Amazon shifts attention from consumers to developers

Amazon Inc. is trying to change tradition as the consumer-only focus mindset of the company is slowly becoming a developer oriented business.
The strategy shift focuses on app developers as the retail giant is now aggressively courting the latter to strengthen the market of their Kindle Fire amid heavy pressure coming from rival companies including Google. Inc. and Apple.

In their effort to protect and expand their market, Amazon is trying to lure game and app developers to entice prospective consumers into choosing their products. With their Kindle Fire, Amazon is hoping that this device could yield more revenue for the company by offering books, music and other online content.

Amazon began to form a team of developers even before the launch of the Kindle Fire last year and has since become more aggressive.
Chief executive of Glu Mobile Niccolo de Massi said,  “Amazon is a very viable platform and we are encouraged by the speed at which they are moving. They have a very good chance of being the number three player in developer revenues, ahead of Microsoft, if they execute over the next few years.”

Will this change in strategy pave the way for higher market share for Amazon? We’ll soon find out.

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Amazon to release new Kindle Fire soon

Staples president of US Retail Demos Parneros said that Amazon is eyeing an expansion and adding new ventures in their tablet business as the company is set to release “five or six” new tablets that could possibly include a 10 inch variety.

Speaking to Reuters, Parneros said that these new tablets will come in different sizes. But Parneros failed to provide actual details, such as the date of release.

Reuters also reports from another source that Amazon is trying to “build on the foundation they have.”

The source who is Noccolo de Massi, chief executive of Glu Mobile added that his company is behind Amazon and its plans.
Glu Mobile develops games for Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

Amazon has had success with their Kindle Fire tablet. The 7 inch Kindle Fire tablet had a wonderful holiday season a year ago, though sales have slowed down this year.

Rumors have been circulating that Amazon is developing a new 7 inch Kindle Fire and another 10 inch Kindle model.

The rumor says that Amazon is going to release these two tablets this summer.

Those rumors were quickly squashed by the Reuters report. Though those carried some facts, the release date is cleraly just a hearsay as summer is fast approaching and no official announcement has been released by Amazon.

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