Samsung Galaxy S9: Leak Hints New, Specs And Features

A new rumor has surfaced this week about Samsung Galaxy S9. The recent rumor came just three weeks after the company unveiled its final design. The leak has revealed more of Galaxy S9’s features as the company’s latest flagship.


Samsung users were quick to spot the information posted by a Reddit user named minhvn. The Reddit user reportedly posted what appeared to details of the Galaxy S9.


Samsung Galaxy S9 leak hints new features


Below are the Galaxy S9’s core specifications as posted by Reddit user minhvn.

5.8-inch ‘QuadHD+’ (2960 x 1440), SAMOLED display
Samsung warns display is 5.6-inches allowing for rounded corners
Single-lens 12MP main camera with variable F1.5 – F2.4 aperture, OIS
Super Slo-mo” mode
8MP auto focus front-facing selfie camera
Stereo speakers tuned by AKG
IP68 dust and water resistance (unchanged)
Iris scanner (expect second gen, but not Face ID 3D mapping)
64GB of native storage, 4GB RAM (unchanged)
Wireless charging (expect full 15W fast charging)
AKG bundled earphones (presumably version 2.0)


Apart from this leaked features, what we also know are some the major highlights of the Galaxy S9. The phone’s F1.5 aperture on its rear camera, the device’s stereo speakers as well as the “super slow-mo” effect with 120fps and 4K video mode were really amazing. However, these leaked Galaxy S9 features would not be available for Samsung users in the US.


Also, despite these features, the leaked has reported some downside feature-the Galaxy S9 is expected to have downside storage of 4GB of RAM. Included also is a 64 GB of native storage, according to Samsung when it confirmed back in December.

Galaxy S9: Two Samsung Phone Renders Revealed

South Korean tech giant Samsung is still tightlipped about its upcoming smartphone-the Samsung Galaxy 9. The tech giant did not release any official details of the Galaxy S9 but leaked renders and rumors about prices and release date are available online.

In fact, two leaked renders of Samsung Galaxy S9 have appeared on the web earlier today. Samsung users can actually check the renders of the upcoming high-end device if it is consistent to the previous leaked details of the Galaxy S9.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 renders were made possible thru the collaboration with Forbes and Ghostek, a protective case manufacturer. What is clear and certain is that the render was based on the inputs given by the sources from among Samsung’s supply chains.

It can be recalled that Samsung had created a similar render of Galaxy S9. The company released it last month when the recent two renders have yet to be announced publicly.

What are the new  Galaxy S9 rumored specs?

According to sources who are privy about the Galaxy S9, Samsung is set to debut both the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus. However, there is much difference in terms of processors and the camera set-ups. Of the two devices, Android users may enjoy navigating the mobile screen of Galaxy S9 Plus with 6.2 inches display output.

In addition, the Galaxy S9 Plus is expected to sport an improved dual camera set-up. Such feature is can be found in Galaxy Note 8 but this time, Samsung said it will continue to improve the delivery of their services. It will also feature a 3.5mm headphone jack and a microSD card slot in its SIM tray.

Meanwhile, Samsung will likely to announce the Galaxy S9 interactions come February 21 and will be released late March.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Announced For February Release

A Bloomberg report surfaced on Tuesday disclosed that Samsung is planning to unveil a new phone on March. Earlier on, rumors in Korea indicate that Samsung will release Samsung Galaxy 9 in late February during the MWC 2018.


The news has sparked excitement from avid Samsung mobile users. Many of the are expecting that the company will unveil Samsung Galaxy 9 in January to counter Apple’s iPhone X. But Bloomberg’s recent report corroborates the aforesaid information.


However, Bloomberg has noted that the popular Galaxy S9’s planned release is still subject for changes. It was also learned that Galaxy 9 will not only have similar features but also equipped with upgraded cameras.


Also, in terms of Samsung’s upcoming flagship’s design, some of Galaxy 9’s earlier leak shows that it will have similar design features with that of Galaxy 8. Basically, Samsung wants Galaxy 9 to  be similar with Galaxy 8 because it wants to improve the user’s experience.


Samsung Galaxy S9 specs


What we know so far is that the upcoming Galaxy S9 will be powered with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. Rumors have it that the phone will launch with a maximum of 512 GB of random access memory. This is  closely related to an earlier report that suggests that Galaxy S9 will have a 512 GB flash modules.



And here’s the catch: the Galaxy S9 will be equipped with a fingerprint sensor to improve the phone’s  level of security. The fingerprint sensor will be installed at the back part of the phone and not under the screen which is common to Samsung’s rival phones.



Samsung S9: Can Users Expect a Better Phone Next Year?

It’s been a routine that Samsung releases new phone models every year. In 2017, they released their Galaxy S8 and S8+ which are great phones by the way. Next year, despite being called “rumors”, the company (for sure) is  going to release their Samsung S9.

Many users might be wondering — with great phones already released, what else can Samsung offer?

Samsung S9

According to the latest leaks, the phone is said to be released on February or March 2018. That’s just a few months from now.

The price might be $720 or more. Yes, it’s going to be an expensive one.

For the screen, there are whispers that the newest Samsung addition is going to have an in-screen fingerprint scanner. It might also have a water-repellent coating. But again, these are just rumors and are not yet confirmed by the company.

It also has the possibility of having the same screen size like the Galaxy S8 which is 5.8 inches.

As for the battery size, it is leaked to have a bigger and more efficient battery than its predecessor.

We can expect that the camera is going to be superb. Why? Because Samsung’s past phone models have great camera.

For gamer peeps who are vouching for a 6GB RAM, we think this is not possible. The company might just stick to its 4GB RAM even for their high-end phones. But let’s just hope that they’ll consider the additional RAM.

It is also rumored that this will be Samsung’s foldable phone but we still have to wait a few months for us to find out.


Samsung Galaxy 9: Phone To Feature Skinnier Bezel, Retains Headphone Jack?

Mobile tech company Samsung has started the production of its newest smartphone flagship, the Samsung Galaxy 9, a mobile leak site SamMobile reported earlier this week.

Several tech sites called the Galaxy S9, a radical smartphone. In addition, mobile users expect that Samsung’s new flagship will have new colors, specifications, and features.

Furthermore, Samsung fans can expect two variants of the “radical” smartphone: the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.

Here’s what we know so far about the rumored Samsung Galaxy S9.


  • The Samsung Galaxy S9 will feature a Super AMOLED curved display in a 5.8 inches or 6.2 inches variant.
  •  Android 8.0
  • Regarding processor, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 (US) and Samsung Exynos (UK)
  • It has a CAT 18 LTE Support that boasts a 1.2 Gbps download speed
  • A fingerprint scanner embedded in the smartphone’s display
  • A dual rear-facing camera
  • A dedicated button with Bixby AI Assistant and USB-C port
  • MicroSD slot
  • 3.5 mm headphone jack
  • AKG stereo speakers
  • 4 GB RAM

Meanwhile, SamMobile reported that Samsung Galaxy S9 is expected to have less bezel when compared to its predecessor, the Galaxy S8.

Having a less bezel, this means that the Galaxy S9 be a large screen device, offering its mobile fans more space to navigate and interact on the screen. Either with a small or big screen,  Samsung fans will surely choose the latter because of the space that will help them navigate the screen easily.

According to the report, the Galaxy S9 will reportedly come out with a purple, orchid gray and arctic silver color variants.  The new colors will certainly bring beauty of the Galaxy S9’s classy phone design.

Previously, Galaxy S8 line-up showcased Gold, Black and Blue color variants. However, the classic colors will remain a stand-out because of the smartphone’s classy design.

What’re your thoughts on the rumored Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone? Leave a comment below!

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