep up with the spike in the sales of the iPhone.

They have edged out rivals Samsung Electronics Co., which announced that they sold 35 million units in that same time, and Nokia Corp..

According to ISI Group analyst Brian Marshall, “It was a pristine quarter. The investment community has never seen a company like this, inside or outside technology.”

The magnificent performance by Apple places them at the top of the world’ most valued company. They are being trailed by Exxon Mobil Corp. The two have been exchanging the top spot since last summer.

Samsung to release a cheaper Galaxy handset

Good news for cash strapped individuals out there who wants to own a Samsung Android device. Reports have been circulating that the Korean brand is set to release an entry level version of their Samsung Galaxy S3.
An unnamed source said that the latest version of the Samsung Galaxy Android is going to have an 8GB capacity and is more affordable than its brothers.
The report also noted that this unreleased Galaxy Android will be pitted against the iPhone 4 8GB model.
The decision to release a much cheaper smartphone is said to be because Samsung clients have voiced-out their opinion regarding the pricing of their devices which caused some individuals to choose to buy Apple’s iPhone instead of getting a Galaxy.
It is said that the cheaper version of the Galaxy will be released in the second quarter of this year. It features a micro SD card slot and an 8GB capacity. It also carries with it a quad-core technology, the Super AMOLED screen and the latest OS of Android, the Ice Cream Sandwich.
Reports also indicate that it has a 12MP camera.
Not bad at all.
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