Tips and Tricks in Using HomePod

HomePod has lots of tips and tricks when you use it and tips which may be helpful to its users. The Apple HomePod is not just an ordinary speaker which can only play music. It has a lot more in store for its users.

There are different ways of controlling your HomePod. You can do it via voice control through Siri, through the touch panel above the speaker, or via the Apple music app on your iPhone or iPad.

Tips And Tricks In Using Your HomePod

So you have a new HomePod. Good for you. But first you have to set it up. You need to be on iOS 11.2.5 and your iOS device must be near your speaker.

Once you have set up your HomePod, remember these tips and tricks:

1) Do not unplug the cable from the HomePod. Removing the cable might cause damage to the internal components of HomePod. Do not attempt to plug it back. So be extra careful with the cable.

2) If your HomePod does not sound right, pick it up. The device has an accelerometer which can detect if the speaker has been moved. It can automatically whizz through the sound set up again.

Music Tricks And Tips

1) HomePod touch controls – you can tap the top of HomePod to play, pause, skip a song, or adjust the volume. Touch and hold the top to talk to Siri.

2) HomePod music voice controls – you can control the music playback of music played via the HomePod by simply saying “Hey Siri” followed by your command. For example: “Hey Siri, stop”; “Hey Siri, turn the volume to 85 per cent”. Siri supports more complex voice commands. Like asking for specific genres, moods or activities.

3) Controlling HomePod music via your iPhone – you can see the music being played on your HomePod by either asking Siri to tell you or by accessing the HomePod via Control Center or the Apple Music app on your iPhone or iPad. To do so, you have to be on the same Wi-Fi network.

4) Allow explicit content on HomePod – you can set whether you want you listen to music with explicit content or not on the HomePod. This is convenient if you have kids listening.

These tips and tricks can be very useful in using your HomePod. It may help you have an enjoyable listening experience with it.

Apple HomePod: Siri Correctly Answered 52.3% of Queries in New AI Test

Apple’s HomePod has answered 52.3 percent correctly out of the 782 questions asked in a test conducted by Loup Ventures, a report said on Monday.

Loup Ventures performed a test to Apple’s HomePod. These tests were conducted in various categories which include ease of use, sound quality and Siri, among others.


Siri answered 52.3 percent of questions in new AI test


Regarding Siri, Loup Ventures’ Gene Munster said that Siri had understood 99.4 percent of queries asked of it. The company tested at least three HomePods, and it reported that a total of 782 questions were asked to Apple’s HomePods.


According to Munster, Apple’s HomePod has performed well so far compared to its rival speakers. He described Apple’s smart speaker as “at the bottom of the totem pole” in the AI assistant performance category.


While Apple’s HomePod is closely reaching success, other rival smart speakers like
Google Home has reportedly answered 81 percent correctly. And Amazon’s Alexa has answered only 64 percent correctly, while Microsoft’s Cortana has answered 57 percent correctly.


Munster added that Apple’s Siri performed best when answering both local and commerce type of questions like asking direction of a local coffee shops or buying a shirt. In this aspect, Siri, he said, beats its rival smart speakers like Alexa and Cortana. However, it falls behind Google Assistant on Google Home.


“This means added support for these domains would bring HomePod performance above that of Alexa (64%) and Cortana (57%), though still shy of Google Home (81%). We know Siri can correctly answer a whole range of queries that HomePod cannot evidence by our note here. Apple’s limiting of HomePod’s domains should change over time, at which point we expect the speaker to be vastly more useful and integrated with your other Apple devices,” the researcher further noted.

FCC Finally Approves Siri-powered Apple HomePod

A report has surfaced on Monday saying that FCC (Federal Communications Commission), has given the green light to Apple’s HomePod. This means that Apple fans would be expecting an early launch of the smart speaker.


It can be recalled that Apple had publicly unveiled its smart speaker powered by Siri back in June 2017. The Cupertino-based company, however, did move the HomePod’s release date to early 2018 instead of December last year for some apparent reasons.


FCC finally approves Apple’s HomePod


Now with FCC’s approval, obviously the Apple’s HomePod is closer to its launch date. The FCC approval is a sign that the company’s smart speaker would be hitting the market the soonest.


The news comes after an FCC filing of the Apple’s HomePod has surfaced this week, showing the design of the soon-to-be-released Apple smart speaker.


At a quick glance, several FCC documents were dated September 27. Now that these documents were released, the Apple’s HomePod’s hardware suggests that there have been no changes implemented in the previous months.


Apple’s HomePod based on the FCC filing has a product ID of BCG-A1639. The BCG is actually an information that signifies a specific grantee code. While the A1639 refers to the model number of the Apple device.


Also, speculations suggest that the company’s smart speaker will be shipped within four to six weeks. And a recent report also indicated that the company’s suppliers are expecting to ship 10 to 12 million units of HomePod this year.


As of posting, the Cupertino-based company has yet to make an official announcement about the speculations surrounding the HomePod. That would mean that let’s all take the information with a grain of salt unless confirmed by Apple.

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