Yahoo! to team up with Clear Channel

Yahoo! and Clear Channel are teaming up together, in a deal that is both cross-promotional and distribution.

The two sealed the deal last Wednesday, which enables Yahoo to use Clear Channel’s iHeartRadio platform as its official digital radio service.

The deal includes Yahoo carrying a number of live events of Clear Channel, which they produce yearly. The iHeartRadio Music Festival is included in the deal.

There are 45 million listeners to iHeartRadio’s broadcast monthly. And their mobile app have already gotten 80 million downloads.

Clear Channel is the US biggest terrestrial radio that reaches about 237 million users in 150 markets.

Clear Channel CEO Bob Pittman said, “We were thrilled when Ross approached us about this partnership. We like the direction Yahoo! is going and by working together we can accelerate growth for the both of us.”

Yahoo has struck deals with ABC and CNBC to distribute content across networks.

Yahoo interim CEO Ross Levinsohn said, “This partnership will expand our ability to provide consumers and advertisers with the best premium content available and provide Clear Channel with unmatched digital reach.”

Terms of the deal were not disclosed to the media.

What do you think? Was it worthy for Yahoo to invest in iHeartRadio?

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Aereo Inc. sued by local television networks

American television networks have sued a startup being backed by billionaire Barry Diller that enables people to view live local TV on their iPhones and iPads in the New York area.

ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and PBS filed cases in Federal Court last Thursday saying that Aereo Inc.’s service is using their content without permission from the companies.

Aereo was inaugurated two weeks ago. People need to pay a monthly fee of $12 to access 27 locally broadcasted shows through the net on their Apple devices.  It was due to be open to more subscribers on March 14 but this current development puts a hold on that.

The company says that the cases filed against them are groundless and they look forward to “a full and fair airing of the issues.”

They have about $25 million dollars in capital, with more than $20 million coming from a funding round led by InterActiveCorp. The latter owns, and a few more Websites.

Aereo is exploiting what they deem is a loophole in the system. They don’t use a big antenna to get local broadcasts. They use a single tiny antenna for each subscriber that is watching.

But television networks don’t believe and don’t buy their argument.

The suit that the networks filed claims that, “Aereo’s service to the end user is similar to and competes with cable or satellite operators and telephone companies that also retransmit broadcast programming to their subscribers, except that Aereo’s service is unlawful.”

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“Lost” now available on Netflix

Fans of the drama series “Lost” can now watch it via Netflix’s “Watch Instantly” online streaming service.

The first four seasons of the series are already available and a month from now, audiences can also catch other top ABC shows such as the “Desperate Housewives” (seasons four and five), “Grey’s Anatomy” (season five), and “Legend of the Seeker” (seasons one and two).

The ABC shows, with other 12,000 movies and TV shows, are available at no extra charge for Netflix subscribers on the $9 per month or higher rental tier.

Disney has previously signed an agreement with Netflix to make content available on the latter’s streaming service. ABC is a division of Disney, hence, this announcement. 🙂

With the ABC content now available on Netflix, audiences can now watch the shows in a variety of devices compatible with Netfix, and there’s a pretty good list too. It includes Internet-enable HDTVS, Blu-ray players and home theater systems, the Xbox 360 and the Roku Digital Media Player which is sold for $99.

Other networks whose shows are already available on Netflix are Fox, NBC and BCS.


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