Is your smartphone on Facebook 24/7?

According to a recent estimate, half of the smartphones are never disconnected from Facebook.

How did we get to this statistic? We live in the era of instant communication. Smartphones have replaced our need to call somebody with instant messaging. Then we became familiar with social media. We forgot texting and we got into a digital social world, where you can chat for free and instantly with any friend you have worldwide. Since Internet conquered smartphones, it was a matter of time for Facebook and the other social media sites to become part of our daily life. And then came obsession. It is our constant need to check whether we have any new notifications that led us to connect on Facebook from our smarphones and never disconnect.

How many of you really log out when you stop using Facebook? How many hours can you survive without checking what your friends are doing? And that’s when Dave Caputo, from Sandvine, mentioned that:

We are finding that 50 percent of smartphones are actually connecting to Facebook every hour of every day. (This is) not surprising when you see Facebook icons on the home pages of most websites.

This derives from Sandvine’s communications service provider customers and it shouldn’t surprise us.

After all, every smartphone has an easy access to Facebook.
What about you then? How often do you use Facebook from your smartphones?

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Facebook to Release a Dedicated Smartphone Next Year

Facebook is widely believed to be working on releasing its own smartphone. This is according to the New York Times. Facebook is not interested in just using other Android phones to run their popular social app, but develop their own phone to take advantage of the almost half a billion active users.

The Facebook Company has sought some of the former Apple hardware engineers who worked on producing the iPad to help in the development

The speculation has been around for a while, with Facebook neither denying nor confirming the existence of such plans. The company is rumored to be discontent with simply running the Facebook app, seeking a share of the mobile market. The smartphone is said to be released early next year. In is currently in its testing phase.  The code name for the new smartphone is Buffy.

This smartphone will be a first as it will have dedicated buttons for the Facebook functions. It is expected to be very popular among the social media fans. Just recently Facebook launched its own camera app and acquired Instagram. This shows that they are aiming to expand to more diversified products. The smartphone is expected to run on its own OS. This has however created questions on the ability of the market to support another smartphone with a unique operating system.

The smartphone idea is believed to be conceived after the release of HTC status phone, which offered a deeper Facebook experience. This was found to appeal to the Facebook fans and thus,the idea of a Facebook-developed smartphone, which not only offers the functions of a smartphone, but also better social media experience.

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Facebook set to release their own smartphone next year

The New York Times reports that developers have been trying to recruit engineers that would eventually create a Facebook smartphone. The report also added that this is Facebook’s third attempt in developing their own smartphone.

According to the NYT, the social networking giant might be ready to launch their first ever Facebook smartphone by next year.

This comes to light as another Internet giant, Google, acquired Motorola Mobility last week for about $12.5 billion. Facebook’s entry to the smartphone market may be geared towards its own bid to dealing with the smartphone hardware business.

The Facebook smartphone has been circulating over the Web in the past years. Sources have said that the social networking behemoth has started working on their first ever smartphone back in 2010. Unfortunately, this was stopped due to complications in the development.

Another source, AllThingsD, has said that Facebook and smartphone manufacturer HTC are working hand in hand in developing a mobile device.

Called “Buffy”, the latter says that this might still be in development.

Facebook’s popularity could lead to huge sales for their smartphone dreams.

If given the chance to have a Facebook smartphone, are you willing to trade in your old mobile device for the former?

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Smartphone FB users outnumber those using desktop computers

So what really is behind this Facebook hoopla? Are the ones that lead the charge using the traditional means (computers) or are they being overrun by tech-savvy individuals using their smartphones as a means to connect to their Facebook accounts?

Well, comScore’s new report released last Monday says that Facebook users spend more time accessing their accounts through their smartphones rather than desktop computers.

The report entitled Mobile Metrix 2.0 cites that the social networking sites members spend an average of 441 minutes or 7 hours and 21 minutes, accessing their Facebook accounts via their smartphones. In contrast, users spend about 391 minutes or 6 hours and 31 minutes, checking their FB accounts on PCs.

The report also showed that amongst all social networking accounts, individuals spend more time in their Facebook accounts the most. This includes Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Foursquare. The social networking mogul has about 78 million unique monthly visitors who visit the site through their smartphones.

With this development, it is good to bring up the topic of a Facebook Smartphone. If we base it on the multiple studies being done by a number of agencies then this strategy of the company could only lead them to more success.

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