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Linux creator says he’s taking time off, and apologizes for ‘unprofessional and uncalled for’ behavior

Creator of open-source software Linux, Linus Torvalds, is taking time off and apologizing for his “unprofessional and uncalled for” behavior, Torvalds said in an email to members of the Linux community Sunday.

Longer-lasting, higher-priced iPhones can be a win-win for Apple and customers alike, argues analyst

Two trends in iPhones might seem to place the interests of Apple and its customers on opposite sides of the fence. Making iPhones more expensive seems good for Apple, bad for customers. Conversely, making iPhones last longer would seem good for customers, bad for Apple.

Galaxy Note 9 catches fire inside a woman’s purse

Since the infamous Galaxy Note 7 recall two years ago, a phone Samsung pretends it never existed, we didn’t have any battery incidents involving Samsung handsets. Samsung revised its quality assurance process for batteries after the recall, reassuring customers that battery fires will be a thing of the past. Most recently, Samsung Mobile chief DJ Koh told reporters that the Galaxy Note 9’s battery is safe. But it had to happen sooner or later. A Samsung phone supposedly caught fire inside a woman’s purse, and it happened to be the brand new Galaxy Note 9.

Path, the social network Apple reportedly considered buying, to close next month

Social network platform Path, which was once reported to be in acquisition talks with Apple, has announced that it will be closing down next month. Path pioneered a number of features later borrowed by Facebook, including one of the biggest shake-ups seen on the service. It was Path which came up with the idea of reactions, rather than just likes, a feature later introduced by Facebook with much fanfare. Social media users could for the first time express other emotions, such as love, shock and sadness.

New ‘Kingdom Hearts III’ Trailer to Release Tomorrow

Square Enix just released a new Kingdom Hearts III trailer not long ago, but it appears that another is coming on Tuesday according to a teaser shared on Twitter. The Kingdom Hearts Twitter account shared an gif of Toy Story characters peeping over the side of a bed in anticipation for the new Kingdom Hearts III that the tweet says should be released on Tuesday. Followers of the Kingdom Hearts Twitter account responded exactly as expected with Sora gifs and more hyping up Tuesday’s reveal.

‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’ Blackout Will Have an Armor Health Bar at Launch

Responding to players’ feedback given over the course of the beta, Treyarch addressed different areas of Blackout that’ll be changing or staying the same either during the beta or when the game mode is fully available in Black Ops 4. While discussions of Armor and whether it’s overpowered or not have come up often in the Blackout discussions, another concern that’s been brought up is that players don’t know when their Armor is nearing its breaking point. Acknowledging this lack of clarity, Treyarch said that the full game release will include a health bar that shows how long players’ Armors have until they break.

Port-a-Fortress item coming soon to Fortnite

Epic has begun teasing a new type of grenade in Fortnite, the Port-a-Fortress. As you may be aware, Fortnite already has an item called Port-a-Fort, which Epic added to the game in April. The new one, however, not only has a higher rarity tier (legendary), it also appears the building it spawns will be much bigger. The fortress, from the art on the item itself, looks to be big enough to support an entire squad as opposed to the smaller tower of the regular Port-a-Fort.

Fortnite has now been cited in more than 200 divorce proceedings

Every few years, an obsession comes along in the gaming world that sweeps everything else off the board. Coverage of games like World Of Warcraft and Minecraft frequently takes on the tone of some kind of epidemic thriller, as reports spread of hooked kids, infuriated parents, and shattered relationships. Now, Fortnite—the massively popular, free-to-play online shooter that boils the current battle royale game craze down into its most efficient and addictive form—is the latest vector of infection, and it’s reached a new milestone in its “video games as pox upon society” career.

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Samsung Confirms Galaxy Note 9 Will Have A Feature Upgrade

Mobile maker Samsung has confirmed that it would be rolling out a new update for Galaxy Note 9. This development came amid the rumors and leaks surfaced online recently. As speculation is building up for Galaxy S10 which will be released in 2019, a feature for Galaxy Note 9 is indeed a welcome development.


Galaxy Note 9 will be receiving a feature upgrade


Samsung Research AI Center Head Gray G. Lee has pointed out the company’s top five directions in developing smartphones that users would really love.


“Samsung’s AI vision has five directions: user-centric, always learning, always there, always helpful and always safe,” said Lee, according to the Korea Herald, confirming the Galaxy Note 9’s unique feature.


He further confirmed about Samsung Bixby 2.0 which is the next generation AI- drive assistant for Samsung. He added that this upcoming update is expected to be rolled out to the platform. Samsung Bixby 2.0, he said, would be released with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 later this year.


Not only, but Lee also hinted that Samsung is planning to release the Galaxy Note 9 in August  2018. The rumored release date run in contrast to the earlier rumor that suggested of the early July release date. It can be recalled that Galaxy Note 8 was revealed on August 23, 2017, and the Galaxy Note 7 was revealed on August 2, 2016, respectively.


Meanwhile, the company’s previous announcements about Bixby as a service and a platform pale in comparison to their competitors. Unless of course, you would compare Bixby to Siri.

Check It Here: Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 Just Leaked

Samsung never reports what number of cell phones it offers into channels or to end clients each quarter, so we’ll never know precisely what a number of Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ handsets the South Korean organization has sold.


Here’s The Photo Of The Leaked Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9


Various reports have said that Samsung deals have been moderate. All things considered, we have much more strong proof that Galaxy S9 deals have been disappointing: both the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ got huge value cuts after only one month it debuted to the public.


Both the Galaxy S9 and S9+ look similar to both Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ that were launched last year. This could be one of the reasons why people are not sold out to upgrade their smartphones. Granting this is the case, another bad news for Samsung users: a new leak reveals that Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 9 would likely to follow the Galaxy S9’s lead.


Previous months, we have heard several information about the Galaxy Note 9, which is expected to feature a design just like last year’s Galaxy Note 8. But a source has finally revealed what appears to be the first image of Samsung’s upcoming next-generation Galaxy Note handset.


A Twitter user named Ice Universe has shared the Galaxy Note 9 photo in the micro-blogging site. Ice Universe is known in the past to have leaked accurate details and images of unreleased phones. Samsung users claim that the leaked photo appeared to be the first render of Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 9. Others claim that it looks similar to the Galaxy Note 8 released back in 2017.


“Samsung was lazy in 2018, and I concluded that Note9 would not change much,” the anonymous leaker wrote in the tweet that accompanied the image above. “This is just a small adjustment to Note8.”


Among the rumored features of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the Super Speed Dual Pixel camera, under-display fingerprint sensor, among others.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Here’s What We Know So Far

In a few months, Samsung will be releasing the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Ahead of its official launch, there have been several leaks and rumours that surfaced online.


What we know so far is that Samsung still enjoys a big customers-base. The company’s battery issue did not even affect its fanfare.


Now, here’s the different leaked details surrounding Samsung’s business-focused smartphones.


Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Specs, Release Date, Features


On release date, rumour has it that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is expected to have its public debut in August 2018. Hence, the expected release is possible after the device’s slated debut.


Though the company did not mention its release date, sources privy to the Samsung’s plan claims that Galaxy Note 9 is expected to be released two weeks after the August announcement.


Regarding the Galaxy Note 9’s design, Samsung users are not expecting a total revamp of design. What they are expecting is that the Galaxy Note 9 might have a fingerprint sensor in the front display.


There have been some speculations earlier about the Galaxy Note 9’s fingerprint sensor technology. Right now, the recent rumor suggests that a fingerprint sensor in a front display is possible, according to a KGI analyst.


Meanwhile, the Galaxy Note 9 offers the following features: a bigger and stable battery, and Bixby 2.0, the company’s voice assistant is coming to the device. All these details were disclosed by Twitter user Ice Universe.


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