Microsoft brings Kinectimals to Android

Android users can now download the first game ever developed by Microsoft for Google’s operating system users.

The Kinectimals, which has been available for iOS and Windows 7 users for quite some time, is now available for Android.

For those who haven’t heard about Kinectimals, it is a game that allows users to raise their own cub, on an island called Lemuria.

Kinectimals’ players can play mini games with other players or go on challenges that award points and coins that you can use to buy items online. These items can be seen in your inventory and can either be care products, food and others.

If you’re an Android user and it’s your first time to play Kinectimals, you might as well buy a standalone mode app for Android. While, if you have been playing Kinectimals before and have an Xbox 360, you can opt to buy the companion mode.

Kinectimals 1.0 can be downloaded from Google Play and it costs $2.99. It is highly recommended for animal lovers, children and those who cannot own a pet, due to concerns in space in their homes.

Current rating for the app is 4.7 out of 55 stars from 77 reviewers.

Is this good news for Android users?



Google Android event scheduled on Jan 5

Source: All Things Digital

Yes, its confirmed and yes, this might be the moment tech world has been waiting for.

Google has finally and officially announced that there will be a media event to be held on January 5 at the search giant’s Mountain View campus.

The event, which is an invitation-only soiree, will have a press conference and presentation, demonstrations and a question and answer session. The letters of invites sent to the members of the press doesn’t reveal much info regarding the event. The document’s title however, is pretty clear: “Please join us for an Android press gathering”.

Could this mean that the event has something to do with the much-rumored smartphone, dubbed the Nexus One, being developed by Google?

The invitation only states the following:

“With the launch of the first Android-powered device just over a year ago, we’ve seen how a powerful, open platform can spur mobile product innovation. And this is just the beginning of what’s possible.”

What do you think? Will Google finally reveal its big surprise? Hold on to your hats guys!


Verizon and Google team up against iPhone

Credit: Verizon

A lot of peeps may not be happy with Apple and AT&T’s exclusive marriage with the iPhone but the duo still proves a formidable force to reckon with. So to keep things interesting in the market (and of course, keep up with the competition J ), Verizon and Google has teamed up to come up with two Android-powered phones and the availability of the Google Voice service to Verizon’s network.

According to the two, they will be co-developing phones and “innovative applications” and will also be working together in marketing and developing both.

Google Voice, famously dumped rejected refused by Apple, will be made available in all Android-powered Verizon handsets. The release of these handsets is expected be in a matter of weeks.

“The nation’s best wireless broadband network is a perfect complement to the innovation of Android-powered services and devices,” Lowell McAdam, CEO of Verizon Wireless, said this week. “Together, we’ll work to deliver a compelling new experience to our customers.”

Google also has good things to say about their partnership with Verizon.

“The Android platform allows Verizon Wireless customers to experience faster and easier access to the web from any location,” said Eric Schmidt, chairman and CEO of Google. “Through this partnership, we hope to deliver greater innovation in the mobile space to consumers across the U.S.”

Hmmn, I’m already looking forward to what these two giants could come up. Are you? 🙂


Motorola announces first Google Android phone: Cliq

Credit: Motorola

Motorola has finally unveiled its first mobile phone based on the Google Android operating system. The Motorola Cliq was announced Thursday at the GigaOM Mobilize 2009 Conference held at the Mission Bay Conference Center, San Francisco, CA.

The Cliq features a 3.1-inch touchscreen, a full slideout QWERTY keyboard, and an autofocus 5-megapixal camera.

It will run on Android 1.5 (Cupcake), and features quadband  GSM/GPRS/EDGE and UMTS/HSDPA at 900/1700/2100 MHz. It also has Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, an e-compass, proximity sensor and ambient light sensor.

The most notable feature introduced however is MotoBlur. This tool allows all users to view all conversation threads, Facebook updates, Twitter feeds, emails, text messages, links, stories and photos in one place on the home screen. This eliminates the need to open and close different applications and menus.

Motoblur also backs up user data in case of a lost or stolen phone. User info will be backed up to MotoBlur secure servers so that contacts, customized home-screens and other data can be easily retrieved.

No price for the Cliq has been released yet but the device will be available later this year from T-Mobile.


Facebook app released for Google Android users

Credit: Facebook

Yup, the days of having to put up with Facebook Lite (the mobile version of Facebook) is long over…for Google Android users that is.

Although Facebook Lite was uhm..okay, navigating it can be a great feat and the app had VERY limited features.

The new Facebook App, released Tuesday for Google Android, solves all this by adding enough features that are found on the iPhone version of the app, as well as found in the social media’s Web site.

These features now allow users to take and upload photos, post status updates, add new friends, scan the news feed, view friends’ walls and their user info, comment on their status updates and choose the “like” button.

An article from CNET however says that for now, the app isn’t in tip top shape as the interface and navigation “appear a bit convoluted” and its taking long to get a certain page. In the app’s official Facebook page, it can also be noted that a lot of users are commenting about problems in the notifications.  Let’s hope it’ll be fixed soon though.

Oh, the Facebook app for Google Android doesn’t include access to messaging yet, as well as the Facebook chat feature (it’s a bit too much to ask, I know) but hopefully, these features will be added soon too.

Well, what can I say? This is definitely wonderful news for those Facebook addicts fans who just can’t away from the social media site (including yours truly of course). 😉


Motorola to release its first Google Android smartphones?

It comes not as a surprise that a few info about Motorola’s planned San Francisco Google Android event to take place on September 15 has spread over the Web like wildfire.

One rumor circling the Web is that Motorola will be unveiling two Google Android smarphones. This will be the company’s first attempt on manufacturing devices based on the open-source operating system.

And oh, this rumors pretty specific too! The two phones are believed to be the Motorola Sholes and Motorola Morrison. Both are expected to be available in the market later this year – perfect for the gift-giving season.

The Motorola Morrison is expected to be launched with T-Mobile as its carrier in October while the Motorola Sholes will be available with Verizon as its carrier. The later is according to a previously leaked Verizon Wireless mobile device road map.

No word from Google or Motorola has been heard regarding these rumors, however, I sometimes wonder if these companies intentionally leak a few bits and pieces of info about their up-and-coming products to help build and sustain consumer’s curiosity. 😉


iPhone’s new competitor

T-Mobile’s MyTouch 3G is now open for pre-orders and will be available starting August 5. The phone, which was announced by the company last month, is the second smartphone the carrier has introduced which uses Android, Google’s open-source mobile operating system.

MyTouch is thinner and slightly smaller that the G1 (the world’s first Google Android phone which came out last fall from the same carrier) and has a 3.2-inch touch screen. This phone also has 3G and Wi-Fi support and boasts pre-installed applications including integrated Google Apps. Users can also access the Android Market where they can browse the 5,0000 apps available for download.

Personalization is what they claim to have an edge over the iPhone. According to T-Mobile executives, no two MyTouches will be the same since users can customize their phones based on their own needs and lifestyles. Not only can they download applications, they can also make changes on their unit’s home screen such as change its background and even organize application icons on it.

Also, because the phone uses the Android software, users can easily switch between multiply applications that are open on the device and allows information from one application to be fed or viewed in another application.

“It will appeal to the same consumers that are interested in the iPhone,” said Denny Post, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at T-Mobile USA. “But the applications used on this phone won’t be just for show. They won’t simply be a novelty. Instead they will be very useful and purposeful.”

Ouch. Let’s hear what Apple has to say to that.


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