Firefox Mobile OS will work with most apps

In a report published by TechRadar, Product and Innovation Director at Telefonica, Carlos Domingo, says that survey results show that Firefox Mobile OS is going to do good when it comes to apps for their operating system.

According to Domingo, “results from our survey showed that over 75% of all apps in Google Play and the Apple AppStore are written in HTML 5, which makes them really easy to port over to Firefox.”

This could be good for Mozilla and app developers because the latter will have an easier time in making their apps compatible with Firefox Mobile OS.

Firefox Mobile OS is a web-based HTML 5 platform. App developers who have browser-based apps will be happy upon knowing that their system will work with the HTML 5 platform easily.

Facebook will also be unveiling their HTML 5 app along with Twitter. The two are considered to be two of the most popular apps in the market today. With the impending release of the HTML 5 versions, this will be integrated deeply into the upcoming Firefox Mobile OS.

Firefox Mobile OS will be entering a market that is being dominated by iOS and Android. They would also have to face the aggressive Windows platform and the impending release of the BlackBerry 10 OS.

Are you excited with Mozilla’s Firefox Mobile OS?


Facebook app for iOS gets an update. Finally!

The most usual problem iPhone, iPod touch and iPad Facebook app users encounter is the slowness of the app.

Using the Facebook app for iOS devices have been a grueling experience to some, while others simply discard the app and use their browsers to load their accounts due to the “painfully slow” user experience that they encounter.

According to the New York Times, the sluggish performance of the Facebook app for iOS devices is because of the hybrid program language.

But this is about to change by next month, as Facebook launches their new Facebook app for iOS users.

This upgrade will enhance the experience of the users, as this eliminates the slowness of the app.

NYT’s Nick Bilton has tested the new Facebook app and said that the latter is like “putting the engine of a Smart Car in the body of a Ferrari.”

The update is built completely using Objective-C, which removes the sluggish performance of the old Facebook app which was built with HTML 5 components within an Objective-C.

Whatever it is, this update is going to be welcomed by iOS users of the Facebook app.

Are you an iOS device owner? What’s your take on the performance the old Facebook app?

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Flickr set to unveil new way to upload photos

Fans of the poplar photo sharing site Flickr will be pleased upon hearing the news that they have added a new uploading interface that promises to be much more convenient and faster than the old way.

The new technology they are using is the HTML 5. This means that members can now select for uploading by dragging the photos you want to your browser. That’s how simple it is.

Supported browsers are Chrome 6, Safari 5, Firefox 8 and above. If you have an outdated browser, you better update to the latest one to enjoy this upgrade.

This makes life easier for Flickr members as they would only need to drag and drop. An aim for this update is to make sorting of images into sets easier.

The photo sharing site also claims that is has managed to pull off a 20-30 percent increase in upload speed. International users on the other hand may enjoy a 50-60 percent increase. They have also increased the uploadable file limit to 50MB for Pro users and 30MB for free users.

These changes will be felt in the upcoming weeks to come.

It was just last February that Flickr revamped its main interface. So expect for a bigger and better photo sharing experience.

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