Important Phones Unveiled Before The End of 2017

The So-Called Important Phones of 2017

The end is near so we might as well have a list of the best or important phones of the year 2017. I’m actually very happy to own one of them myself. And I can say that it really reached my expectations.

  • Samsung J7 Pro

Now this is what I call my dream phone. This is just a mid-range phone from Samsung which makes it even cooler. Having great specs in just a small amount of money is very rare. With its 13-megapixel camera both on rear and in the front, this is a must-have for photo enthusiasts. We reviewed the Samsung J7 Pro not too long ago.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8

After the very dangerous issue that happened last year with the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung made a major comeback with their Galaxy Note 8. With its slim bezels and large screen-to-body ratio, it’s not a shock that the phone made it to the list. Waterproof and wireless charging are some of the sought-after features of this phone.

  • iPhone X

Well, the Face ID is a great addition when it comes to a phone’s feature. And it is also the reason why this phone made it here. Using Face ID to unlock phones and verify payments are a great deal.

  • Moto 5G Plus

It’s steady-on for Motorola’s phones for cost-conscious buyers, and the 5G Plus rises to the top of the heap.

With a metal build, good camera and splash-resistant coating, the G5 Plus measures up — especially for the price. But it’s the way that the hardware and software, a near-stock version of Android, come together that makes the Moto’s effort our favorite budget phone of the year once again.

So, did your phone make it to the list?

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