Cybersquatting and .XXX domain name causes trouble for some

The .xxx domain have caused major problems to some sectors of the society. Now, ICANN, a top level domain name registrar, has offered a new type of domain name suffix.

If your company can shell out $185,000, then you might be able to have a .(company name) as your domain suffix.

This will enable companies to advertise their brand even more personally. The .xxx domain name will look like a cheap rip off of the more personalized suffix.

Speaking of the .xxx, a lot of companies and institutions have been troubled by recent developments. Last December, somebody registered as an address. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the Vatican who registered it.

Now, British brand Virgin is having similar problems. Somebody registered the domain name and they want that. This troubling development -known as cybersquatting- can be used to defame the company’s CEO.

According to a report by BBC, Virgin has said that it spends “a lot of time protecting the Virgin brand and the Richard Branson name, and increasingly this takes us online.”

Unfortunately for them, someone was quicker to pull the trigger as they were late to register the name.

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