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Apple Update: What’s With Apple’s Red iPhone 8?

Cupertino-based Apple Inc. will be releasing a red variant of iPhone this coming Friday. The tech giant said that major carriers would be releasing iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus models in the red color variant. This means that Apple fans could start pre-ordering the handsets as early as now.


Apple iPhone 8 in Red Color Variant


However, you could not pre-order an iPhone X in red color as Apple did not include the model for no apparent reason. Instead, you can check the tech giant’s red product portfolio case so you can buy whatever accessory for your smartphones.


In fact, this is not the first time that Apple released iPhones in red color variants. Last year, it also offered the same red color, but this year it removed the black bezel on the front. Another difference is that the iPhone 8 back is made of classy glass, opposite to iPhone 7 which was aluminum. That alone sets a difference when charging wirelessly.


Photo Courtesy: The Verge

And it is worthy to note that iPhone 8’s glass back lacks a metallic shine compared to iPhone 7. Obviously, when the light hits the red cellphone—the color is vibrant, and it shifts depending on the intensity of light. In the same note, Apple should release all these iPhones in red during its usual product launch back in September.

Photo Courtesy: The Verge


Other Apple users claim that Apple should really shift from its mid-year cycle pattern. Why? Because the company would sell more and Apple users won’t regret buying the new iPhone models.

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