Bingo & Slots allows gambling with real money on Facebook

Facebook is upping the ante as they have allowed a United Kingdom users to gamble real money online via an app called Bingo & Slots, they also use which is a casino online.

This is the social networking giant’s first app that allows real money gambling. Bingo & Slots is currently only available for UK Facebook users.

Users have to be 18 years old in order to play, gamble and win a pot. They will also “have access to a number of self-help tools to limit their spending and exclude themselves from playing at any time.”

UK was allowed to host the first ever social gambling app hosted by Facebook because of their well-regulated gambling market. The app will only be available to the Facebook App Center of those who are in UK.

Bingo & Slots was developed by Gamesys. The latter also created Jackpot Joy and Barbara Windsor.

Michael Saunder of Jackpot Joy said, “We’ve reinvented our exclusive Bingo & Slots games to appeal to the UK Facebook community. This marks an exciting turning point for the industry and a milestone for the Gamesys business.”

So UK Facebook users, start saving up for this Bingo & Slots. Be warned that in gambling, you’ll loose more than what you earn.

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Facebook rolls out apps marketplace in six other countries

Facebook is aggressively attacking the international scene as they rolled out their apps marketplace to more countries abroad. The company announced that in addition to US and UK, Facebook users can now access the app marketplace in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, India and South Africa.

Users from those countries can access the Facebook apps marketplace located at the left hand portion of the news feed of the Facebook site, as well as Facebook apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

The social networking giant’s app marketplace was launched in the US early this month. Users can browse apps by category and filter to show apps that are available via mobile, Web or both.

If a user selects an app while scanning through the App Center, they can decide whether to install the app in their mobile devices immediately or at a later time.

The App Center is not solely for Facebook apps. Developers can also place their apps in the mobile app stores. If users decide to click on third party apps, they will be redirected to the site of the app.

Facebook gets 30% of the income when an app is sold directly through Facebook’s App Center.

Will Facebook roll this out to other countries in Asia and Europe?

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Facebook launches own App Center

Yesterday, social networking behemoth Facebook launched its mobile App Center, as it harps on app freaks and to revamp their mobile business.

There are currently about 600 apps in the latter with Nike+ GPS, Slitcher Radio, Pinterest, Draw Something and Ubisoft Ghost Recon Commander now available.

Facebook director of developer products Douglas Purdy said, “The app center represents a new way for users to discover social applications.”

With Facebook’s 900 million users, app developers will have a larger way to reach out to audiences.

The Facebook App Center was developed to give users a personalized experience. This is key, as users will now receive app recommendations based on the apps they and their friends use.

The launch of the Facebook App Center is currently available to only 8 percent of Facebook users. Facebook is going to roll out to all US-based Facebook users in the coming weeks.

Facebook is trying to revamp their company, as they are under huge pressure following the IPO. The launch of their App Center is one way that they are strengthening their mobile business.

Facebook has about 488 million monthly users on its mobile products last March. This is half of their total user base.

Is this a smart move for Facebook?

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