Best Steam Games of 2018

Best Games On Steam For 2018

Steam is the first place to look for best games this 2018.  If you are into PC gaming, checkout Steam.  You will find the best PC games here.  Steam has over 23,000 games on its platform.

If you buy one, you can download and install it as many times as you like.  The problem lies with what to game to choose.

The Steam Platform

Steam is a giant labyrinth of games.  With over 23,000 games on the platform, you will indeed have a hard time choosing which games to prefer.  If you are tempted by its frequent sales, you might end up with a collection of titles you have never booted up.

To help you choose among these games, continue reading this article so you can get pointers on what games to choose.  You will find some titles in this article which might be helpful in making your choices.

What Remains Of Edith Finch

This indie smash which arrived in 2017 has recently won a “best game” in BAFTA awards.  This is a narrative- led adventure in which you walk, first-person style, around as Edith Finch and exploring the house in which you grew up.  It is sort of an interactive movie.

Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdon

The first Ni No Kuni game was a collaboration with Japanese animation masters Studio Ghibli.  This game my not be a collaboration, but it retains the same charming art style.

It has changed the fighting mechanics and has a more action packed feel this time.  It is not just about fighting, though.  You get to build a kingdom in this game and earn bonuses for your character.

Into the Breach

Into the Breach is an elegant sci-fi strategy blast.  It is made by the team behind Faster than Light, still one of our favorite PC games of the last decade.  In this game, Earth has been invaded and almost taken over.  You need to fight the aliens, defeat them, and save Earth.

Surviving Mars

In this game, you get to build an outpost on a patch of Mars, and have to keep it running to avoid your colonists dying in on the planet’s harsh surface.  Surviving Mars looks like The Sims: Red Planet edition. However it’s closer to Sim City meets The Martian.

Final Fantasy XV

This game is a little different from the other Final Fantasy games.  You travel around an open world packed with Americana-style buildings, all your companions are human and the combat plays out in real time, not as turns.

These are just some of the best new PC games you can find on Steam.  You can check out the platform for more of these games.

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E3 2018 Command and Conquer: Rivals Announced

Command And Conquer: Rivals Announced By E3 This 2018

E3 announced their new mobile game this 2018, Command And Conquer: Rivals.  This is a new 1×1 competitive real-time tactics mobile game.  It is not often that E3 throws up something interesting on mobile.

It is a shame,though, that C&C had to be used to give a new mobile game some legs.  But Command and Conquer: Rivals has some potentially interesting dynamics at play.

How Command And Conquer: Rivals Is Played

The objective of the game is ultimately to destroy the enemy’s base.  You can do this by taking control of the missile silo in the center of the map.  But you can also attack directly.  you can achieve this by owning at least 2/3 of the launch pads surrounding the silo.

The Silo will tick up when you earn enough points.  The opposing team will keep your progress if you lose control.  When the Silo ticks up to completion, a missile will launch at whoever is not in control at that time.  Rinse and repeat until you destroy your enemy’s base.

More About Rivals

Rivals share a lot of key points with another game called Mini Guns.  The core gameplay loop is solid, and a lot of fun.  Rivals present tactical problems.  This and the constant jockeying of position over control points could give rise to a genuinely fun strategy experience.

How To Get Command And Conquer: Rivals

For those interested to give C&C: Rivals a shot, you can pre-register on Google Play.  For Android users, you can go directly to the game’s website and pre-register as an iOS user.

Additional Information On C&C: Rivals

A pre-alpha launching of the game is scheduled soon.  But only residents of Canada and the US will get to be invited.You can also read Endgadget’s hands on preview, which gives a bit more insight on the game.

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Most Recent iPhone Game Updates

Recent Game Updates For iPhone

iPhone has had some recent game updates lately.  Among them are its updates for “Heartstone”, “Dandara”, “Fire Emblem Heroes”, “Tiny Tower”, and more.

MARVEL Avengers Academy

This game may be downloaded for free.  The Infinity War is over, for the Avengers Academy, at least.  Time for another game then.  This time it’s Cloak and Dagger.  You need to grind up a battle to unlock new characters and rank up in this game.  It features Daredevil, Moon Knight, Blade, Firebird, and a whole lot of praying to the RNG gods.

Fire Emblem Heroes

This Fire Emblem Heroes 2.6 update features some new stuff that you can just ignore if you want.  Now for its updates.  The UI to the Allies menu has been improved.  You can also accessorize it now.  New weapons and skills upgrades are available and you will earn more on SP levels.  This can be downloaded for free.


This game will cost you $14.99.  This will be Dandara’s first major update eversince it was launched, with additions, tweaks, frills, and such.  You will no longer have issues with the camera, as you can fix it now.  The UI and controls have gotten some adjustment and it now has iCloud support.

Roller Coaster Tycoon Touch

This game has been quite successful for Atari.  This game may be downloaded for free.  You get to enjoy new scenarios, popular modes, encounter special game conditions, and beat the goals before time runs out.  Your reward if you beat the scenarios – ride skins!  You can use these to give your attractions cool new themes.

Tiny Tower

When you think it is done, Tiny Tower gives you a little update or two to get tings going again.  So it is never over till it is over.  Its recent updates are not that huge.  It includes two new costumes and a new summer music track.  It also has some updates on the UI, and an indicator which shows how many player visitors are remaining.  Plus a little bug fixes and tweaks.  This game is free.

Hosted Games

The hook of the latest adventure added to Hosted games is living Pride and Prejudice instead of passively experiencing it.  The latest adventure is called The Courting of Miss Bennet.  The setting is 1813 and you get to choose from a wide array of suitors.  The game makes you decide on what to do.  And, all apologies, no zombies on this version.  It can be downloaded for free.

World Of Warships Blitz

There are ten new cruisers in the new update of the game.  And they are bringing the new London Port with them.  Blueprint containers have replaced the old daily containers.  These allow you to collect prints a lot faster than before.  This game is for free.

7 Wonders

This new version of 7 Wonders has new cities, new black cards, leaders, wonders, and gilds to enjoy.  It also has some UI improvements, bug fixes, and a few tweaks of sorts.  You can have this game for $4.99.

Pako 2

Pako 2 is a cool game.  and its new updates made it even cooler.  They have added some new cars, new map called Mapie Island, and a whole lot more.  One thing for sure, this is a neat game and you just have to check it out.  $1.99 is all you need to have the game.


It’s the Tavern of Time special event in Hearthstone.  They have 28 new cards which are unique to the Arena.  They have special daily requests, too.  Also in this update is the new Get in Here Bundle that you can buy which contains tons of goodies.  Hearthstone may be downloaded for free.

That’s about it for the most recent updates on iPhone games.  check them out and judge for yourself if the updates are good or not.

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Fortnite 2019 World Cup Announced with $100 Million in Prize Money

The Fortnite 2019 World Cup, which will take place late next year, is open to all Fortnite players.

Image Credit: The Next Playground

“Grab your gear, drop in and start training.”

That’s how Epic Games announced the first year competitions on their blog post last month. And that’s what every gamer will be doing to prepare for the upcoming Fortnight World Cup.

At the Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am during this year’s E3, the game developer revealed more details about the upcoming major event. It has formally given the e-sport event a name: Fortnite 2019 World Cup.

Qualifiers will start in the fall of this year and will take place across the world. The $100,000,000 will be split between many events at different levels of competitions. All 125 million players of the game are qualified to join and win in the different events.

The World Cup will culminate in the first Fortnite World Cup in late 2019.

According to Epic Games, the World Cup itself will focus on Solos and Duos. However, they also promise plenty of opportunities to squad-up in competition as well.

Community and E-sports Operations Manager at Epic Games K.L. Smith says the money will not only for competitive play. Epic will also be “supporting community run events, online events, and major competitions all over the world.”

Additionally, Epic insists that qualifications for the Fortnite World Cup will be based on merit. It will not be selling franchises or teams and won’t be allowing third-parties to do so.

Are you excited?

Watch Netflix and YouTube On Your Nintendo Switch

Playing games might not be the only thing you’ll be doing in your Nintendo Switch soon.

This secret but not-so-secret news came as a surprise since there was no mention of it at the E3. But it seems like the Nintendo Switch may soon have support for Netflix and Youtube.

While the Switch comes with WiFi capabilities and a web browser, it doesn’t support streaming applications. Hulu is the only streamer available in the console and has been since last year. However, this is only available for users in the US and Japan.

But that might soon change. Spotted by Reddit user DevCakes, new Switch listings for Netflix, YouTube and Hulu, have appeared on Best Buy’s website. The information has since been removed but not before a screenshot was done.

Under the heading “Smart Enabled”, BestBuy promises access to “a world of instant entertainment” with Nintendo Switch.

“Just connect to the Internet and stream movies, listen to music, and access a wide variety of other content.”

Below the description were the three logos of Netflix, Hulu and Youtube as examples.

BestBuy has since responded to the leak saying that it was an error. Do you believe them?


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Facebook Launches Game Streaming Site To Take On Twitch

Facebook wants to challenge Twitch with its newly-launched gaming creator pilot program called

Back in January, Facebook announced an exclusive game streaming deal with ESL, one of the world’s biggest esports leagues. Now they’ve taken another step further by launching its own platform for streaming games.

Dubbed, it acts as a home page for all the game streaming content found on Facebook. It will basically show live streams of popular games like Fortnite and PUBG among others. Users can also upload pre-recorded gaming videos.

It will also be the place to be at for Facebook’s “gaming creators”. These are gamers paid for by the social media giant to stream exclusively on the platform.

Facebook aims the gaming hub to be the one-stop place for gaming fans. Users will be able to discover gaming videos related to their favourite games or watch live streams from esports competitions.’s homepage shows users the most popular ongoing live streams. A tab called ‘Live Now’ below it suggests other live streams that are also attracting high user engagements.

The social media giant eventually plans to roll out a host of additional features for its gaming hub. This includes a feed where relevant content can be displayed, and an Instant Games tab for mobile version.

Do you think Facebook will be able to compete with Twitch? Lets us know!


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Just Cause 4 Has A New Tornado-filled Trailer, Square Enix Reveals

Square Enix has announced something big this month for its fans. When it took onstage at this month’s E3 event, it actually dropped an explosive news for all gamers. This as the company announced the return of Just Cause 4.

Just Cause 4 Has A New Tornado-filled Trailer


Square Enix said that Just Cause 4, the company’s explosive open-world action game is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC. This means to say that a gamer like you could play and feel the character of Rico Rodriguez.


Check the game’s trailer below:


Unknown to many, Rodriguez is the action-hero in the 80’s which is an inspiring figure in the Just Cause games. The fictional hero character is up against The Black Hand which has been described as a powerful private army.


Square Enix’s Just Cause 4 is set in the fictional South American country called Solis. Avalanche Studios is the company that developed Just Cause 4, the same company that created the previous Just Cause game series.


Aside from the gigantic explosions and huge infrastructure, one thing that should excite the player is the game’s option for traversal. This means that playing the game allows you to use the much-heralded wingsuit.


Of course, this is on top of the game’s parachute, helicopters, fighter jets, tanks, boats, and cars —all available from the previous Just Cause game instalments. What you will also be seeing in the Just Cause 4 is the updated weather effects, among others.


Just Cause 4 is slated to release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One come December 4th, 2018. Are you excited about the upcoming game? Comments are highly welcome!



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Microsoft Announces Forza Horizon 4 for Xbox One and PC

This year’s E3 has proven itself to be the biggest and best event to happen. Just as Microsoft has announced something big for fans of Forza Horizon 4. The software giant said that Forza Horizon 4 is coming for both the Xbox One and PC.


Forza Horizon 4 for Xbox One and PC


And in case you did not know, the Forza Horizon 4 has been named as a creative name sequel to Forza Horizon 3. Microsoft has announced this development onstage during the company’s E3 presentation.



Microsoft has described the Forza Horizon 4 as an arcade racer, keeping the more laid-back Forza Horizon series than the Forza Motorsport titles. This means that you could actually have an authentic driving experience. What makes the experience unique is that players get to enjoy the new vehicles, freedom to drive, drift and explore the cities, among others.



Apart from the cities, you get also to enjoy the vicinities of the countryside of Britain while driving the fast and luxurious cars. Playground Games has developed the new Forza Horizon game. The company has bragged the game’s dynamic season of which you would ultimately experience a dramatic gameplay.



Also, players would experience a unique effect all throughout the course of gameplay. This includes, of course, on how the world looks and how cars will drive. The racing game features what Playground Games called a “shared open world.”



In explaining such concept, Playground Games said that you would encounter other players driving other cars. This means that you would be racing against the other players in real time. The game has been optimized for Xbox One 4K firepower.



Meanwhile, Microsoft said that those subscribers of monthly Xbox Game Pass subscription would be able to access the Forza Horizon 4 with no additional fee. The game is slated to launch on October 2.

Microsoft And EA Are Launching Their Own Streaming Services

Microsoft and EA both have plans to allow users to stream games to their smartphones and other devices.

Image Credit: DroidSans

It seems like streamed gaming is this year’s trend. Both Microsoft and EA have confirmed that they are working on their own streaming services.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson introduced the plan at its EA Play press event on Saturday. According to Wilson, the company is working on a way for gamers to stream its library of games onto smartphones, tablets and low-end PCs. It’s highly possible that the service will be tied to the Origin Access subscription.

The company showcased the streaming service at the event but clarified that its not ready to launch.

EA acquired cloud gaming company GameFly for an undisclosed amount last month. The latter developed technology to stream PC games to Samsung and LG smart TVs as well as Amazon Fire TV devices. It just makes sense for EA to make use of GameFly for its own upcoming streaming service.

On Sunday, Xbox maker Microsoft followed suit and announced its own streaming service as well. Similar to EA, the cloud gaming service might be accessed through its Xbox Game Pass.

“Our cloud engineers are building a game streaming network to unlock console-quality gaming on any device. We are dedicated to perfecting your experience everywhere you want to play — your Xbox, your PC and your phone.”

Neither of the companies were the first to try bringing cloud gaming to devices but none have been quite successful. However, with the 5G network coming soon, these two might just be able to pull it off.

Both companies did not provide further details including availability and pricing for the streaming service. That means we have to be on our toes for more news. Are you excited?


Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Year 4 Is Finally Available

Year 4 For Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Is Now Available

Playing through year four in Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Mystery is now possible.  Hogwarts students are growing up way too fast these days.

They just received their invitation last April and this June They are already entering year four.  Of course, this does not literally mean that.  It means that year four is now available in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery for you to play through.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Year 4

This is the one in which Harry Potter fools around with the Goblet Of Fire.  What is new in this update is the Care of Magical Creatures class.  And you will finally get to meet Charlie Weasley.

Another character who will make its debut in this update is Nymphadora Tonks.  The annoying mandrakes will also make its appearance along with Nymphadora Tonks.  And You will be able to drink Butterbeer in this update.

Other Details Of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Year 4

Patient fans have been waiting for and anticipating this update.  They are now reaping their reward as Jam City has released Year 4.  This will give fans the chance to continue their adventures in Hogwarts.

They can not only continue with their story, but they can also have access to new areas of the castle.  They can also start new classes.  In the Care For Magical Creatures class, they can research creatures in exchange for attribute points and gems.

Another thing is, characters which are put out of commission in Year 4 will no longer be available for friend encounters and no longer show up in classes.  Missing or characters who were supposed to be in the Hospital Wing would still appear in the game.

Other Updates Of The Game

The Year 4 version of the game has fixed plot holes on the Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. But the problem is, its seems they have created other plot holes.  It seem that the game lacks some of the features that Jam City has promised its fans.

The player’s progress and outcome on the game is quite unclear.  The best way for players to find out is to play the entire game.

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