BlackBerry Laguna specs leaked

Is this the next BlackBerry 10 OS device?

Want a sneak peak of the upcoming BlackBerry Laguna smartphone?

A list of specs for this BlackBerry OS 10 device has been leaked or posted on a Blackberry fansite, giving us a preview and something to drool over.

According to the post, the 4.2-inch BlackBerry Laguna boasts of a 1280×768 screen resolution with 355 DPI. Apple’s latest iPhone device has a 1136×604 resolution and a 326 DPI.

The BlackBerry Laguna is also said to be powered by a dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor with 4G LTE and an impressive 8MP autofocusing rear facing camera with flash and a 1GB or RAM.

The device is also rumored to have NFC capability, DLNA, Bluetooth 2.1 and WiFi direct.

The specs of the BlackBerry Laguna \re said to have come from Verizon Wireless, the post said.

Another device which comes from the BlackBerry L Series is the BlackBerry London which also boasts of a 1GB of RAM and a dual core processor.

If these reports are true, then we might be seeing bright future for BlackBerry and Research In Motion. As a BlackBerry fan, I can’t help but be excited to have a glimpse of this magnificent device and have a crack of it.

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RIM Blackberry 10 hopes for your happy “thumb” to multitask on its own

Even though the company is slowly fading into oblivion, we still know about RIM and the now infamous Blackberry. The company has been struggling the most in the new era of smartphones, which is ironic because RIM was once the leader of the smartphone community. In fact, the Blackberry was what used to define the smartphone.

Times have changed since the iPhone was launched. The touch screen device with an interface centered on Apps created by third party developers has become the most successful business model yet. The iPhone indeed changed and revolutionized the definition of what a smartphone is. The iPhone model was the same model used by the now dominant Android operating system, which runs on more than 50% of the market.

Ever since then, RIM and their Blackberry devices began losing ground. They even lost corporate partners when the “bring your own phone” trend began in the corporate world. People brought in their iPhone and their Android handsets.

Nokia, another mobile brand has begun their rebirth into the mobile world thanks to Windows 8. It is apparent that more than hardware, today’s consumer is very much focused on what your software can offer as well. For a while, Blackberry tried to survive with their dated system, but that was to no avail.

They began work on the Blackberry 10, an operating system that was meant to finally take RIM out of the hole it was in. Unfortunately, several technical issues during its development pushed the operating system’s release further back two times. In fact, it is still not ready, and they can’t even promise it to be ready before Christmas. It looks like RIM and their Blackberry 10 will miss out on this year’s shopping spree.

Despite the poor timing and availability, RIM is very optimistic about their Blackberry 10. They announced that it was nearly complete, and they have created its interface centered on touch and one finger navigation.

You got that right. The new Blackberry 10 aims to address what Apple and their iPhone design was trying to point out, that phones should be easily navigated by one thumb alone. While the iPhone’s dimensions do permit you to reach all parts of the screen with just your thumb, many interface elements still require you to use two fingers, and most of the time, this involves two hands.

The new thumb gestures implemented on the new Blackberry 10 are supposed to allow you to access the entire interface and navigate your data with just one thumb. Nicknamed “Blackberry Flow” these one thumb gestures allow you to quickly access several of the apps and services installed in the device, as well as the all new Blackberry Hub.

The new Blackberry Hub is the center of all the information that you want. You control what appears on the hub, like notifications from your social networks, emails, SMS, calendar and other information you decide. It’s always on, and is always accessible from anywhere within the OS.

Their new “Peek” function is their take on multitasking, allowing a quick look at a function going on in another app. You can then proceed to continue with what you are doing, or proceed to the app and directly interact with it.

Speaking of multitasking, open apps can actually be minimized and placed on the “desktop”, still showing the information on the small “tile” or “widget”-like interface. It makes it easy to switch between things you are doing. Everything looked very fluid.

RIM also promises that the new Blackberry will have a very fast browser. So fast, that they are even so bold to say that it is faster than a desktop browser. We will be sure to watch out for that.

The new Blackberry 10 also seeks to be a world phone as they implement a new idea in predictive text. It predicts in multiple languages  as you go. It was demonstrated that in Blackberry 10, the user was quickly able to type and get predictions in Spanish, English and French.

Apparently, carriers already have had a look at the capabilities of the new Blackberry 10. As RIM puts it, they are certainly excited and certainly eager to promote the new Blackberry OS. Will you give Blackberry a chance next year?

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RIM gives a preview of apps to come with the BB10 OS

Attendees of BlackBerry Jam Americas conference had a sneak preview of what Research In Motion has for BlackBerry fans around the world.

RIM unveiled the apps that will be included in their BlackBerry10 OS when it launches sometime soon and during the Blackberry Jam Americas conference, those in attendance got a small preview of what RIM has in store.

Social Networking giant Facebook made its appearance on the conference. The Facebook app for the BlackBerry10 OS looks similar with that of the Facebook app for iOS, with shortcuts at the top and the navigation panel on the left portion of the screen.

Foursquare is also set to make a mark to BB users as Senior Software Engineer Pete Nofelt showed what the Foursquare app for BB 10 OS would look like. The great thing about the Foursquare app for BB10, and one that is unique to BlackBerry, is the BBM integration. This enables Foursquare members who use BlackBerrys to post updates to their BBM accounts and other social networks with the Foursquare app.

RIM also said that LinkedIn and Twitter are set to come up with apps for their BB10 OS, although they were not a part of the conference.

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Faucette: RIM is struggling in US

Time for RIM might be running out.

According to Pacific Crest analyst James Faucette as told to AllThingD, the company is seeing a decrease in shelf space in recent months. What’s more alarming is that some stores can’t sell a BlackBerry unit in a month’s time.

“In terms of sell-through, we believe that current run rates are roughly one-fifth of those we saw in the United States just eight months ago. Further, we found a meaningful number of carrier retail locations which had not sold a single BlackBerry in over a month,” Faucette said.

A few weeks ago, TNG reported that carriers were very supportive of the latest OS the BlackBerry 10 by RIM. This is clearly in contrast to their statement.

RIM might want to keep its fingers crossed since this just gives a glimpse of the BlackBerry market since the analyst only did an evaluation in the US (it might not be the whole of US at all).

The future might not look as good as they want to since the holiday season is fast approaching and their products will likely be placed head on with newer devices such as the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini and a handful of others.

What do you think about the future of RIM?

RIM to partner with Qualcomm to bring high res graphics to Blackberry 10 OS

Research In Motion has placed all their bets on the BlackBerry 10 to finally revitalize the life of the Canadian tech firm. Whatever they have planned, everything seems to point in the right direction starting from the backing of telecom companies last week after they presented their BlackBerry 10 product lines.

According to BlackBerry OS, the first devices to be installed with the BlackBerry 10 OS will come with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 Pro MSM8960T Processor.

This 1.5GHz quad-core chipset comes with Adreno 320 GPU for high resolution screens that will be standard for Blackberry 10 devices.

According to reports, the Snapdragon S4 pro chip will be one of the biggest advantages of Blackberry 10 devices, as this will enable them to support 4G LTE technology.

Speculations have been made as to who will develop devices that will carry the Blackberry 10 OS. Some rumors have said that devices that will run on BlackBerry 10 OS are already made and are only waiting to be shipped.

Research In Motion has been toying out with the idea of LTE for their devices. In a BlackBerry blog post earlier this week, RIM has dedicated an article for the importance of LTE technology.

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BlackBerry 10 devices are presented by RIM to telco companies

Months leading to the release of the much hyped BlackBerry 10 OS, Research In Motion is aggressively presenting their future Blackberry lineups to telecommunication companies all over the world.

These Blackberry devices are going to run on their latest BlackBerry 10 OS, which has seen a delay in their release. Research In Motion is banking heavily on their new OS to revive the company.

BlackBerry 10 is scheduled to be released early 2013.

According to RIM’s managing director in its Canadian operators, that feedback form telcos have been great.

McLeod added, “We’re in the process of finalizing the software. It was at a point where we had a confidence level that we could really demonstrate the validity of the products and software. Obviously you don’t want to show something that is not going to wow folks. People were excited with what they saw.”

Vice President of developer relations of RIM Alec Saunders also said that the company is still months away from shipping BlackBerry 10 devices from their plants.

RIM recently cut their workforce to save money and is under a new management team.

RIM and BlackBerry used to be the smartphone of choice for businessmen but has faltered in recent years making the latter shift from BlackBerry to iPhone and Android devices.

Can Blackberry make it back?

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Firefox Mobile OS will work with most apps

In a report published by TechRadar, Product and Innovation Director at Telefonica, Carlos Domingo, says that survey results show that Firefox Mobile OS is going to do good when it comes to apps for their operating system.

According to Domingo, “results from our survey showed that over 75% of all apps in Google Play and the Apple AppStore are written in HTML 5, which makes them really easy to port over to Firefox.”

This could be good for Mozilla and app developers because the latter will have an easier time in making their apps compatible with Firefox Mobile OS.

Firefox Mobile OS is a web-based HTML 5 platform. App developers who have browser-based apps will be happy upon knowing that their system will work with the HTML 5 platform easily.

Facebook will also be unveiling their HTML 5 app along with Twitter. The two are considered to be two of the most popular apps in the market today. With the impending release of the HTML 5 versions, this will be integrated deeply into the upcoming Firefox Mobile OS.

Firefox Mobile OS will be entering a market that is being dominated by iOS and Android. They would also have to face the aggressive Windows platform and the impending release of the BlackBerry 10 OS.

Are you excited with Mozilla’s Firefox Mobile OS?


Firefox OS to support smartphones by 2013

Mozilla is planning to enter the OS battle with their own mobile OS to be launched in the market sometime in 2013.

Announced way back in 2011, Mozilla’s pet project, formerly called Boot to Gecko, will power smartphones that were developed to open web standards and based on HTML 5 applications.

Mozilla will be partnering with ZTE and Alcatel, two small players in the smartphone game. The two companies have announced that they are going to develop devices that will be supported by the Mozilla OS.

Mozilla’s entry to the OS business is rather tense as they will be pitting against the Android, iOS, Windows 8 and even the BlackBerry 10, which has been supporting smartphones for years.

Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacs said, “The introduction of the open mobile OS continues the Mozilla mission to promote openness, innovation and opportunity on the Web for users and developers. As billions of users are expected to come online for the first time in the coming years, it is important to deliver a compelling smartphone experience that anyone can use.”

“The large number of operators and manufacturers now supporting this effort will bring additional resources and diversity to our global offerings,” he added.

Do you think Firefox OS will be successful in branding Mozilla as an OS developer?


RIM to release BlackBerry 10 in 2013, not 2012

Another bad new for Research In Motion. After cutting off a number of their employees, the company is announcing that their so-called “savior”, BlackBerry 10 operating system, will not be released until next year.

RIM has admitted that the development of the BlackBerry 10 OS has been delayed, due to undisclosed reasons and that no devices will be released carrying the new OS, at least until next year.

RIM CEO Thorsten Heins is optimistic, even if his company has been receiving a ton of bad rep lately.

According to Heins, “RIM development team and relentlessly focused on ensuring the quality and reliability of the platform and I will not compromise the product by delivering it before it is ready. I am confident that the first BlackBerry 10 smartphones will provide a ground breaking next generation smartphone user experience.”

“The reception of the BlackBerry 10 platform by our key carrier partners has been very positive and they are looking forward to going to market with BlackBerry 10 smartphones in the first quarter of calendar 2013,” he added.

The quarterly earnings of RIM have plunged. The plunge was even worse than what analysts from Wall Street have predicted.

Do you think RIM can bounce back after taken a deep plunge?


RIM’s new BlackBerry 9320

Research In Motion launched a new model of the BlackBerry Curve line. The new BlackBerry Curve 9320 device features all the core BlackBerry messaging and social-centric features that used to make the brand popular. What’s new is that this Curve is now 3G capable and boasts of a long battery life.

According to EVP for Smartphone Business at RIM Carlo Chiarello, “The new BlackBerry 9320is designed to make it incredibly easy for users to stay socially-connected. The new BlackBerry Curve 9320 will be especially popular with customers upgrading to a smartphone for the first time and existing Curve customers looking for a step up in speed and functionality.”

The company says that this device has everything an individual needs to keep in touch with other individuals. It has a dedicated BBM key and the usual QWERTY keyboard.

RIM says that the long battery life of the 9320 can give the users about 7 hours of talk time.

Users can interact with their social network in real time, using pre-loaded applications for Facebook and Twitter. The 9320 also features a camera and a flash and photos can be tagged with their location due to the built-in GPS in the device.

The package comes with the new BlackBerry 7.1 OS. Unfortunately for some, it doesn’t come with the new BlackBerry 10.

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