Foxconn Factory For Amazon Outed For Horrible Labor Conditions

An investigation is under way after a report slammed the company for “appalling” work conditions.

Both Amazon and Foxconn are under fire after a 94-page report revealed the horrible conditions workers endure.

The New York-based China Labor Watch published the damning report on Sunday, June 10. The investigation was secretly conducted from August 2017 to April 2018 and discussed the work conditions in detail. It was carried out at the Hengyang Foxconn, a factory that predominantly manufactures products for Amazon.

Overworked, Underpaid

Under Chinese labor law, the maximum number of overtime is 36 hours. Workers at the factory however were subjected to at least 80 hours of overtime. And instead of paying them time-and-a-half for the extra hours, they get paid the normal hourly rate.

The factory is also hiring more dispatch workers than legally allowed. The latter refer to contract workers who do not get sick pays or holidays. They can also be made redundant without salary during production slowdowns. By law, only 10% of the workforce should constitute dispatch workers but the Foxconn factory has as much as 40%.

The report also revealed that the workers were subjected to verbal abuse.

Li Qiang, executive director of China Labor Watch notified Amazon Chief Jeff Bezos of the findings. “This violates Chinese labour law. Foxconn uses a large number of dispatch workers and violates workers’ interests via these dispatch companies. This practice, in and of itself, is unethical and illegal,” he wrote.

Amazon replied that they “recognize the responsibility to ensure the wellbeing of factory workers manufacturing products for Amazon.”

Foxconn, on its part, released a statement following the report.

“We are carrying out a full investigation of the areas raised by that report, and if found to be true, immediate actions will be taken to bring the operations into compliance with our Code of Conduct,” Foxconn Technology Group said in a statement.

Foxconn is the largest hardware manufacturer in the world. It also produces products for Microsoft and Apple. In 2013, Foxconn came under fire after 17 workers committed suicide in the factory by jumping off the building.

Sharp to Acquire Toshiba PC Business for 36 Million

Toshiba has agreed to relinquish its PC business to Sharp as the former exits the PC market.

Toshiba has finally put up the white flag for its PC business as it sells it to Sharp.

The deal, worth four billion yen (or about $36 million), also includes the issuance of $1.8 billion in new shares by Sharp to buy back stock from banks.

Toshiba was the first company ever to introduce a notebook PC back in 1985 and were the leaders in the market. But with the birth of smartphones and tablets, PCs went in the backseat. The company used to sell as many as 17 million PCs a year. Now, they sell as little as 1.4 million units last year.

The company also got into more trouble when Westinghouse Electric, its nuclear power division, went bankrupt. Toshiba lost $9 billion.

For consumers however, this is not the end of its PCs. Sharp actually wants to breathe new life to this technology. Now that the former is owned by Foxconn, Sharp can take focus on producing more affordable computers.

The Osaka-based company is so confident with its acquisition of Toshiba that the former issued $1.8 billion in new shares to buy back preferred stock from banks.

Sharp is expected to wrap up the acquisition in October this year.

Foxconn employees in Zhengzhou, China strike! iPhone 5 production briefly halted

About 3,000 to 4,000 Foxconn employees in Zhengzhou China went on Strike over the weekend.

This according to China’s Labor Watch who oversees the rights of Chinese laborers working in the country.

Quality control inspectors and some other workers protested due to the demands that Apple’s latest iPhone 5 is incurring. The group said that Apple and Foxconn “raised strict quality demands on workers, including indentations standards of 0.02mm and demands related to scratches on frames and back covers” on their latest device.

When these demands weren’t met, quality control officers and workers often end up in an argument sometimes leading to physical altercation resulting to hospitalization to some individuals.

It may be remembered that a brawl occurred in a Foxconn plant in Taiyuan amongst the 2,000 workers last month. This riot ensued due to poor working conditions.

Apple has been targeted by critics for not looking at alleviating the standards at Foxconn plants.

Looking back at Zhengzhou protests, tensions were already smoldering after employees were not given time off during a national holiday last October 1.

Apple’s latest iPhone 5 has been very popular across all countries. Ever since Apple accepted online orders, figures have seem to rise. Currently, the company is working on filling in backlogs due to the astonishing amounts of orders from their customers and their consumers.

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iPad mini leaked photos show black and white tablets


Are we getting closer to seeing a new Apple iPad being unleashed by Apple?

Images of a supposed new Apple iPad mini surfaced last Tuesday showing a 7-inch tablet and a few of its components.

Leaked by UkrainianiPhone, the photo was reportedly taken inside a factory in China by someone who has access inside it.

The images showed two iPad mini variants, a white tablet and a black one. The report also added that it features WiFi connectivity and supports 3G technology. It also has a nano SIM tray and a dock for Apple’s latest Lighting drive.

Some sources have also said that a Foxconn factory in South America is also producing this new iPad mini.

According to Macotakara, a factory in Brazil will be or is producing Apple’s latest tablet.

If these speculations are true, then these two production sites could be due to the overwhelming orders that Apple got for their latest iPhone. The iPhone 5 has been flying off the shelves even as pre-order deliveries have not yet started.

With another site producing the new iPad mini, this could ease the congestion that iPhone 5 orders have made.

For the time being, it is ruoured that Apple is presenting iPad mini in 2 weeks. Let’s wait and see!

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Foxconn eyes opening sites outside China

The world’s largest computer manufacturer, Foxconn Technology Group, has made public that they want to relocate some of its facilities outside of China due to wage increases and unavailability of workers and has included a number of countries in the list including the Philippines.

The Philippines Board of Investments Promotions Group has already begun courting the manufacturing giant to draw their investments to the South East Asian nation.

Foxconn is only planning to relocate some of their facilities and not the whole of their operation. It is still unclear what components or facilities are going to be relocated.

They currently employ about 1.2 million individuals in their China facilities. They produce tablets, PCs and laptops for export internationally.

Apple, Inc. is one of Foxconn’s biggest clients. They produce the company’s Mac mini, the iPod, iPad and the iPhone. Intel, Zoostorm, Sony, Microsoft, Motorola and the Amazon’s Kindle and Cisco equipment’s are being created by Foxconn.

Statistics have shown that the company is producing or manufacturing at least 40 percent of smartphones, computers and other electronic gadgets being used worldwide.

The company came under fire about a few weeks ago when reports circulated that they provide poor working conditions for their workers.

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Audit cites Foxconn faults in China factories

Audit sites Foxconn faults in China factories

The Fair Labor Association conducted a month long inspection on the factories being operated by Foxconn in China.

The latter is a major supplier to Apple and other companies.

The investigation was initiated by Apple in response to critics after news of workers deaths that included suicides and injuries within the Chinese factories.

The investigation resulted into uncovering excessive overtime and problems with overtime compensation at factories that produce iPhones and iPads among many devices. They also cited health and safety risks.

The group conducted a survey and found out that 43% of the respondents said that they experienced or have witnessed an accident within the factories.

According to chief executive of the group Auret van Heerden, “The Fair labor Association gave Apple’s largest supplier the equivalent of a full-body. Apple and its supplier Foxconn have agreed to our prescriptions, and we will verify progress and report publicly.”

Foxconn is a Taiwanese company that has about 1.2 million employees in their pay-roll. They also manufacture parts for Dell Inc., Microsoft Corp. and Inc.

The company said that they are committed to bringing factories into full compliance with Chinese legal limits and Fair Labor Assn. standards on working hours by July 2013.

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Workers of Xbox 360 threaten mass suicide

In China, employees who are furious with their employers tend to voice out their sentiments in a different manner. While in other countries, people take to the streets and air their concerns, in China workers simply threaten their employers with a mass suicide over an unsettled disputes over their salaries.

Not to generalize the whole nation, but workers from the electronics giant Foxconn went to the roof of their company headquarters in Wuhan, China. Though they threatened their bosses that they’d kill themselves, all managed to step down from the rooftop unhurt after hours of negotiations with the City’s Mayor.

According to reports, Foxconn (which builds Xbox 360s for Microsoft Corp.) did not give their employees a pay raise. They were then given a choice to either go back to work or relinquish their post and be given a month’s pay for each year they had served the company.

A number of workers quit but the company did not give them the aforementioned separation pays. This prompted the individuals to set up a protest on the rooftop a building.

It’s good to note that Foxconn also supplies Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Nokia with kits.

In a statement released by Foxconn, it said that, “the incident was successfully and peacefully resolved. The welfare of our employees is our top priority.”

According to a Microsoft spokesperson, “we take working conditions in the factories that manufacture our products very seriously. We are investigating this issue.”

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