Windows 8 based tablets set to topple the iPad

Are we ready for the impending tech wars?

The iPad is known to be the leader of the tablet market and has left its competition to pick up the remnants of its wrath. Now, Acer Inc., Toshiba Corp and Asustek Computer Inc. are set to reveal their tablets running on Microsoft’s new OS, the Windows 8.

In their effort to have a bigger piece of the pie, the three companies are pumped up with impending release of their own tablets.

Acer will unveil their version at the Computex show in Taipei. Toshiba, on the other hand, will show their tablet and a notebook-type device on that same event. Asustek will publicize their tablets with a detachable keyboard (like their Prime models) during the same show.

The annual Computex event gives developers that chance to show their prototypes before it is released to the public.

Currently, tablets that run in Android and iOS are the ones lording over the market (they have a combined 91% of the market share).

These Windows 8 tablets will be the first of its kind since it will feature processors that use ARM Holdings Plc (ARM) technology. This is a chip developed by Qualcomm Inc., Texas Instruments Inc. and Nvidia Corp.

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IBM and Asustek settle patent disputes

Finally, IBM and Asustek has reached an agreement that’ll end an almost two-year dispute.

The companies said today that they have entered into a broad patent cross-licensing agreement. This agreement is said to end all patent litigation between the two.

So when did it all start? IBM filed a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission against Asustek on December 2007 saying that the latter infringe their patents on power supplier, computer cooling and computer clustering technologies.

Four months later, the Taiwanese company got back at IBM and also filed a patent infringement in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California. IBM allegedly infringed two of its patents.

But, as they say, all’s well that ends well.

Not only did the two big technology companies have uhm, come to terms with each other, they even made it known that working together might not be far down the road. Apparently, the licensing agreement between IBM and Asustek will also be a basis for future collaborations. Awww…. 😉


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