Get Alexa On Your Apple Watch With This App

This third party app brings Alexa and Siri together on your Apple Watch.

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Siri might be the most widely used digital assistant, but Alexa isn’t far behind. Amazon’s smart digital assistant has been gaining a lot of traction over the last year thanks to its smart speakers.

Apple Watch users rely on Siri to do their hands-free tasks for them. And Apple’s wearable tech can’t officially run any other assistant. But now, an app allows you to use Amazon’s Alexa assistant on your Apple Watch.

Voice in a Can is a third-party app that lets you talk to Alexa from your wrist. It’s a standalone Apple Watch app, so you don’t need to tether to an iPhone to use it. As long as you have Wi-Fi or LTE (for Apple Series 3 LTE-enabled watches), you’re good to go.

So how does it work?

Voice in a Can uses a watch complication so that you can launch it from the watchface. All you have to do is sync your main Amazon Alexa account. To talk to Alexa, just tap on the icon in the app.

The Verge warns that you can expect Alexa to be slow to respond. It also suggests increasing the timeout setting for apps on the Apple Watch because the Alexa service disconnects every time the display goes blank.

Since Voice in a Can is a third-party app, you won’t be able to enjoy certain features. This includes making calls, playing music, or Echo announcements. 

However, the app fully fully supports the smart home features of Alexa.

The app costs $1.99 and is downloadable from the Apple Store here.

Amazon Alexa Expected To Be In The Newest Update for Android

Expect a new update on your Android’s OS with the new Amazon Alexa voice command support

Google’s Assistant, the Amazon is introducing Alexa to android devices. The company said that they’re starting to finish up the update regarding the Alexa command. This big change comes a long time after a dedicated Amazon Alexa integration debuted on some handsets such as HTC U11, Huawei Mate 9 and Motorola Moto X4.

The update will start to launch in the coming days through Google Play and Amazon Appstore. It will enable access to Alexa skills, control music playback, and send messages among others, reported by Android Police.

But unlike the Alexa on the Echo lineup, the last update apparently doesn’t enable a hands-free experience. That means it won’t work in an inactive screen by just simply saying the key word “Alexa”.

A screenshot given by the Android Police commenter shows that the updated app comes in version 1.24.3555.0. There will be an Alexa button in the navigation bar to enable voice commands.

They also said that it was updated to the latest Alexa app version to experience the new support. Though they weren’t able to find the reported Alexa button at the time making the report. They’ve already contacted and reached out to Amazon for clarifications and will update us regarding their official response.

Although the Alexa app is not yet available for the consumers, it was rumored that the Apple company will bring this experience to the iOS plarform but it’s not yet known when.

Last week, the Amazon India announced that there are 12,000 Alexa skills that is available for the Indian users. They also said that more than 1,000 skills were added since the launching of the Echo speaker lineup and Alexa store in the country October last year.

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