Tinder Is Testing 2-Second Profile Video Loops

Popular dating app Tinder is testing its first video feature, Tinder Loops.

(Credit: Tinder)

As the demand for more interactive features grows everyday, companies are coming up with more ways to satisfy this. Tinder is the latest to jump in the bandwagon.

Boomerang first made the video loop popular and later on, Facebook adopted this on their profile videos. This week, Tinder has begun testing its first video-based feature, Tinder Loops, with iOS users in Canada and Sweden. The company will make the decision to roll out the feature worldwide based on the users’ response.

The new feature is a two second GIF-like video format that can be uploaded and trimmed within the app. Tinder also plans to allow users to add three more photos or Loops (9 in total) on their profile so they can “express” themselves better.

In its blog, the company explained why they decided to test videos.

“You get two seconds of looping video to show more personality, which is the best way to get more right swipes. You can be flirty, you can be fun, but no matter what, be you.”

The company also suggested using the loops to show off your favourite activities like cliff-jumping and rollerskating.

Loops represents the next step in the evolution of our classic profile,” Tinder’s Chief Product Officer Brian Norgard explained.

“With the addition of video, users have a new way to express themselves while also gaining key insights into the lives of potential matches. Whether it’s dancing at a concert, doing cartwheels on the beach, or clinking glasses with friends, Loops makes profiles come alive. We anticipate Tinder Loops will lead to even more matches and conversations and look forward to seeing how our users creatively adopt the feature,” he added.


Cinemagram brings animated GIFS to the iPhone

Move over Instagram. A new sheriff is in town.

A lot of buzz was created after Cinemagram was launched Friday. This app lets you do what used to be a tedious process of editing your photos on a software and a ton of patience before you can convert you can turn the latter into an animated GIF image.

Photography is now not exclusively for the “can afford” individuals which used to be. With the influx of starter DSLR’s and inexpensive point and shoot cameras, this hobby can now also be enjoyed by the masses.

Cinemagram is pegged at $1.99 for iOS and enables you to create animated GIF files for you to share and enjoy. Not only can it create GIF files, but it also has filters though not the complete line but at least a handful that you can use.

Though the quality is not as great as those that are created with photo editors, the results are fine considering that you use your phone for taking photographs. The idea here is simple. Creating a GIF file fast and cheap.

What better way to share your photos with your friends by putting a little life into them.

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