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Opera Launches ‘Opera Touch’ As A New Mobile Browser

Opera has announced this week its new mobile browser called the Opera Touch. The move of the company to release a browser is indicative of tough competition in mobile world. The company’s Opera Touch was inspired from the Opera Neon desktop browser and packages.


What is Opera Touch?


“Today, we are introducing a new type of web experience,” said Krystian Kolondra, EVP and Head of Opera Browsers, “one where you can have a continuous flow of your content across all your devices.’’


According to the company, the Opera Touch was developed from scratch to fit the users’ experience while using the web. Opera said that “the new browser connects seamlessly connects with the updated Opera PC browser without the need of establishing a password or login.”


In case you don’t know, Opera has actually released two new products—the Opera Touch and a new version of the Opera browser for computers.


“We have moved the browser’s key functions within your thumb’s reach,” said Maciej Kocemba, product manager at Opera, in today’s announcement.



“This means that, unlike in most other browsers, you can more easily browse and search the web when on the move,” she said.


Meanwhile, Opera Touch supports the search and allows you to scan QR and barcodes. The company said that these “smart additions” help web users’ search make the browser useful on the go.

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