Elena Segal To Head Apple Music Global Publishing Division

Apple Music is gearing to expand its music industry presence. The company is slated to launch a new international division that is focused on publishing. With this, Apple Music has picked Elena Segal to head the technology company’s internal music publishing division.


Apple To Launch A Global Publishing Division


Before serving Apple Music, Segal has worked previously as iTunes International’s legal director. Now, she is appointed as the Apple Music’s Global Director of Music Publishing. This means that with her position, Segal would actually be overseeing a team created purposely for several different departments.


Each department would directly report to Segal, and this includes the Operations, Publisher Relations, Commercial, and, A&R. A&R which stands for artists and repertoire. In case you don’t know, the A&R helps Apple Music to discover and develop performers and songwriters.



There’s a high expectation to Segal when it comes to the company’s operation in both the United States and the United Kingdom. But the job seems easy for Segal as she has previous experienced handling global positions in the company. In 2016, Segal had worked on expanding the iTunes Store internationally. She also played a key role when Apple launched the Apple Music department globally.


News of Segal’s new appointment broke when Apple CEO Tim Cook appeared on Bloomberg TV. The Apple official has announced that Apple Music surpassed 50 million subscribers. It is planning to increase its subscribers base, according to Apple Music. At present, it has 38 million subscribers since March, with a noted increase of 12 million subscribers.



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Report: Apple To Launch A Paid News Subscription Service After Texture Acquisition

The Cupertino-based company is reportedly planning to integrate acquired magazine app Texture into Apple News and start their own service.

The rumour mill is recently abuzz with talk of the tech giant offering paid news subscription to its users. This news comes after Apple acquired the magazine app Texture in March.

As some of you are familiar with, Apple used to have an app called Newsstand that consolidates several magazines and publications. However, users can only subscribe to individual publications. When they launched Apple News in 2015, it mirrored the Newsstand system.

Texture on the other hand, has a similar approach to Netflix. Users are able access about 200 publications by paying just $9.99 per month.

Apple now is reportedly planning to integrate Texture (and the team) with the existing Apple News group. Together, they will launch a premium service within a year.

Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of internet software and services, shared the company’s direction in a statement last month. “We are committed to quality journalism from trusted sources and allowing magazines to keep producing beautifully designed and engaging stories for users.”

Apple Music Loses Famous R&B Curator Carl Chery To Spotify

A report has surfaced this week saying that Apple’s Carl Chery is moving to the company’s rival, Spotify. Unknown to many, Chery is responsible for curating hip-hop and R&B programming in Apple.


Chery is now at Spotify?


Chery, Apple’s music curator is also credited for having produced an album exclusively for Apple. His know critical album were Chance the Rapper and the Coloring Book, according to Variety.

Carl Chery at the Music & Tech, Red Bull Sound Select’s 30 Days in Chicago festival, at Columbia College in Chicago, IL, USA on 13 November, 2017.

If you want to listen Chery’s album the Coloring Book, just go Apple Music for music streaming. His Chance album, on the other hand, he claims earned him an estimate of $500,000. Apart from the monetary deal, he was able to clinch a commercial in exchange for his Coloring Book contract.



Other accolades attributed to Chery when he curated the Apple Music’s “A-List: Hip-Hop” and “A-List: R&B” playlists. His passion to hip-hop and R&B music helped artists like Cardi B, Post Malone, and H.E.R gained more popularity.


In addition, Chery’s transfer in Spotify suggests that he would be curating music service like the “RapCaviar” playlist. This comes after the previous curator Tuma Basa had since left since March after three years for YouTube.


It can be recalled that he joined the tech giant back in 2014 during the company’s take over amounting to $3 billion. Before this, Chery worked in various media outlets such as XXL and BET as a music journalist.

Pandora Takes on Spotify With Their Personalised Playlists

Pandora’s new Premium service touts their personalised playlists to compete with Spotify at $10 per month.

(Credit: Pandora)
When you think of subscription music services, you’d probably think of Spotify or maybe Apple Music. Pandora wants to change that and they have something up their sleeves to help convince you.

The popular internet radio service provider just announced their own on-demand music service. Dubbed the Pandora Premium, the service offers personalised playlists and will cost you $10/month to subscribe.

So how exactly do they differ from the current crowd favourites Spotify or Apple Music?

All three offer streaming music services for roughly the same price. They allow you to create playlists or create custom radio stations based on your favourites. Songs or playlists can also be saved for offline listening.

What makes Pandora standout from the two is how they customise the music through their Music Genome Project. While Spotify learns your taste the more you use it and Apple Music makes you choose the music you like when you first use it, Pandora does it quite technically.

The Music Genome Project uses over 450 “genes” that describe different elements that make up a song. This can include the gender of the singer to the kind of instrument used. This data, together will their algorithms, automatic prediction methods and human curation, will help generate custom your playlists.

For example, if you have been listening to fast beat songs like dance and rock, Pandora will create a playlist called “Your Party Soundtrack” and so on. This will be updated every week with songs you listened as well as Pandora’s suggestions.

This service is still early on and there will probably be some hiccups. What’s good is that there are more and more players coming into the music streaming industry. Hopefully this will help drive companies lessen their subscription fees and make their services even better.


Apple Music Now Has 38 Million Subscribers

Apple’s online music streaming service, Apple Music has now some 38 million subscribers, Apple SVP of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue announced on Tuesday.


Cue disclosed such detail in an onstage interview at the South during the Southwest festival. Apple Music’s recent figures, he said, is a product of the Apple’s determination to gain more subscribers.

Apple Music gained 2 million subscribers in just last month


In just a few months, Apple Music has gained exactly two million subscribers. Furthermore, an additional 8 million of the company’s music streaming subscribers are now on a trial basis, according to Cue.


Cue further added that if the company would combine both Apple Music and Spotify’s subscriber bases, it equates to at least 100 million subscribers.


“The real opportunity for music – and it’s not about Spotify or us or the labels, it’s about artists – is how do they get their music to everyone around the world and how do they get compensated for that,” Cue said.


“We both have to grow by significant amounts to get to the numbers which it should,” he added.

With the given 100 million subscriber base, the Apple high ranking official pointed out that there’s still room for development. During his speech, Cue gave an estimate of about 2 billion that would soon subscribe to Apple Music or Spotify, the company’s rival.


To solidify its position, Cue further explained that more than half a billion customers were able to access the App Store every week. All, he said, would likely to subscribe the company’s online music streaming service.


Meanwhile, Apple Music’s rival, Spotify is planning to go public after it disclosed that it has 71 million paying subscribers. Back in 2017, Spotify has recorded 159 million monthly active users. These Spotify users were actively streaming 40.3 billion hours of content, based on the recent U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filings.

Apple Music Now Has 36 Million US Subscribers This Year

Spotify may no longer the popular music streaming service today, at least in the United States. This comes after a report has surfaced today that Apple Music’s popularity is growing.


Apple Music has 36 million subscribers in the US


The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple Music had surpassed Spotify’s number of paying subscribers across the world. The Cupertino-based tech company confirmed that now it has 36 million subscribers as of this month of February.


The number of paying subscribers has increased to 6 million from well over 30 million subscribers reported back in September. Tech users claimed that Apple Music might soon overtake Spotify regarding the number of subscribers. They added that the updated total of Apple’s music streaming service is growing at a faster pace across the U.S.


Citing sources familiar with the company’s total number of Premium subscribers said that the company’s music streaming service’s subscriber-account base is growing at a faster rate of about 5 percent monthly.


Spotify’s subscriber-account base in the US has been growing about 2 percent monthly, according to the same sources. If Apple’s music streaming service growth rate would continue, the tech company would certainly threaten Spotify’s existence regarding subscriber-account.


But in a global context, Apple’s music streaming service rival Spotify has maintained a good lead. Just last month, Spotify claims that it now has 70 million subscriber-account. The streaming music service has offered a free ad-supported tier, giving it over 140 million listeners overall around the world. Spotify has gained popularity in the US back in 2011.


Apple’s music streaming service, on the other hand, has been preinstalled on hundreds of millions of iPhones and iPads. The service is also available on Mac, PC, Android, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and HomePod, among others.

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