iPad owners can now enjoy the Camera+ app on their tablets

Camera+ for iPad

Camera+ is very popular amongst iPhone users and thus ,iPad owners were somewhat disappointed when the developers of the app never made an app that would be compatible for their devices.

Now, their frowns will turn into huge smiles, as Camera+ is making its way to the iPad after two years.

The premium Camera+ has been downloaded about 9 million times, making it the most popular paid photo app in the Apple App Store.

What Tap Tap Tap developed for the iPad app is the seamless syncing between your iPad Camera+ app and your iPhone Camera+ app.

With the iPad version now out, iPad users will benefit from Camera+ functions including taking better images. The popularity of the app rose because of its excellent editing feature. Though not as advanced as editing softwares out there, Camera+ can hold its own when pitted against editing apps that are currently present in the App Store.

What’s more, the Camera+ Lightbox can be synched between devices using Apple’s iCloud. By syncing your iPhone and your iPad Camera+, all images you take with your iPad can be viewed in your iPhone and vice versa. This includes the editing you made in the photographs.

Try the Camera+ on your iPad and become a believer!

Image Source: taptaptap.com

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