Apple Tablet available soon

Or at least that’s what some rumors say.

InfoTimes, a Taiwanese site, reported today (in Chinese) that Apple plans to release a tablet computer this October.

The report says that the tablet will have a 9.7-inch touchscreen, much more like an oversized iPod touch. The price is estimated to be around $800.

The release date also makes sense, as it will be closer to the holidays, making the tablet a must-have gift this Christmas.

The InfoTimes sources it report to various parts and manufacturing partners, adding more weight to the rumor. Apple however, is keeping mum about this supposedly “latest” project of theirs.

A blog from PCWorld guesses that the target market for the tablet will be “primarily entertainment users” but will also make it easier for people to do work on their tablets such as sending emails because of the bigger virtual keyboard.

Oh well, if this rumor indeed becomes a reality, y’all better start saving. 😉


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