Destiny 2 Announced & Valkyria Revolution Trailer

Destiny 2 Announced

Destiny 2 was finally confirmed to be in development by the official twitter account. I am looking forward to seeing what Bungie has come up with for its sequel into the the hit game. In addition, Valkyria Revolution was given a trailer and it looks like a new take on the Tactical RPG action of the original games. I just can’t wait to play the game and get an elo boost service to enjoy it more!

Update (3/28): A teaser trailer was just released and posted below!

Update (3/30): Destiny 2 Trailer Released!

While the first Destiny was lacking in content and a deeper progression of skills, I do sincerely hope Destiny 2 provides a better storyline and the extra wow factor to keep my interest. I enjoyed the first game very much, even with the flaws. If Bungie can show me that they are truly the top AAA game developer I know them to be, then this second game will be amazing!

Valkyria Revolution

I also wanted to mention Valkyria Chronicles and their newest trailer. I’m excited for this game but I wanted to hear from you on what you think about the trailer. I’ve posted it below, you can either leave a comment under the video or send me a message via twitter @SuperSickMedia. Thanks guys!

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