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Lumia 610 problem: Can’t run certain apps

free app that easily turns your notebook into wifi hotspot The Nokia Lumia line of devices may be Nokia’s key to salvation. But it seems that the company and Microsoft are having trouble with their Lumia 610 device, as CNET reported that the latter is having difficulties running several popular apps. Nokia’s entry level Lumia is the company’s first Microsoft powered smartphone with a 256MB […] Read more →

Nokia has fallen and now seeks to gamble

nokia symbian Nokia must be sweating bullets right now. That is, if they haven’t been sweltering for a long while now. For the past couple of  years, since the dawn of smartphones, like the iPhone and many Android devices, Nokia has been losing market share quarter after quarter. Nokia was a mobile giant sometime ago. Everyone knew […] Read more →

Predictions for CES 2012

Predictions for CES 2012 Editors from gives us a sneak peak as to what tech companies have in store for us in the annual event. Rumors have been circulating that Microsoft will unveil its upgraded Xbox console. Rumor has it that the company will shed their spotlight to their newest console, the Xbox 720. This is the final […] Read more →