weMessage: Apps Allows You To Use iMessage In Android Devices

weMessage is the new app that is making abuzz on the internet nowadays. This is because the new app may soon change how Apple and Android users communicate with each other.  Hence, Apple’s messaging app iMessage is now closer to be used in Android powered smartphones.


Android users will really appreciate using the weMessage because of the possibility that Apple’s iMessage may soon be working on Android devices. If such case is possible, then Android users can use Apple’s native messaging app regardless of the device’s platform.


Who developed the weMessage app?


For some, weMessage app is a miraculous app that cures the incompatibility platform issues between Android and Apple devices.  But unknown to many, the messaging app was developed by Roman Scott.


Scott is a 16-year-old tech guy who is behind the weMessage. His messaging app, in fact, drew public attention because of its usability and practicability.


How does weMessage app works?


In a Reddit post, Scott explains how does weMessage app works.  The weMessage app developer has published the app in the Google Play Store. His app has gained popularity among Android users because of promised functionality.


Using the app, Android users can use iMessage on their smartphones or tablets. Scott’s messaging app came into existence because of what he claims the “inability of people on Android to use iMessage’s ecosystem.” This means that his app attempts to close the game between Android and Apple since weMessage is relying completely on Android-powered devices.

weMessage has two software—the Android-based app and the weServer, which is the messaging server. To allow users to use the messaging app, Apple users should install the weServer on their Apple devices.

The weServer plays a crucial role on this because it bridges the Android device and the Apple device. The weServer acts a messaging server and transmits the message to iMessages to and from the Android-powered devices.


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Android Oreo: Here’s What You Need To Know With Google’s Android 8.1

Google rolls out a new mobile operating system for low-end phones. This new Android OS is practically designed for low-end devices.  Android users can now download sooner or later the Android 8.1

Meet the Android Oreo, Google’s new mobile OS. The reason behind the Android Go edition is simple. It wants to give users the freedom to use their mobile phones with limited random access memory or RAM.

With Android Oreo, this means that Android phone with either 512 MB or 1GB of RAM can run smoothly. If we are going to compare this , Google’s Pixel 2 has 4G of RAM while the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has 6 GB of RAM.

Android Oreo helps both latest flagship and old devices run better. Google’s reason is simple: make old phones run as possible with minimal impact to device’s configuration.  In addition,  Google wants to achieve storage improvements and performance in the Go edition.

In short, Google wants to optimise the usage of apps while taking less storage. This means that apps can launch faster at launch.

In a statement published in Google’s blog site, Google said that Android Ore has also an enhanced speed and reliability.

“We enhanced Android Oreo (Go edition) for speed and reliability on entry-level devices, which means the average app is now 15 percent faster on devices running Android Oreo (Go edition),” Google said.

So what are the Android Oreo’s components then? Android Oreo (Go Edition) has three key components:  Operating System, Google Apps, and Google Play Store.

In Operating System, users can experience a new data management features including performance and storage improvements. It has also built-in security benefits that offer a more stable features.

Users can also take advantage of the Google Apps. Under the new mobile OS, apps are built lighter and relevant to the specific needs of people online.

Acer: Record Your Gaming Experience While Playing

So, you’re playing a game and you had an outstanding game play that you want to brag to your friends — but, they’re not with you to see you play and you weren’t able to record your game. Bummer, right? Us gamers would want to do something about this downside of our gaming life.

Well, let me introduce to you a gadget which will be able to record all your games.

We have the Acer Iconia 1. This tablet has a built-in app called Acer Game Zone. It has a variety of games that you can choose from and it also has a recording feature. Yes fellow gamers! It can record our game play without having to download and install any application at all.

Let’s admit it. No matter how much we want to download application in order to record our games, we’re hesitant to download unknown apps because it might contain some viruses or we can even be hacked! I am honestly scared of these consequences myself. So why not find a safer way to save all our games to show our friends, right?

Almost all Acer tablets have this feature built-in but there are some which doesn’t have this built-in app. But don’t fret! You can still record your game. We can download it from Google Play Store (sorry OIS users T_T). You can find the link of this cool app below.

Acer Game Zone
Acer Game Zone

This feature can be downloaded through this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.acer.gamezone&hl=en.


Google to release Google Play gift cards

Gift cards are considered as one of the most convenient gifts that anyone could give to someone. Instead of thinking what to buy, they serve as a practical way to remove that problem.

Google knows this and that is why the company is making gift cards available in their Google Play store.

Android Police discovered this after they were able to get their hands on the latest version of the Google Play store.

Android Police released images showing Google Play gift cards amounting to $10 and $25. These GCs can be used to purchase music, movies, books and many more including apps.

The Google Play gift cards should increase the sales of the Android marketplace.

Currently, only credit cards are allowed to purchase stuff in the Google Play store.

Making gift cards available makes it more convenient for teens to purchase from the Android marketplace and this could eventually lead to increased total sales for the company.

The roll out of the new version of the Google Play store is just around the corner so expect to see these Google Play gift cards plastered in your favorite stores sometime soon.

Do you think this could improve sales in the Google Play store?

Image source: androidcentral.com

Your Nexus 7 pre-order may soon be at your doorstep

Good news to those who have pre-ordered their Google Nexus 7 tablets from Google Play. It seems like you will be receiving your device soon as an automated phone message on Google’s support line is saying that shipment for those who have pre-ordered the Nexus 7 have already begun.

The message says that pre-orders are scheduled to ship within the next three days. If your Nexus 7 tablet is shipped, you will receive an email confirmation and the tracking number of the package.

The Nexus 7 tablet is priced at $199 and is being pitted against the likes of Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet and the Nook Tablet of Barnes & Noble.

The Nexus 7 is pre-installed with the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS and has access to all the apps in Google’s Play Store and from Amazon.

Compared with other tablets in the market, the Nexus 7 packs a higher resolution screen and a faster processor.

But if you check the Google Play page, it says that the Nexus 7 will be shipped weeks from now, specifically 1-2 weeks.

The Nexus 7 tablet was designed to have a better battery life. Google says that owners can enjoy up to 9 hours of HD video playback, 10 hours of web browsing experience and 10 hours of e-reading for one single charge.

Let’s see what Google has to offer then!

Image Source: androidauthority.com

Motorola MotoActv adds social feeds to its features

Motorola released last March their GPS and fitness tracker called the MotoActv. This handy tool can be strapped in your arms while you hit the road for a long run.

Powered by Android, the MotoActv acts more like a mini-computer. It features a built-in accelerometer that serves as its pedometer. It also has a GPS receiver to enable you to track your run, a WiFi radio and Bluetooth hardware.

Now, the MotoActv has gotten even better. Motorola’s latest software update now enables users of the former to get Tweets and be updated with Facebook wall posts on its screen. The update also gives users the ability to send phone calls and text to the device.

With this development, Motorola targets fitness buffs that will be able to enjoy their jogs even more, I recommend to read about trenbolone, it activates protein syntesis and it helps you through your workouts.

Nowadays, people are so intertwined with their social networking accounts that other individuals are choosing to skip the daily routine just to check out updates on their Facebook wall and communicate with peers.

With the update, social feeds can now be received, even if you’re on your 30 minute run.

To download the social component of MotoActv by Motorola, users have to go to the Google Play Store and look for MOTOACTV Facebook and Twitter.

Install the plug-ins and the latest version of the MOTOACTV app.

Seems like Motorola understands our social media addiction then!

Image Source:dbestgadgets.com

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