Dropbox updates app for Android, iOS to follow

Popular cloud service provider Dropbox has announced that their latest update for their Android application will now have video streaming capabilities. Those who subscribe to the service and have an Android device, with an Ice Cream Sandwich OS installed, can now view videos without downloading the latter to their smartphones or tablets.

Dropbox’s mobile application enables subscribers and users to access their documents, files and content shared by peers remotely, using their mobile devices.

This update is currently exclusive to Android smartphones that have Ice Cream Sandwich installed on them. It was launched a few days after Samsung released their latest flagship phone, the Samsung Galaxy S3. iOS users will receive this update soon.

Those who bought the Samsung Galaxy S3, depending on their mobile service provider, can have as much as 50GB of free cloud storage. Though not all telecommunication companies give this free package to their customers, but most of new Galaxy S3 packages come with this free Dropbox service.

Cloud based file storage and sharing services are quite popular nowadays since access to them can be done remotely (“accessing the cloud”).

Dropbox for Android can be downloaded at the Google Play Store.

If you’re a Samsung Galaxy S3 user, do you have a free Dropbox storage?

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Six Degrees acquires Datahop

It seems like the norm of businesses nowadays are buyouts and mergers. From pharmaceutical companies to automobile manufacturers and on the Web, companies have been buying one another and merging to form a bigger conglomerate.

British company Six Degrees Group announced that they acquired Datahop.

Datahop, an international datacenter interconnection company based in UK was bought by the Six Degrees Group for an undisclosed amount. The latter is a cloud service provider. The purchase improves the company’s high-speed fiberoptic network connecting different cities in Europe.

Datahop has about 200 clients and a high-speed fiberoptic cable network connecting Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt and London.

According to managing director of Six Degrees managed data division Daniel Lowe, “Datahop’s technologies will allow us to deliver higher bandwidth, and a broader range of services to our customers. Our ability to link people, places and clouds has been boosted significantly with the flexible service creation capability we now offer to the market.”

Six Degrees now has a total of 37 point of presence. This will connect European and American financial centers.

The company is also eyeing to upgrade its network that will give them a multi-gigabit port capability for data and hosting services.

So who is going to be next?

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