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Nintendo Switch Hardware Update Maybe Coming Soon

Clues on a possible hardware update on Switch include a new processor and more RAM.

The rumour mill is churning and somehow it’s hinting that a new Switch maybe in the works.

The recent 5.0 firmware update didn’t deliver any major changes to the device. It basically expanded the console’s parental control settings, and fixed bugs on playtime data.

But the clever guys on Switchbrew (through Resetera) probably had plenty of time in their hands and found some interesting bits when they went digging. Hidden in the file updates is a folder with showing some evidence of a new hardware configuration codenamed ‘Makiro’.

First off, there is a reference to a new Tegra 214 processor, which would replace the current Tegra 210 system on chip (SoC). Although this is probably mostly due to security reasons, the new processor could also bring some slight performance improvements.

Recently there have been a lot of vulnerabilities discovered in the Switch’s current firmware. This allowed users to install the homebrew software which opened it up to pirated games. Although Nintendo was able to patch some of these, the new processor could be a better solution.

Another nugget of information discovered was a PCB update and RAM upgrade. Files suggest that Nintendo may double the RAM from 4GB to 8GB which suggests a more powerful model.

Researcher Mike Heskin cautions however that it is also possible that this model may be intended for developers only and will not make its way to the consumers.


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