Play Facebook and Instagram Videos Within Your Whatsapp App

WhatsApp’s latest update now allows Instagram and Facebook video links to open in PiP mode.

Following last week’s F8 keynote address on WhatsApp from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the latest update for iOS has finally been released.

The chatting app’s update 2.18.51 brings the ability to watch Instagram and Facebook videos in-app. Which means users can now view those videos along with YouTube videos while on their chat window.

Previously, when a link from Instagram or Facebook is clicked, WhatsApp opens the respective app installed on their phone. Once you finish watching, you would have to click on the back button on the upper left corner to reopen the chatting app. Another way to go back would be to double press the home button to access the recently used apps list.

The picture-in-picture mode (PiP) also allows users to continue watching the video while navigating through the chat. The video bubble can be moved within the screen and comes with play/pause, close, and fullscreen buttons.

This PiP mode is described within the change log of the update but is not functional yet as of this writing. The feature however suggests that it would be enabled within the next few weeks.

At the F8 event, Zuckerberg also announced the group video calling feature will come to the app soon. Up to four friends can simultaneously join and see each other in split-screen mode. The app will also get support for third-party stickers created by developers in the near future.


Netflix Just Launched 30-Second Video Previews For Mobile

Netflix has added a slew of 30-second video trailers to its app, a feature very similar to Stories.

After limited testing of the feature last month, Netflix finally added the 30-second video trailers to its app yesterday. Currently, it is available for iOS users and will be coming to Android soon.

The company announced the feature through their blog. “Mobile previews present members with a fun, simple, and easy way to learn about all the new content on Netflix — and find something great to watch even faster.”

The previews look very similar to Instagram and Snapchat Stories, being optimised for a mobile screen and having circular thumbnails. The trailers also play like a slideshow, allowing users to tap or swipe to skip to the next video. A button can be clicked to add a show to a Watch Later list.

Netflix has been offering previews of their shows on the web and through its TV app since last year. However, according to their data, a fifth of all viewing occurs on mobile devices. That’s why the mobile previews are staying for good.

“Years of testing has made it clear that video previews help our members browse less and discover new content more quickly. With the launch of mobile previews, we are bringing a video browse experience to your mobile phone in a fun and mobile-optimized way,”

The company also made headlines earlier this week by reaching a total of 125 million paying subscribers worldwide, taking over Amazon and Hulu. Despite increasing its fees, Netflix was able to get 7.4 million new subscribers in just the first quarter of 2018.

What You Need to Know About Hyperspektiv

What Is Hyperspektiv

You may ask what Hyperspektiv is. Hyperspektiv is a photo app which produces psychedelic images. It allows you to use filters to achieve the desired effects for your image.

About Hyperspektiv

Hyperspektiv allows you to use 30 different filters , including a Wild Card option, you can repeatedly tap to generate randomized effects. This app is a little different from the usual photo apps. It is a glitch-inducing app. This app will make your photo and video editing a worthwhile and enjoyable experience.

This app has been around for a few years now. But it only gained traction when featured in the App Store. The app offers effects like floaty mirroring to give a kaleidoscope effect. There are many options to experiment with in Hyperspektiv which makes its $1 cost worth it.

How To Use Hyperspektiv

The app is very easy to use. Just load it and swipe through to choose the filter you want to use. The filters are being loaded in real time. So you can watch what you are capturing and adjust accordingly. One thong exciting about this app is that you can customize the filters you want to use by dragging your fingers up and down or side to side. This will help you adjust the hues, the way they move, and how strongly the features are applied.

The app is best used for videos as is what really make the visuals pop. But it works on photos also. You can apply the filters to videos you have already taken. But what is disappointing is you cannot edit existing pictures. But its developers say that photo editing will be available soon in the next version of Hyperspektiv.

Hyperspektiv is currently available on iOS. But there are other options for glitch photo apps. The include Glitch Wizard, Glitchè, and Luminancet.
OneTap Glitch, Glitch Camera , and Glitcher can also be used if you are on Android.

With the advancements in technology, video and photo editing has been made simple. These apps not only make your photos and videos one of a kind, but it will also make it out of this world. One which you can call your own work of art.