Apple issues new App Store rules For Streaming PC-based games

Tech giant Apple Inc. has issued new review guidelines for App Store intended for streaming PC-based video games. Apple’s decision attempts to block Steam’s proposal to extend its reach in both iPhones and iPads.


Steam is the considered to be the biggest distributor of video games for PC.

Apple’s remote mirroring apps


The new guidelines of the Cupertino-based company would now decide what apps should appear in the App Store. This means that any applications could not host anything even that app looks like an app store that is within the app.



In short, the company won’t give any users the sole absolute ability to “browse, select, or purchase software not already owned or licensed by the user.”


According to Apple, these new rules are called “remote mirroring apps.” This new rule works by beaming the screen of a PC to an iPhone. By doing so, it could allow purchases outside Apple’s control, provided that any give transactions were processed on PC and not through iPhone.


Meanwhile, several tech users claim that Apple’s decision is certainly significant. They pointed out that the company wants only to shield its practice of taking between 15 percent and 30 percent of the purchase price of software bought in the App Store.



Steam has announced its plan to release a free mobile phone app called Steam Link so gamers could continue playing on their iPhones while away from their desktop machines.


But the Bellevue, Steam’s parent company, in a separate statement, has slammed Apple for rejecting the Steam Link app. The Steam Link app is a free mobile app that allows gamers to play video games using their iPhones.




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Microsoft To launch Smaller, Low-cost Surface Product Lines

Sources who are privy to Microsoft’s plan claim that the software giant is planning to release a new product line. This product line is actually a lower-cost Surface tablets which will be released in the second half of 2018.


Microsoft will launch smaller, low-cost Surface devices


The move, according to sources, seeks to have a market share for cheaper devices, competing rival Apple Inc. At present, the Cupertino-based company is dominating the market with iPad. This is not the first time that Microsoft attempted to sell cheaper devices.


Back in 2012, Microsoft had started its push for more consumer-oriented hardware when it launched the original Surface RT. Back then, the price of original Surface RT is pegged at $499. However, consumer perception about the Surface RT did not go so well. This pushed Microsoft to pivot to produce a more expensive Surface Pro.


It cannot be denied that Surface Pro has gained popularity which consequently contributed to demand for a pro-oriented iPad of which Apple launched back in 2015. Now, Microsoft’s new table features 10-inch screens. Its size is the same with Apple’s standard iPad, but smaller than the 12-inch screens used on the Surface Pro laptop line.


Regarding the new Surfaces price, Microsoft will likely sell the new product with a starting price of $400. The new Surfaces will have rounded edges, and one of the reported features include USB-C connectivity. The device is expected to be 20 percent lighter than the high-end models, but will have around four hours fewer of battery life.


A Review Of The Apple iPad 2018

Apple iPad’s 2018 Review

The Apple iPad received its review for 2018.  The 9.7 inch device from Apple has been reviewed by the public.  AS reviews go, some are positive and there are negative opinions as well.  Here are some of those opinions and reviews.

The Good Reviews

The 2018 entry-level iPad supports the Apple Pencil for art work and annotation.  It adds a faster A10 processor.  iOS continues to offer the best overall selection of free and paid apps on affordable tablets.

The Bad Review

It lacks the bigger, better screen, quad speakers, and Smart Connector found on pricier iPad Pros.  The Pencil, case and keyboard add-ons will bring the price up to laptop level.

The Bottom Line

The entry-level 2018 iPad does not add much.  But it makes an already excellent tablet a better buy than ever.

The iPad For Everyone

Basically, the 2018 Apple iPad is a 2017 model with a faster processor and support for the Apple Pencil. It ha a pricey stylus that lets you draw and make art work on screen with remarkable accuracy.  Its price is the same as last year’s model, starting at $329, for the 32GB model.  128GB and LTE cellular options cost more.

For schools, it is unclear how useful the new iPad is.  The device was unveiled by Apple at a March event in Chicago touting its commitment to education.  But if we consider the price of the 2018 iPad, it still feels like a miss to its primary Chromebook competitors.

But for average consumers, this updated iPad feels like a solid, ultrabudget Amazon Fire tablet.  But the adition of the Pencil support is the icing on the cake of what was already a top-notch consumer device.  The world of iOs is full of everythin.  Even without the fancy screen upgrades of the iPad Pro, the Retina screen remains gorgeous and responsive.

Apple Releases iOS 11.3.1 Update: What Features Are Included?

Cupertino-based Apple Inc. has released today the iOS 11.3.1 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It should be noted, however, that iOS 11.3.1 did not go through beta testing. The reason is that iOS 11.3.1 brings only minor update. The update aims only to fix bug and several new features.


According to Apple, the recent iOS 11.3.1 is expected to improve the security issues either in iPhone or iPad. Specifically, the mobile OS would address the touch input issue branded by users as unresponsive on some iPhone 8 devices because they were serviced with non-genuine replacement displays.

What Features Are Included In iOS 11.3.1?


Below are the complete features of the iOS 11.3.1 according to Apple.

Augmented Reality

• ARKit 1.5 allows developers to place digital objects on vertical surfaces like walls and doors in addition to horizontal surfaces
• Adds support for detecting and incorporating images like movie posters or artwork into AR experiences
• Supports a higher resolution real world camera view when using AR experiences

iPhone Battery Health (Beta)

• Displays information on iPhone maximum battery capacity and peak performance capability
• Indicates if the performance management feature that dynamically manages maximum performance to prevent unexpected shutdowns is on and includes the option to disable it
• Recommends if a battery needs to be replaced

iPad charge management

• Maintains battery health when iPad is connected to power for prolonged periods of time, such as when it is used in kiosks, point of sale systems, or stored in charging carts.


• Introduces four new Animoji on iPhone X: lion, bear, dragon and skull


• When an Apple feature asks to use your personal information, an icon now appears along with a link to detailed information explaining how your data will be used and protected

Business Chat (Beta) – US only

• Communicate with companies to easily ask questions, schedule appointments, and make purchases inside the built-in Messages app on iPhone and iPad

Health Records (Beta) – US only

• Access health records and view lab results, immunizations, and more in a consolidated timeline in the Health app

Apple Music

• Features a new music video experience, including an updated Music Videos section with exclusive video playlists
• Find friends that have similar tastes using updated suggestions in Apple Music that reveal genres people enjoy and mutual friends that follow them


• Top Stories now always appear first in For You
• Watch Top Videos curated by News editors

App Store

• Adds ability to sort customer reviews on product pages by Most Helpful, Most Favorable, Most Critical, or Most Recent
• Improves Updates tab information with app version and file size


• Helps protect privacy by only AutoFilling usernames and passwords after selecting them in a web form field
• Includes warnings in the Smart Search Field when interacting with password or credit card forms on non-encrypted web pages
• AutoFill for usernames and passwords is now available in web views within apps
• Articles shared to Mail from Safari are now formatted using Reader mode by default when Reader is available
• Folders in Favorites now show icons for the bookmarks contained within


• Adds two new Shuangpin keyboard layouts
• Adds support for connected hardware keyboards using the Turkish F keyboard layout
• Improves Chinese and Japanese keyboards for better reachability on on 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch devices
• Enables switching back to the keyboard after dictation with just one tap
• Addresses an issue where auto-correct could incorrectly capitalize some words
• Fixes an issue on iPad Pro that prevented the iPad Smart Keyboard from working after connecting to a captive Wi-Fi access point
• Fixes an issue that could cause the Thai keyboard to incorrectly switch to the numeric layout when in landscape mode


• App Store adds accessibility support for bold and large text for display customization
• Smart Invert adds support for images on the web and in Mail messages
• Improves RTT experience and adds RTT support for T-Mobile
• Improves app switching on iPad for VoiceOver and Switch Control users
• Addresses an issue where VoiceOver incorrectly described Bluetooth status and badge icons
• Fixes an issue where end call button might not be presented in the Phone app when using VoiceOver
• Fixes an issue where in-app app rating was not accessible with VoiceOver
• Resolves an issue when using Live Listen that could distort audio playback

Other improvements and fixes

• Introduces support for the AML standard which provides more accurate location data to emergency responders when SOS is triggered (in supported countries)
• Adds support for software authentication as a new way for developers to create and enable HomeKit compatible accessories
• Podcasts now plays episodes with a single tap, and you can tap Details to learn more about each episode
• Improves search performance for users with long notes in Contacts
• Improves performance of Handoff and Universal Clipboard when both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network
• Fixes an issue that could prevent incoming calls from waking the display
• Addresses an issue that could delay or prevent playback of Visual Voicemail
• Resolves an issue that prevented opening a web link in Messages
• Fixes an issue that could prevent users from returning to Mail after previewing a message attachment
• Fixes an issue that could cause Mail notifications to reappear on the Lock screen after they had been cleared
• Resolves an issue that could cause time and notifications to disappear from the Lock Screen
• Resolves an issue that prevented parents from using Face ID to approve Ask to Buy requests
• Fixes an issue in Weather where current weather conditions may not have been updated
• Fixes an issue where contacts may not sync with a car’s phone book when connected over Bluetooth
• Addresses an issue that could prevent audio apps from playing in cars when the app was in the background

Acer Chromebook Tab 10: First Chrome OS Tablet Is Here

Acer Chromebook Tab 10 is branded to be the first tablet powered by Chrome OS. This has been a huge development for Chrome OS. Why? Because Chrome OS runs on some devices only. This includes laptops, desktops, convertibles, among others, except on tablets.


And Acer’s Chromebook 10 makes a significant deal on that. Tech users claim that Acer’s Chromebook Tab 10 is comparable to Apple’s iPad. In fact, many found the claim to be true as Apple announced that it would be selling cheaper models.


Acer Chromebook Specs


The tablet features a 9.7-inch, 2048 x 1536 display. Although its size is very much similar to iPad. The Tab 10 has a front- and rear-facing cameras, its battery life could last long for an estimated nine hours. The tablet is powered by OP1 processor, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, and a USB-C port, among others.


But of the reported specs, what’s amazing with the Tab 10 is its stylus support. The tablet has actually a small stylus. The presence of a small stylus in Tablet 10 is like with Samsung Galaxy Note series.



In terms of pricing, but the company said that the Tablet 10 would be sold for $329, which is the same price as Apple’s current entry-level iPad. Meanwhile, tech giant Apple has announced that the entry-level for its Tab 10 is $259. And if you wanted to use a stylus for your own iPad, you can buy or $999 at any Apple Store.

Cheaper iPad Devices for Apple Users? Wicked!

Cheaper Apple iPad Devices

Cheaper Apple iPad devices are available this March. This is the best time of the year as seasonal sales mean big reductions for major retailers.

When we speak of tablets, iPad has been the king for years. And definitely, it is still the best tablet. With a vast variety of models to choose from, it is easier to find top deals and offers.

Best Deals For iPad

The best deals and offers are available on the brand new iPad, iPad Air 2, or even the iPad mini from long ago. The iPad can still be quite expensive despite the low prices. But we can see lower prices with these offers and deals. There are also Android models in the cheap tablet deals.

Here are some iPad best deals: Apple iPad 9.7 32GB costs $287 at Amazon. Focus offers the Apple iPad 9.7 128GB at $429. Apple iPad Pro 10.5 at $609.99 at Newegg. Apple iPad Pro 9.7 at Amazon for $429.99. IPad mini 4 for $299.99 at Amazon.

All About The Brand New iPad

The brand new Apple iPad 9.7-inch model is the successor to the iPad Air 2. Although a little thicker than the iPad Air 2, it contains an A9 chip with an M9 coprocessor for enhanced performance. It is cheaper than the iPad Air 2. This is a good buy for people who want a larger pad without the high cost of the pro model. Its 32GB version costs only $320.

Other Innovations For The iPad

Apple is ready to introduce an upgraded version of this iPad. We can probably expect a True Tone display or faster components, for instance. Hardware is just one part as there will also be new iOS features for the classroom.

The iPad seems to be a good device for the classroom. But Google is convincing many schools with its Chromebooks. These are cheap laptops. They are secure and easy to maintain.

A Lenovo Chromebook can cost $179, without taking into account educational discounts. Rumor has it that Apple is also working on a new updated MacBook Air with affordable price. But the laptop won’t probably be ready in time for their next event.

Apple iPad and 2018 iPad Pro: Here’s The Rumored Specs, Price, Release date

Cupertino-based Apple Inc. will be holding a party next week. To be exact, the tech giant’s spring event is slated on March 27.  News about Apple’s event has been circulated to the media since last week.



“Join us to hear creative new ideas for teachers and students,” Apple said, suggesting that its focus now is on education. But there’s more to that, Apple may seem to disclose details of its new product,  a new iPads, for instance.



Apple to release new iPad product lines?



Although Apple has yet to issue a comment on the rumored new iPads. The iPad lineup obviously got a major makeover since last year. For instance, in 2017 Apple’s iPad Air 2 was replaced  with the current 9.7 inch iPad. In case you don’t know, the company has also discontinued the production of iPad Mini 2.




The recent of which is Apple’s 10.5 inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pros. This leaves the iPad Mini 4 isolated as it received only a minor upgrade. Fast forward this year, a rumor has circulated that Apple’s new iPad would feature Face ID.



Also, we might expect as well that Apple would announced a new version of  $329 iPad or the Mini. But all these remain speculations, unless Apple would confirm that a new iPad product launch is likely.



Meanwhile, Apple’s event would be held at Lane Tech College Prep High School in Chicago on March 27. The company’s invitation is devoid of any hint that it would launch new iPads or any Apple products.



If Apple won’t reveal anything on March 27 then the perfect venue would be this year’s WWDC which is slated to commence on June 4 at San Jose.

Fortnite iOS: How To Sign-up, Invite Friends To Fornite Battle Royale

Gaming fans of Fornite Battle Royale who are Apple users could now play the game on iOS. This comes after Epic Games sent the first batch of invitation to iOS users last week. With this, Epic Games wants iOS users to invite their friends to try and play the game.


Those existing iOS users and at the same time, a Fortnite players should be able to receive an email. The email, which was sent by the game developer, contains an instruction on how Fortnite iOS players could invite friends.


“You have new friend invites ready to send!” a dispositive portion of the email reads. “Share them with your friend to give them instant access to the Fortnite Invite Event on iOS.”


How to use Fortnite invite codes


Now, to use the Fortnite invitation codes, you must access first the Fornite iOS invitation. You can do this by opening the game via an iPhone or iPad. The invitation is available via an email sent to you by Epic Games.


And if you have an invitation to send, you will be able to see a notification just in the top right corner of the screen in Fortnite on your mobile device. Simply tap it, and it would send out links to invite your friends.


The only thing that your friend must do is simply to accept the invitation. After which, both of you would now be added to each other’s friends list automatically.

Meanwhile, Epic Games said that Fornite Battle Royale in iOS is still in beta. The game developer announced that the game would add other features in the future. These features include visual cues to make spotting gun fire and enemies easier, among others.

Apple iOS 11.3: Here’s How You Upgrade Your iPhone And iPad Devices

Cupertino-based Apple Inc. is soon to release iOS 11.3 for users using various Apple devices. And we are releasing a note on how you will get the most sought-after mobile OS from the tech giant.

How to download the Apple iOS 11.3?

If you are an Apple iPhone or iPad user, you can tap the device’s Settings>General>Software update. From there you can check whether your mobile OS is updated or not.


Another alternative option is connection your device to a PC or laptop running iTunes. When a connection has been established already, you can easily upgrade from there.


What Apple devices support iOS 11.3?


Apple said that devices capable of running iOS 11 are compatible with the soon to be released iOS 11.3. Here’s the complete list of the devices:

” iPad Air
” iPad Air 2
” iPad Pro
” iPad mini 2
” iPad mini 3
” iPad mini 4
” iPod touch 6th
” iPhone 5s
” iPhone SE
” iPhone 6/6 Plus
” iPhone 6s/6s Plus
” iPhone 7/7 Plus
” iPhone 8/8 Plus
” iPhone X

However, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C and iPad 4 devices are not capable of running iOS 11.3 since they run iOS 10 only.


Meanwhile, tech experts who privy to Apple’s plan claim that there will be two updates for iOS 13. Hence, they suggest that it would be better to wait the mobile OS is stable before making any changes on your device.


Also, if your device is reliant on BYOD setting, then you must ensure that your device has been approved by your IT department. This is in case you couldn’t access the data that you need.

Google Assistant Updated, Now Supports Bigger Screen In Ipad

Search giant Google has recently launched Google Assistant on Apple’s iPad. This means that customers would now be able to control the Google Assistant using their Apple tablet. It would also allow users to set reminders, make voice calls and send text messages, among others.


It can be recalled that the Google Assistant was launched on iOS back in 2017 during the Google I/O. After which, Google has introduced Google Assistant on various Android devices, especially in Google’s smartphone, the Pixel device.


Google Assistant is now on iPad


But when it was launched, Google Assistant was only available in English. Now, Google Assistant on iOS is in various languages already like in Japanese, Italian, German, French, and Spanish, among others.


Also, tech users claim that Google app’s arrival on iPad may offer a similar experience like in iPhones. However, the big difference is that the app offers a wide and larger screen. This is a welcome development since users could actually do multitasking using a split screen.


Reports also suggest that Google new app should support various platforms to be functional and could work with several smart speakers such as Amazon Echo, Google Home and Apple’s HomePod, among others.


By doing so, Google’s new app would actually be useful in doing multitasking on iPad powered with iOS 11. Apple users could chat with the assistant while doing series of tasks in another window.


These tasks are not limited to plan a trip or perhaps to set an appointment in a calendar app. What’s amazing also is that the app supports landscape or in portrait mode.


Apple users can now download the app via Apple’s App Store.

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