Amazon starts renting out physical textbooks to students

Textbooks have always been one of the problems for students whenever classes start. Tough these materials are the ones responsible for us to learn the lessons, and their professors of course, these bulky things are sometimes expensive and at the same time a hassle to carry around.

Well, American company Amazon is trying to make students’ lives better, as they are now rolling out their new rental service for textbooks.

This is nothing new for Amazon, since they have been renting out digital textbooks through the Kindle. But the company is also going to start to rent out paperback and hardcover books for a semester.

Renting textbooks can enable students to save up to 70% from the cover price of the books. Since students just throw away the books after their course, then why purchase them, right?

This is the first year that Amazon is offering the physical textbook rental service. Terms will likely change in the coming years.

Amazon’s Kindle textbook rental service offers ebook rental services from 30 to 360 days, depending on the student who rents the book.

Another company,, is also giving this service to students. They offer ebook rental for 30 or 125 days.

Will you be renting a book from Amazon?

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