Apple Confirms 2019 Mac Pro Redesign

As expected, a lot of people were not so happy about this week’s non-announcement of the Mac Pro.

Apple confirmed the redesigned Mac Pro is slated for release in 2019. This is contrary to the 2018 release that most people have been hoping for after a discussion last year.

The Cupertino-based company wanted to “provide clarity” to potential buyers that are holding out on purchasing the iMac Pro because of the impending release.

“We want to be transparent and communicate openly…the Mac Pro is a 2019 product. It’s not something for this year,” Apple’s senior director of Mac hardware product marketing, Tom Boger, told TechCrunch.

The Pro Workflow team led by John Ternus will be facilitating the development of this product. They are also hiring full-time and part-time artists to produce media for testing Apple’s hardware and software.

“We’ve been focusing on visual effects and video editing and 3D animation and music production as well,” said Ternus. “And we’ve brought in some pretty incredible talent, really masters of their craft. And so they’re now sitting and building out workflows internally with real content and really looking for what are the bottlenecks.”

Apple was hinting of a completely redesigned Mac Pro that will be “modular” and “upgradeable” when the iMac Pro was released last year. Reports suggest that the plans of making it modular still remains.


Nokia: Almost all Apple products violate our patent

Nokia is taking its patent dispute with Apple to the next level.

The world’s largest phone maker has expanded its patent claims and now says that besides the iPhone, almost all of Apple’s products are violating Nokia’s patents. The complaint was filed with the U.S. International Trade commission

According to Nokia, the key features found in Apple Inc.’s products including some aspects of its user interface, antenna, cameras and power management technologies are all infringing. The products having these features include the iPhone, iPods and even Apple’s computers.

In October, the Finish phone maker sued Apple over the popular iPhone saying that it has infringed 10 of their patents. The lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court in Wilmington Del.

Apple fought back  and early this month, has filed a countersuit in the Delaware court claiming that Finland-based phone maker has infringed 13 patents. The company also denied Nokia’s charges.

Now, with the suit filed in the U.S. International Trade commission and if Nokia wins, the Finish phone maker could get an order for Customs to stop imports of Apple’s products and parts which are made overseas.

As of this writing, Apple has not made any response or comment to this recent development.


Apple releases patch for 27-inch iMacs

Since the release of the latest 27-inch iMacs from Apple, the company has been bombarded by complaints on the device’s performance. Naturally, Apple has had to develop (and quick) an update that’ll fix it, or loose quite a number of market share.

Today, the Cupertino-based company released a new graphics firmware update that addresses the video-flickering and image corruption problems experienced in the latest iMac model.

The light-weight patch (683KB) is now available for download in Apple’s support site. It updates the firmware on ATI Radeon HD 4670 and 4850 graphics on the 27-inch iMacs.

Earlier this month, Apple apologized for shipping delays of the Mac desktops. Analysts think this maybe due to a strong demand for the 27-inch desktops.


iMacs’ two-week shipping delay due to strong demand

Yes, there’s a fifty-fifty chance that Apple is celebrating right now because it is possible that the two-week shipping delay maybe due to stronger-than-expected Mac desktop sales.

Stephen Baker, an analyst for market researcher NPD Group, told Information Week that sales at U.S. retailers from the months of October to November were up 74%, compared to the same period last year. According to him, Apple may not be able to accommodate all the orders for the 27-inch iMac and may ship some of the orders until after the holidays.

“That’s a pretty strong number, and typically that would say to me that maybe they have some issues in trying to get that level of product out the door,” Baker said Tuesday.

Why did I say fifty-fifty? Coz we aren’t 100% sure yet. Sales may have increased but the number of complaints issuing from the unhappy consumers who bought the latest model of iMac. Among those complaints include flickering, cracked LCDs, yellow-tinged screens, and some even inoperable.

Up until now, the company has not made any official comment or given any official statement addressing the comments that  filled more than 80 pages of the company’s support forum. They did however, apologize for the shipping delays. 😉


New iMacs defective straight out of the box

Imagine being very excited on waiting for that new iMac to arrive, and the thrill opening that shiny new box – only to find out that the one have defective? Bummer right?

That’s what some are experiencing now according to several press. Apple’s new iMacs based on Intel’s Core i7 platform have been arriving with cracked LCD screens, and some even inoperable.

Tech blog Engadget was one of the many who bought a DOA one. The iMac they had failed to even boot at all. Speculations point to the new Intel chip as the cause of the booting problem.

If you search through Mac boards across the web, the cracked LCD screen seems to be common too. The crack was usually found on the lower left hand corner and maybe be associated with the packaging itself since the boxes came undamaged.

As of this writing, no official word yet from Apple. According to reports on Apple’s own support forums, the company is estimating a two-week wait for the defective iMacs to be replaced.


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