#163 No Man’s Sky Beyond

A new trailer came out for the latest update! Looks like there will be alot of new things added in plus some interesting multiplayer features…

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iMessage from Apple is Totally Screwing Up the Order of your Texts

iMessage is having a bug. Wait what?

If you’re thinking that it’s only you that might have experienced this, well most of us do. You heard it right. Apple is having a bug and iMessage is totally screwing the order of your texts.

The problem here is that messages appear in a totally different order for different recipients in the conversation.

This issue has been getting attention of people around the world and some already posted it on social media.

Can Duruk posted on Twitter, “Is there a widespread iMessage ordering bug that’s happening? It’s messing up order of texts in a single device I am having with one person, after they are delivered.”

Some replied to this thread and said that they’re experiencing it too.

“I’ve been seeing this too for a few weeks now, on phone and computer”, Angela Bassa (@AngeBassa) replied to the thread on Twitter.

The issue occured on devices with iOS 11.2.1 and 11.2. The problem might be the time zone of each recipient in the a certain conversation. But it’s still unclear and Apple haven’t issued an official statement regarding the matter.

A complainant shared that this problem was resolved after asking assistance with an Apple Technical Support. Here are the steps you might want to try to fix the problem:

1. Settings > General > Date&Time.
2. Disable “Set Automatically, choose a random time zone.
3. Open Messages app and then force quit the messages app. To do that, double click the home button, swipe up on app.
4. Go back to Settings > General > Date&Timem
5. Enable Set automatically.

This may not work to some but you can try it out to fix the bug.

  1. According to records, the problem occured to some users December last year but more users have been experiencing this lately.
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