SeatGuru app not a hit among users

People don’t always enjoy flying. While some individuals relish the experience, a handful suffers from the annoying conditions that some flights have. From long queues of the check in counter to rude seatmates, the list goes on and on.

Little perks here and there are a good thing and an excellent way to lighten up the burden.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the mobile app of SeatGuru.

The much beloved service that informs you which seats on planes are good and vice versa is now available on your mobile device.

It’s simple, you just input the airline and flight number into the app and the app presents you with a detailed map of the seats on the jet.

Unfortunately, the app also has lows. This doesn’t give you a rundown of your preferences and doesn’t inform you of seat availability or let you reserve a seat. The map was also designed back in 2007.

The app has other features. It has a TripAdvisor search engine, though it’s just basic.

There is also a flight tracker. But be aware that when you check for a flight, it will automatically give you a selection of flights not during the day but later on the month.

Submission of apps for Mozilla’s open-web plans starts

Attention application developers, Mozilla is now accepting app submissions to strengthen its aim to building their own operating system for the open web.

Mozilla’s Boot to Gecko project, these apps the will be developed will enable a cross-device and multi operating system integration. In other words, apps will now depend on the user and not on the device or platform.

According to Joe Stagner, Mozilla’s senior program manager for development technologies and community in his blog post, “using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, a developer can build an app using responsive design, and that app can offer the same look and feel as a device-native app, without having to rewrite for every desired target platform. One code base-all popular devices!”

The benefit of this is that developers will be exposed to nearly half a billion prospective customers along with Mozilla’s work on identity integration and app payments, sync, backup and recovery. Mozilla is also trying to develop new ways for their clients to discover and get new apps.

Stagner adds, “Both consumers and developers can easily get what they want from the Marketplace experience, on the front side or on the back end.”

Malicious content causes PostSecret app to shut down

Popular blog and new media project PostSecret, has been enabling individuals to share their darkest and most intitmate secrets has announced that it is shutting down its iPhone app due to posting that are malicious in nature.

Founder Frank Warren said that he is “pained” by the closure of the app. The latter has been receiving numberous numbers of postcards from strangers every week and chooses 20 and posts it in his blog during Sundays. The iPhone app was launched last September.

Frank Warren said in an interview by CNET, “although today—the first day after the death of the app—is painful, it was a wild journey being part of the life of theis alternative social network. Anonymous acts of kindness and malice played out in a creative and complex online culture of 2 million shared secrets.”

Anonymity is part of the huge succes of this blogsite. The iPhone app enables users to take photos and upload upto 140 characters to the PostSecret mobile community. And those responsible for the upload need not worry about his/her identity being revealed. The app has reached the best selling spot in the app store.

Warren said in a postSecret blogpost, “unfortunately, that absolute anonymity made it very challenging to permanently remove determined users with malicious intent. 99% of the secrets created were in the spirit of PostSecret. Unfortuantely, the scale of secrets was so large that even 1% of bad content was overwhelming for our dedicated team of volunteer moderators who worked 24 hours a day 7 days a week removing content that was not just pronographic but also gruesome and at times threatening.”

Image Credit: PostSecret

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