BlackBerry 10 devices are presented by RIM to telco companies

BlackBerry 10 devices presented by RIMMonths leading to the release of the much hyped BlackBerry 10 OS, Research In Motion is aggressively presenting their future Blackberry lineups to telecommunication companies all over the world.

These Blackberry devices are going to run on their latest BlackBerry 10 OS, which has seen a delay in their release. Research In Motion is banking heavily on their new OS to revive the company.

BlackBerry 10 is scheduled to be released early 2013.

According to RIM’s managing director in its Canadian operators, that feedback form telcos have been great.

McLeod added, “We’re in the process of finalizing the software. It was at a point where we had a confidence level that we could really demonstrate the validity of the products and software. Obviously you don’t want to show something that is not going to wow folks. People were excited with what they saw.”

Vice President of developer relations of RIM Alec Saunders also said that the company is still months away from shipping BlackBerry 10 devices from their plants.

RIM recently cut their workforce to save money and is under a new management team.

RIM and BlackBerry used to be the smartphone of choice for businessmen but has faltered in recent years making the latter shift from BlackBerry to iPhone and Android devices.

Can Blackberry make it back?

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Photo Studio: Instagram for BlackBerry?

Instagram hasn’t opened its doors for BlackBerry users yet. But there are a number of apps that can create the Instgram effect for images that BlackBerry users take.

One such app is Photo Studio for BlackBerry. Photo Studio for BlackBerry is for users who want to have an app that is simple to work, but yet is a very powerful image editor that you can use on the go.

Photo Studio can help you share photos directly to your social networking accounts and as well as to your BBM friends. It also enables you to adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, RGB color adjustment, resize, crop and rotate your images.

Photo Studio also comes with a number of effects like ‘Summer Mood’, ‘Lomo’, ‘Art’, ‘Vintage’ and ‘Old Style’ among many more. The app also provides you with pre-installed frames that you can add to your images to recreate that perfect moment.

Downloading Photo Studio is a simple task. You only have to go to the BlackBerry App World in your device and you’re off to go.

Using Photo Studio to edit your images is a simple task. You only need to open the app, browse or take a new image and add filters, edit your image or do anything as you please.

So try the Photo Studio for BlackBerry and hit the comments bar for your reviews.

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Samsung undecided whether to buy RIM or license BB10

As speculations arose that bombing company Research In Motion is going to be bought by Korean tech firm Samsung, a new glimmer of hope peeks through the cloudy night haze.

RIM, the developer of the once famous BlackBerry devices, has seen a significant drop in their sales and market performance, due to heated competition which left them behind to pick up the pieces that they left. Even the BlackBerry PlayBook failed to compete with other tablets that are being run by Android and the iOS.

But according to an analyst at the Jeffries Investment Banking Group named Perter Misek, “Samsung is considering ramping up its internal development efforts, licensing BB10 or buying RIM. Samsung is undecided.”

After Misek’s report was released, shares of RIM climbed up by 4.2% to $7.62 per share at the close of the trading day in New York.

RIM is very positive with their BlackBerry 10 operating system and the devices that will be running their latest OS. They are hoping that their BB10 will be their great white hope that could lead them once again to the top of the market.

Can RIM bounce back or will it be wise if they sell the company or license the BB10 to Samsung?

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Status Shuffler app for BlackBerry to update your BBM status

One of the few bright spots that show that there is still a flicker of hope for Canadian tech firm Research In Motion, is its BlackBerry Messaging service.

BlackBerry and its BBM app enables individuals to send and receive files with their contacts, be able to have a chat with them or with a group of individuals, play a game with a contact and change status manually or via a third party application.

One such app that enables you to change your BlackBerry Messenger status is the Status Shuffler for BBM which was developed by SRID games.

Status Shuffler enables you to change your BBM status via a single press of a button. Status Shuffler posts a status either from a quote, sayings, one-liners and others. It has about 15 categories that you can choose from. Categories include relationship quotes, inspirational, funny and friendship quotes.

You can select to choose a time for you to let Status Shuffler change your BBM status.

Status Shuffler can be downloaded in the BlackBerry App World. It has a free version while the premium version costs you around $1.99 and can be installed in BlackBerry units with OS 5 or up.

Check it out and let your status be the talk of the town.

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BlackBerry Curve 9310: Simplicity at your finger tips

Want a solid smartphone but feel tired of all the hoopla behind the iOS and the Android operating systems? Well, Research In Motion might have something for you.

RIM has been trying to penetrate the market of the masses with their BlackBerry Curve line of devices. Though not as great as those on the upper tiered phones of BlackBerry, the Curve line still is a great phone but don’t expect too much from it.

And if you want to get your hands on a Curve device, feel free to try on the BlackBerry Curve 9310.

The Curve 9310 is released by Verizon and Boost Mobile. The device has the all familiar BlackBerry QWERTY keypad and a 3.2 MP rear facing camera with a BlackBerry 7.1 OS installed.

The device has a 2.44 inch LCD screen that has a 320 x 240 resolution. The images isn’t that sharp since the LCD is in lower resolution.

What’s great about this phone is that it’s a BlackBerry, though nowadays that name isn’t at all the great. What we mean by that is that it comes with the BlackBerry Messaging service.

For $50 you can have the BlackBerry Curve 9310 locked up. So it’s affordable and you can add $45 on top of it to have unlimited texting, calling and BBM.

Verizon’s unlimited plan will cost you $80 per month.

Try the Blackberry Curve 9310 and see what made BlackBerry “CrackBerry”.

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Is RIM planning to bet on a larger Playbook?

Research in Motion, or simply RIM, is still struggling to get back up after being thrown away by the era. The company that created the BlackBerry, previously known as the smartest phone out there, was outsmarted by Apple’s iPhone. It later on suffered damages from Android’s rise to fame, and now, RIM is down to 7% market share in the 2nd quarter of this year. This number has dwindled even further since 2011.

It almost expected that RIM’s BlackBerry line will disappear into obscurity. Even the loyal fans have given up, as they are moving on to the more feature packed smartphones of today. In fact, the only reason RIM and their BlackBerry line is even included in any analysis is just so that it can be compared to what was previously great. In the end, it makes the BlackBerry seem even less attractive as people encounter the numbers.

The main problem of the BlackBerry was its entire OS. While it is still the most secure around, it is completely outdated. The Blackberry OS has been stagnant for so many years, that they did not know what to do when Apple launched the iOS.

In an effort to get into the growing tablet space that was introduced by the iPad, Blackberry launched the Playbook. It was a cheaper tablet that runs on a Playbook OS. It was a play at making an OS, then using a different OS’s ecosystem to sustain itself. The Playbook ability to run Android Apps was just too obvious a hint that they really have no idea what to do to make an OS worthy of the era.

Now, it is reported that they will try yet again to hit the tablet market, and this time, with a larger Playbook. While the 7-inch version remains stagnant, RIM decides to enter the tablet market again with 10-inches and a completely different screen aspect ratio. It can be speculated that it will sport a different OS, possibly the long delayed BBX, or BlackBerry OS 10.

According to the reports of the leak, the internals of the new Playbook look strikingly similar to the first one. One can’t help but wonder if the large screen size was all that was updated in terms of hardware. I certainly hope not if this ever sees the light of day. Just think about all the unsatisfied customers.

At the very least, something to look forward to is that it RIM may be planning to add 4G support to the new 10-inch as well as for the refresh of the 7-inch Playbook. Hopefully, RIM will be able to get back on their feet.

So RIM is launching a new Playbook that no one is excited about and an OS that keeps getting delays. Seems like a struggle to me. RIM is certainly refusing to hang up their gloves. They still want to try making their own OS, while still maintaining Android connectivity. Why don’t they just downright us Android, right?

If the mass lay-off was not an indication of dark times, then I don’t know what is. Maybe it is time RIM left the smartphone scene for good. At their current state, it is highly unlikely that they will be missed.

Will you consider getting the new Playbook or do you think it’s time to hang up the gloves?

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Android and iOS still top in smartphone arena

Android and iOS devices are clearly lording it over their rivals in the smartphone department. Data released by Gartner showed that 80% of the world’s smartphones run on either Google or Android’s operating systems.

To reinforce this, Apple said that they were able to sell 26 million iPhones during the period of April-June. This is up by 28% from the same period a year ago. Android based smartphone manufacturers HTC, Motorola Mobility (which is now owned by Google), Samsung and other manufacturers that carry the OS have contributed to the success that Android was able to achieve.

Of the total smartphone market, Android currently has 36.4% share or 81.1 million units sold. This figure is up from 36.4% last year.
Apple on the other hand has 33.1 million units sold or 22.9% share of the total smartphone market up by 16.9% a year ago. Symbian which is commonly used by low end Nokia smartphones has a share of 8.6% or 12.5 million units sold.

Research In Motion’s BlackBerry OS sold 9.9 million units and has a market share of 6.9% which is down from the previous year’s 13.9%. Samsung Electronic’s BAD has sold 3.8 million units or a share of 2.7% of the market.

And Microsoft”s Windows sold 2.7 million units or 1.9% share down from last years 2.6%. Only BlackBerry and Windows saw a drop from their market share.

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4G LTE BlackBerry Playbook to be released by RIM in Canada

Tablets are abound in the tech market place nowadays. Ever since Apple launched their first iteration of the iPad, companies have started and raised to delve into the business.

Even fledgling companies are trying to develop their own in their bid to bounce back and reclaim lost glory.

Such is Research In Motion’s idea. Seeing a major drop in their smartphone business, RIM entered the tablet arena with their BlackBerry Playbook. The first Playbook has not faired well in the tech tablet market, compared to the iPad.

Now, RIM tests the 4G LTE waters as they launch their latest 4G LTE BlackBerry Playbook this month. First announced at the Mobile World Congress a year ago, the 4G LTE BlackBerry Playbook tablet will be released on July 31. Hints and rumors have circulated over the Web regarding this device. Leaked images have been released but no official announcement has been made public.

According to, they have been notified that the 4G LTE BlackBerry Playbook will be released via Bell. But they say that other Canadian telcos are set to carry the tablet. The 4G LTE BlackBerry Playbook has a 1024 x 600 screen resolution with a 1.5 GHz processor. It also comes with a 1 GB of RAM and a 5 MP rear facing camera.

It is set to retail at $549.95.

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Twitter release update for BlackBerry users

Research In Motion might be on the brink of a multi-million loss due to patent infringement, but the company still has high hopes that they can bounce bank through all the tumults that they have faced the past few years.

Still, BlackBerry users are hoping that RIM still has a lot of magic up its sleeves.

Blackberry users around the world have something to smile about, as there is an update on their Twitter app for their smartphones.

According to RIM’s corporate blog, Twitter for BlackBerry version 3.1 is now available for download. This update gives the app more detail and context to tweets. Users can now view full resolution images form and RIM maps for geotagged tweets.

This new update for Twitter for BlackBerry also supports right-to-left languages that includes Arabic and Hebrew.

New features also give users the ability to delete a retweet by simply tapping the retweet button again. Though this is nothing new to other Twitter app users on other platforms, it surely is a welcome sight fro BlackBerry users who time and again have complained about the lack of updates on their devices.

Though BlackBerry handset sales continue to drop, RIM still have millions of BlackBerry users round the world.

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Pay for your train ride using your smartphone!

Ever experienced forgetting your purse or wallet and realizing it only when you’re already at the train station?

Well, if you’re a clumsy and forgetful commuter, here’s one good new for you.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York will begin testing a new way for you to hop on a train without shelling money for the Metro North Railroad.

During the testing phase, employees of the company will be the ones who will be the Guinea Pigs for the experiment. These individuals will download the free app on their smartphones. With their BlackBerrys, iPhones and Android handsets, they will be able to use these to pay for their train ticket.

The e-ticket shows as a bar code that the conductor can scan with a handheld device to check for its validity.

According to Metro North President Howard Permut said, “Our customers adapted quickly to TVMs and the machines became the preferred way to buy tickets. The latest is intended to ensure that the newest will be equally easy to use, as well as secure and reliable.”

The MTA is going to partner with Masabi US Ltd to provide the technology. The latter has already partnered with Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority which has already launched a similar smartphone ticketing system.

Would you consider replacing your train ticket with an app for your smartphone?

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